Saturday, 5/3/14, Public Square



by | May 3, 2014 · 6:00 am

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  1. Plutocracy + Corporate personhood = Demise of America

    This pretty much sums up the Republican Party’s accomplishments since Reagan’s reign of terror – IMHO

  2. I was just going through my e-mails and I got one of the classic email scams. I have money deposited in a bank account in the United States but live in a socialist African country and need your help getting it out!”. All I have o do is put some of my money into the account and I then can get half of what the poor person has in the account in a week! I checked my Drivers license and nope I was not born yesterday!

    • You would be shocked as to how many people fall for this scam – especially in the elderly population.

      As you have shared before, there are a lot of folks out trying to scam your mother out of her hard-earned money – correct?

      May I add – Kudos to you and your wife for caring for your mother. My husband and I have worked the nursing home business for a long time and the hardest thing to see is a resident that has children living out of state (or even in the same city) and yet nobody ever comes to visit them. Well, they all come running after the parent is deceased – but that is another story.

      BTW – I live in Bel Aire and in our biweekly newspaper they print the police report of all calls received. You would be amazed at how many scam calls are targeted for Bel Aire.

      Think about it – Bel Aire does have a big proportion of elderly in our city limits.

      What always puzzles me is how the law enforcement can never ever track these scam artists down to arrest them.

      I’ve been told these scam artists set up shop and then close down to move on to the next location when the law enforcement heat gets too close.

      How can these people live with themselves? That takes a certain mindset that I just don’t have… and thank God for that.

    Condi Rice has declined the invitation to be commencement speaker. BUT she defended her role in the Bush Administration under the guise of defending freedom of speech…

    Yeah, yeah…..sure (big eye roll)

    I’ve noticed that GWB and Dick Cheney never venture too far from the safety of America’s shores. Didn’t GWB travel to Canada one time?

    Has Condi Rice been known to travel around the world since she left the Bush Administration?

    If Americans truly believe in justice – then this entire GWB gang should be given their day in the Hague Court to answer all those burning questions about their quest and desire for the Iraq War.

    • “How can these people live with themselves? That takes a certain mindset that I just don’t have… and thank God for that”
      I wrote this in my comment above – but this also applies to the Bush Administration Gang – don’t you think?

      A lot of people died and were wounded for life because of this bunch of people’s desire to go to war with Iraq. And since there are so many burning questions as to those false pretenses the GWB Gang used to justify their war – let’s get some answers – under oath – with perjury charges hanging over their heads.

      Hehehe…..maybe we can waterboard this bunch and make them know what they did to others….all in the name of the war on terror?