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  1. Very interesting charts at the link.

    Senate Vote 117 – Blocks Minimum Wage Increase Proposal

    • Let’s be fair to Pastor Sammie – he has a lot of help from his loyal and devoted flying minions.

      What is wrong with Kansas? – — Too many people not using their last one working brain cell to think for themselves….

      Can I get an Amen Brothers and Sisters…

    • I see Moody’s has downgraded Kansas’ bond ratings due to the income tax cuts and the state collecting $92 million less last month than projected.

      And… repukes are still debating the state budget and whistling past the graveyard saying the states reserves will cushion any revenue shortfall so the budget can be balanced next year.

      I wonder how many times they think they can pull the same rabbit out of the same hat for the same magic trick?

      Kansas voters will be as stupid as you think and elect pastor sammie again, even though now his cohorts are being investigated by the FBI for influence peddling.

      They’ll all be long gone from the state by the time the piper must be paid, but they sure enjoyed the dancing while they were here, thank you very much.

      This state really has earned it’s name. Dumbfuckistan.

    • Asher Bob White

      I will argue that “He” is only a huge part of “What’s The Matter With Kansas” and not the only thing. Tom Franks’ book preceded “Brownbackistan” and offered a more complete analysis of ‘what’s the matter with Kansas’. The biggest problem with Kansas, I believe, is immoral conservative Republicans as addressed more generally in George Lakoff’s, Little Blue Book. And it’s an easy read.

      • But…..but….Bob – Pastor Sammie converted to Catholicism to wrap up that side of the Christian vote. He also has these Mega Church Corporate Preacher Men and their cousins the televangelist on board – due to their continued running ‘scam’ of being such morally superior God’s favorite people.

        All on board for that train bound for Heaven – for the right price and, of course, only if you look like them, have money like them and worship the same God as them.

  2. fnord – is today the official first day of retirement for hubby?

    Hope you’re having fun with your son and the oldest grandson if they are already here in town..

    • Today is the last day at the office and we’re already home from a very nice “come and go” reception where he had the opportunity to share laughs and well wishes with the many he worked with over the last 40 years. Retirement officially begins tomorrow. Family is with us and the celebrating continues through the weekend. We might give sleeping in a try next week. đŸ˜‰

      • Fnord, congratulations to you and hubby and family. Enjoy the well earned retirement. I bet you will be busier than you ever were before!

    Republicans have sunk to a new ‘norm’ of stupid – IMHO – but this guy Louie takes first prize.

    Earth to Louie – the fast growing population is 85 yrs and above. And you want to know why? One reason – Medicare.

    That’s right – Louie – that dreaded ‘socialized medicine’ is what keeps people living longer.

    Here is another dirty little secret – Medicare and Medicaid keeps hospitals and doctors offices operating with the guaranteed cash flow.

    That’s right – Louie – guaranteed cash flow as opposed to the for-private health insurance companies that don’t bother using any secret lists to not pay for needed health care – they just don’t process the claims, so there is no payment.

    But – for profit health insurance companies don’t care – their CEOs still get their big fat paychecks and that golden parachute when they retire.

    So – Louie – let’s not worry about Obamacare and their non-existent secret lists.

    Let’s worry about those people like my brother, his wife and my cousin – they all died before they even reached Medicare age – brother (57), his wife (48) and cousin (60). These are people who were working and paying for the Medicare to keep old people living longer..

    And guess what – working people are dying at a faster rate than the older ones are – just look at the obituaries and count how many people are dead between the ages of 45 and 65. It is alarming.

    Louie – he is a weiner…..IMHO

    • BTW – Louie – the VA is not exactly Obamacare. The VA has their own way of doing things and guess what – these problems have been going on for a long, long time.

      Perhaps there are too many old military farts in the Congress who get their fat pension checks and could care less what happens to the current military that actually need health care and assistance after they were sent to Iraq and Afghanistan under false pretense of some dictator having weapons of mass destruction.

      Aw, but Louie, I know you don’t really care about what happens to these military veterans – you just want to try to ‘stick it to the black man in the White House ‘ – huh?

      This same tactic has been tried by so many of your fellow RePUKES and your games are getting tiresome….

  4. I really, really laughed at this one. It couldn’t have happened to a more deserving person!

    • In my scenario – Sarah Palin is this has-been cheerleader still shaking her pom poms because she has nothing else – just her pom poms..

      But – in the right targeted audience – a woman shaking her pom poms is the ONLY requirement to be considered Vice Presidential material


    So, now we are supposed to feel sorry for this dude because he has been diagnosed with cancer?

    Wait a minute – read the article – it’s been two years and many people have expected him to die long before now.

    I am a cancer survivor and I would not wish cancer onto anyone – friend or foe – BUT, having cancer does not change a person from being a jerk into a nice guy.

    If you were a racist jerk before cancer – chances are, you are a racist jerk that happens to have cancer.

  6. Looking at that list in the graphic – I see a 40 hour week.

    My son was rushed to the hospital last in an ambulance because they thought he was having a heart attack or a stroke. He is only 33 yrs old.

    When talking to the Emergency Room doctor, his wife and I told the doctor that my son has consistently had to work from 3a.m. to 7pm or 8pm for the past 2 years.

    The doctor bluntly said – the body cannot take this kind of abuse.

    ABUSE – that is the word I believe fits the current Republican Party. These are the folks who have no conscience and see no reasons for any rules when it comes to their abusing their employees to the point of being rushed to the hospital because the heart is pounding out of your chest and your blood pressure is off the charts.

    And you’re only 33 years old…….

    My son was taught to do his job well and he takes his responsibility as a husband and father very seriously – which is why he has been on this ridiculous work schedule for 2 years.

    When this first started – he was asked to fill in for the 3am driver who had just quit them until the boss could find a new hire.

    Several drivers have come and gone and they all QUIT. So, my son has been put through this hell because he has self pride and the fortitude to work to support his family?

    When will these damn employers get it through their damn heads – people are not R-O-B-O-T-S….

    • rushed last night…

      Labs showed it was not a heart attack (thank God) but they do think it is stress related….

      Hmmm……do you think?

      I went through a similar situation a few months ago. And my employer chose to defend the supervisor that consistently threatened to punch in peoples’ faces.

      Yeah, she is a gem…….

      When my employer sat there and defended that kind of supervisor – then what is left to say?

      And that employer is a Loud-N-Proud Catholic Republican.

      Greed is an ugly thing…..

      • Good news that it isn’t a heart attack, but stress is as dangerous so it’s still very serious! I sure hope there is some way (financially) he can heed this warning. I send my concern and love for you and yours, Indy!

      • That’s the kicker – financially being able to tell these employers to shove it – huh?

        It’s not like there is another job waiting for you down the street.

        When you were telling us about your hubby’s retirement reception yesterday – the first thought that popped into my head was – this is how it USED to be in this country.

        People could work for the same company for years and then retire from that same company.

        Tell me – how many younger people have kept the same job – or even had the same employer – for any length of time?

        I’ve shared my husband’s story previously – he was doing the same job but the damn companies kept selling off – so it appears that he has jumped around from company to company.

        That was not what was going on – the companies are jumping around and playing some damn chess game with people’s lives as pawns on the chess board.

        This insanity has got to stop…..IMHO

    • I just now realized I posted this under yesterday’s thread….it was meant for Friday – and the list of why we need to vote