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  1. Foxxies in the Henhouse = filled with old gossipy church women – and the males that can only wish to be an old gossipy church woman.

  2. Correct me if I am wrong – but isn’t Sean Hannity the same Foxxies in the House dude that stated he would volunteer to be waterboarded to prove it was not torture?

    As this dude ever made good on that deal?

    IIRC – Keith Olbermann (God, I miss that guy) was after Sean to make good on that promise..

  3. (from the link): “…fate lies with conservatives such as Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, Utah Sen. Mike Lee and California Rep. Tom McClintock, Michigan Rep. Justin Amash and Kansas Rep. Tim Huelskamp…”

    The author of this op-ed sees these people as a solution? Why is he not locked away someplace very safe where he can’t do harm to himself or others?

    Richard A. Viguerie: Civil war for soul of the GOP is about to turn

    • I keep hearing how the Tea Party hates the Establishment Republicans – but yet this group STARTED in the Republican Party. This group has been funded from the very beginning by billionaire brothers who want to run the government through their big spending….

      These Tea Party folks must really think the average American is stupid.

      This author of this article denounces Eisenhower but wasn’t Eisenhower the last Republican president that actually balanced the budget?

      The Grand Old Party went off the rails when this guy’s golden idol – St. Ronnie Reagan – got into office and then brought in the Jerry Falwell and the Immorality Boys. The Tea Party is just the latest group (much the same folks as Falwell’s) to think they are God’s favorite and they are employing every bully tactic they can think of to bully their way into power..

      I, for one, HATE bullies…

  4. http://www.nbcnews.com/watch/meet-the-press/will-i-am-roundtable-discuss-america-vs-washington-246154819922

    I watched this on Sunday morning. I must confess, I did not know who this Will.i.am person is – he is in the band The Blackeye Peas. But, of course, I am not in their targeted age range …LOL

    Anyway this young guy made so much common sense – and he held his own when confronted with two politicians, Chuck Todd a political correspondent and that woman CONservative columnist (all professional politicians)

    This Will.i.am is actually making a difference with his life and his own money.

    This part of the interview is not on this segment of video – but Will.i.am was talking about how he has traveled the world. He has noticed that third world countries are progressing. Then he comes back to his own country and sees us as not progressing – we are flat lining. And he simply asked why….

    That was when the Republican politician immediately started the GOP talking points spew of how the man in the White House….blah, blah, blah….

    Will.i.am looked at this Republican from Utah as if he had three heads. But that did not stop this Republican politician from continuing on with his spew…

    Will.i.am started a foundation that helps kids in his ghetto to become educated in science and technology and these kids are becoming success stories.

    I just about jumped through the t.v. screen when this Republican politician actually was condescending to Will.i.am and suggested he change the name of his program to something else ……..


    Ever heard the old saying – practice what you preach?

    Republicans (and Democrats) need to start practicing what they preach..

    If Republicans truly believe in fiscal conservative policies and quality education for all – then PROVE it……..

    From what I’ve seen from this particular group is – All for Me and None for Thee.

    And as for Democrats – they need to start practicing what they preach and when the going gets tough – the tough get going. In other words – do not run away from something because it is politically radioactive and you might not be re-elected.

    If it is the right thing to do in a non-voting year – it is still the right thing to do during a voting year.

    Obamacare is working………be proud that something was passed (even if it is not perfect). And be damn sure everyone knows that Republicans did NOT help when passing much needed health care reform.

    BTW – did you notice how the Republican from Utah jumped on how the federal government is filled with too many regulations as the reason companies choose to go to Singapore and get money?

    The fact is taxpayers are rewarding these companies when they do send their factories overseas….and I think that is what Will.i.am was getting at…….

    • Youth! Today’s youth are head and shoulders above the old coots that make up the evangelinuts and tea baggers.

      I read someplace about the gun nut militia types that are still on that ranch owned by the leech on society who grazes his cattle on OUR land but doesn’t pay for it. This question was asked: “Don’t these militia gun nuts have jobs?” Someone found out at least one of them is screaming about the evils of a federal government without legitimacy while drawing a monthly disability check from the federal government.

      More of the same for these people so ill informed. Remember when President Obama responded to NBA owner Donald Sterling by saying, “When ignorant folks want to advertise their ignorance, you don’t really have to do anything. You just let them talk. That’s what happened here.” Keep those microphones at their mouths and keep the cameras rolling — they’ll show voters who they are.

      • I agree – let these fools keep on talking. The only folks they will attract for any support are those fellow fools who are already on the list of fools…

        Just let these fringe nut cakes keep on talking because the independent and apathetic Democratic voters are the ones that are hearing all this nonsense and are getting their bellies full of all this S-H-I-T

  5. BTW – fnord – did you get that latest mailing from the Republican National Committee on your rating of a long list of potential Republican 2016 candidates?

    I feel like putting down the highest rating for all these far right wingers in the hopes these Republicans will mistakenly believe their favorite nutjob could actually win the White House.

    There are so many on that list………Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin (yes, that 2008 VP loser GOP cheerleader pom poms made it) and even Paul Ryan (wasn’t he the guy that lost the VP job in 2012?)

    Why would anyone even consider running these two has-been candidates?

    • I have to say – when I registered as a Republican – I started getting all this boatload of stupid political junk mail.

      I have been bombarded by all that crap. During the 2012 campaign, I would get the same piece of mail every day from the same damn asswipe – but in different colors.

      Did they think I would not notice??????

      Maybe those tricks work on their usual targeted audience – but not me. My God gave me a brain that works…