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  1. I have a hard time understanding how so many Americans are outraged and want our government to do something about those kidnapped girls in Nigeria but yet some of these same folks do not want our government to take action to try to prevent another Sandy Hook elementary school massacre.

    Please – someone explain to me what is the difference between terrorists kidnapping school girls in Nigeria and terrorists (yes, domestic gun terrorists – IMHO) massacring 20 school kids and 7 of their teachers.

    I’ve heard Republicans demanding that Obama send in our military forces to hunt down these NIgerian terrorists. WHY – because they are radical Islamists and if we hunt them down, then we can start another damn profitable war for the select few wealthiest and their corporate buddies?

    We have terrorists in our own country and these folks are heavily armed.

    I’m not saying I do not care what happens to the kidnapped girls in Nigeria.

    Rather, I’m saying let’s take care of America’s school kids by at least trying to get some common sense into this gun debate/war we have been watching for too many damn years….and at a cost of too many lives.

    • The upcoming mid terms are as important an election as has ever been held! As Prairiepond reminds us: remember what happened in 2010 when democrats stayed home instead of getting out the vote?


    Wow – when did the North Koreans become Tea Party Evangelinut CONservative Republicans?

    The old saying – birds of a feather flock together – comes to mind..

    • I just thought of another thing North Koreans and Tea Party Evangelinut CONservative Republicans have in common – they both have this insatiable quest to spend every penny on the biggest weapons, tanks and everything military while too many of our citizens go hungry, homeless, jobless and definitely no health care for them….

  3. This should be BIG giggles and grins. If only it wasn’t too true to laugh about…

    Top 5 Reasons Why Obama is Destroying America. Thanks, Fox ‘News’!

  4. I was getting my hair cut at my usual salon when an obviously blatant Tea Party Evangelinut CONservative Republican woman came into the shop (I suspected there was a stick up this lady’s butt – which was a red flag as to her political leaning).

    But when this woman opened her mouth to spew the usual GOP talking points – my suspicions were verified. Yep, sure enough, this was a bonafide, certified, holified and sanctified TP Evang CON Republican woman.

    As this lady spewed forth her pearls of wisdom, I quietly sat back and then I asked her a few questions – to which she never gave me any answer..

    1) If Republicans hate Obamacare – then why do they not propose their own plan to make health are accessible to everyone.

    2) If Republicans are so worried about the federal debt – then why did they not express their outrage when George W. Bush put two wars off budget and then passed the Medicare Drug program without providing the funding to pay for it.

    3) If Republicans hate Obama so much, then let’s hear the reasons and not just that he is ‘not one of us’ or he is a ‘secret Muslim’ or that he is a socialist out to destroy America. Give me actual facts……..not just talking points from the Fox News and/or Hate Talk Radio.

    The only thing this woman said back to me was – Obama called the Tea Party a bunch of bullies.

    To which I replied – watching the videotapes of those town halls where Tea Party folks were being sent from town to town on the billionaire brothers busses just to yell, scream, rant and be a deliberate obstacle to allow others to speak at the same town hall meeting – in my opinion, that IS a bully.

    She snarled at me and I swear she mumbled a nasty name under her breath but she never let me hear her directly.

    But the funny part is – majority in that salon agreed with me…..

    When Fox News and Hate Talk Radio spew their S-H-I-T…..they are preaching to their own choir.

    • You know what gets me the most about Boehner saying yesterday that Republicans only want the truth about what happened at Benghazi?

      The truth? Where was Boehner’s outraged demand for the truth from George W. Bush when Americans died at similar embassy sites while he was president.

      The truth? Where was Boehner’s outraged demand for the truth from George W. Bush when Pat Tillman was killed in Afghanistan? What was that pile of B.S. that came out from Bush’s administration about how this young man died and the Bushies used Tillman’s death as a recruiting tool to persuade more young men and women to join the military to fight in Iraq and/or Afghanistan.

      Boehner demands the truth? Yeah, sure, buddy. Boehner would not acknowledge the truth if it came up and bit his orange-colored ass.

      • I’ve given up any hope republicans will be honest or even realize time didn’t begin on January 20, 2009. What makes me saddest is the time and money they waste on their conspiracy theories. And I feel sadder still at the number of people who don’t recognize they have nothing else — no ideas, no solutions, nothing but wasteful obstruction.