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by | May 7, 2014 · 6:00 am

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  1. Every time Paul Ryan is allowed to speak about anything – there should be one of those Nuns on the Bus right next to him deciphering Paul Ryan’s jibberish into real terms…

    People will get hurt by Paul Ryan’s budget and anything Paul Ryan touches.

  2. Ryan is just another corporate mouthpiece.

  3. Do you ever wonder how people are able to ignore what the Ryan Budget really does? How did they get so brain washed that all they hear is cut the deficit? How did they get so brain washed they think destroying the lives of all citizens that aren’t in the 1% top wealthiest is a lofty goal?

    Wow – this guy is as bad as Sterling – IMHO

    Notice that this guy says he is not surprised by what Sterling said – but that he is surprised he said it the way he did.

    In other words – it is okay what he said – just don’t get caught saying it….did I get this old dude’s message loud and clear?

    And then this guy has the nerve to say that he wishes no ill towards the girlfriend BUT she should get hit by a car.

    Seriously? This is an another old white fart who must have the opinion that what he thinks matters to anyone AND he has this misguided notion that hoping someone gets hit by a car IS, in fact, wishing that person ill will.

    What the hell is going on in this damn country?

    I look around and I seriously believe we are living in some alternate universe in which the junior high mean girls are running the show…….

    DAMN….I am tired of this crap.

    I am no defender of Sterling’s girlfriend – BUT I still suspect Sterling’s wife has more to do with this entire situation than anyone is giving her credit for..

    Think about it….the wife is sitting back and waiting for her turn to get that team away from her cheating husband…

    A woman scorned….??

    • The BENGHAZI idiots, along with Fox “News” are scraping the bottom of the barrel again in the desire to find something / anything that smacks of a scandal and involves either or both President Obama or Hillary Clinton. They are pathetic and the longer and harder they work at this the more people recognize that. How many millions of our tax dollars have they wasted to this point and how much more will they waste?

      • Every paycheck given to these Republicans is a waste of tax dollars – IMHO.

        Where else can a person do absolutely nothing but being a B-I-T-C-H – and then only how many days a year do these RePUKES have to work to get their guaranteed paychecks, health care and pension plan…

        I think WE the PEOPLE should demand that every Congress Critter work for minimum wage and then have to live in a dorm-like setting and be roomies with a person of the opposite party.

        If these folks truly love their country and want to ‘serve’ the people – then let’s have these folks prove it…

    • Jon Stewart Rips Fox News on Benghazi

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  6. What does Fox “News” talk about when Obamacare enrollment figures show it is successful?

    These numbers, pulled from every Fox transcript on Nexis for the dates in question, tells the story of what happens when it becomes clear that Obamacare is succeeding: Conservatives start avoiding Obamacare … and start spending their time talking about other stuff, like Benghazi.

    • Benghazi is also mean to hurt Hillary Clinton.

      Hey – that shows these Republicans are afraid of Hillary running in 2016 – and well they should be…

    So, Hobby Lobby millionaires do not want the government telling them what to do but they feel they can tell the schools what to teach – especially that part where the Bible says that sinners will have to pay the consequences.

    Hmmm……Ten Commandments cover telling lies, stealing, cheating and adultery.

    Please show me just once Evangelical Baptist (in the Greens’ case) church that does not have their pews filled with people committing the above outlined sins each and every day…?

    Where are their consequences?

    • I wonder what the consequences will be for these holier-than-thou con artists that knowingly separate the fools from their hard-earned money?


    For every Republican that just loves to go drop a few bombs overseas and kill all Muslims – I want them to tell me what the hell happened to this soldier?

    Too many of our soldiers are coming home from the wars from hell that Republicans seem to have an insatiable thirst for starting……and for what? a few billions in profit for the few wealthiest among us?

    I’m all for having a military to defend our country….but when it comes to corporations using our military for their own personal security guard so they can rape and pillage every foreign country they feel they can just screw to the wall for profit is just plain WRONG and IMMORAL.