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  1. Always remember what happened in 2010 when all these idiotic tea baggers were elected and get your butts out to vote! Check to make sure your registration is in order and look forward to that day like it is terribly important — because it truly is!

  2. I need to come here first instead of Face book, by the time I get here I am so tired of countering and battling nuts and those that think I am somehow a Nazi because I am a Republican. It is not liberals that send me the outrageous things on Face book it is the Conservatives! Beating the dead horse of Bengasi, of telling the poor and middle class that Obama want to take your money and give it to the rich? Sometimes I feel like I need to change my pants because my pant’s leg is so wet from them peeing on it and shouting “Rain…. It is raining !”.

  3. Look at above listing and tell me – which one has a Republican ever supported?

    Excuse me, but since when is a 31 year old woman considered to be a ‘young girl’?

    This 31-yr-old woman knew she was messing around with an old white rich dude….

    Besides – I suspect it is the old white rich dude’s estranged wife that is more involved in this entire situation than anyone has let on…

    Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned – sound familiar?

    Especially when there are billions of money at stake..


    John Boehner is the most inept and feckless Republican leader – IMHO

    But….let’s see this from his vantage point, shall we?

    Boehner knows the Evangelinuts and Tea Party Mad Haters run the current GOP – so he has to kiss every white prune-ass he sees in order to keep his own damn job….

    This is just pandering to the Far Right Wingnuts – once again.

    When will the country get our fill of these wingnuts – maybe after they lead us into another never-ending war sold on false pretenses?

    • I wonder if WE the PEOPLE could go back and impeach the great ST. Ronnie Raygun for his part in the deaths of a lot of Americans at the same type of American consulate scenario as Benghazi ?

      Raygun did a lot of damage to this country – iMHO – but the worst thing he did was to allow Jerry Falwell and his Morality Boys into the inner sanctum of the GOP.



    Yet another white dude having to apologize for their racist comments.

    I’m sorry – but at what point in this celebrities’ lives do they not realize they are in the public eye and are accountable for what they do and say?

    Geesh………I am tired of all this crappola

    In this case – it happened two years ago and this is just now coming out? That begs a few questions – doesn’t it?

    1) NOW the BBC is taking it seriously?
    2) How did this tape become public knowledge?

    • Oops – I left one off –

      3) This guy had already been in trouble for other racist comments previously.

      Do these guys just not learn – or do they feel they do not have to learn?