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  1. Because I live in Wichita, Kansas, I hear lots of people praising the Koch brothers for all the kindness and charity they’ve given.

    Then there is reality. These men are greedy and evil.

    They should do whatever they want as long as they hurt no one and stay within what’s legal, but they shouldn’t be able to influence the laws, OR pay legislators to enact laws that allow them to further rape our earth and dumb down our citizenry.

    I do get discouraged. But I always try to remember that if voting didn’t work, I a female, wouldn’t be allowed to cast a vote.

    • I also hear a lot of Evangelinuts brag about how much charity they give – when in reality they are talking about giving their tax-free donations to some mega church to build yet another unnecessary huge building to add to their already huge exclusive country club.

      Pray tell – where is the charity in that?

    • Asher Bob White

      “Greedy and evil”; that sums it up for me because I believe the Koch brothers, at least Charles and David, are, indeed, today’s exact example of greed and evil.

      • To be fair to these two brothers – I suspect they were raised by a father who encouraged these traits.

        That old saying – the apple don’t fall too far from the tree – seems to ring true – doesn’t it?

        I had posted an article about Daddy Koch last week or the week before – read that article and then maybe we can understand why they are they way they are?

        But – that is no excuse.

        On some level, we have to blame the voters for voting in the very same people that allow billionaire brothers to dangle them on their privately-owned puppet strings…

        And once power and greed take control, it is very hard to get rid of them. And – they seem to breed like roaches..

      • I’ve known several wealthy families – and for the majority, they turned out to be just like the Koch brothers.

        The Koch Brothers take it to a newer and lower level – they have muddied up the political waters.

        I have known a few wealthy families that stayed nice and down-to-earth. These are few and far between though.

        It all depends on how they handle their money. IMHO – spending millions to constantly stir the hatred pot of one black man in the White House is not exactly being a nice person.

    Read this article about Ronald Reagan and his relationship with the University of Berkley. Also do some research on Bloody Thursday regarding Reagan sending in the National Guard. People were killed and hurt in that showdown.

    Also note – Reagan got the university president fired.

    Reagan is fondly remembered for being such a Great Communicator and a lover of democracy.

    Seriously? I don’t think so …..

    Then give some thought about how Charles Koch is using his millions to influence the University of Florida.

    And then wonder – if Charles Koch is doing this at one university – how many other universities are being given money with strings attached?

    • Asher Bob White

      I agree with you; Reagan was not a “great communicator’ because he was too shallow. Not a deep thinker or intellect; just a good- ol’-boy persona. And his values were corrupt; even evil. He did have a sense of humor and that, alone, never makes someone “great”. I’ll take Will Rogers any day.

      • What Reagan did have was the gift of the silver tongue.

        Being able to sell a plate of crap as if it is a plate of caviar is not exactly being the Great Communicator – IMHO

        I’ve often said – Reagan had the gift of the silver tongue. It’s too bad the damn thing was forked. (which is where the evil and corrupt comes into play)

        BTW – Both Reagan and his wife Nancy played into the McCarthysim black listing of Hollywood because they both testified and gave names of people they suspect as being Communists.

        Wow – what a guy……(very sarcastically said)

      • I wonder – is being a Communist on the same level of evil sinner as the guy who sold our enemy the Iranians those weapons?

      • I agree about Will Rogers..

    So, the wife of LA Clippers owner Sterling does not condone his racist beliefs – but yet she is still his wife and has profited from this man’s business dealings – which include that huge fine by the federal government for discrimination against blacks and HIspanics at his rental properties.

    What was it that Rush Limbaugh called this Sterling guy? Oh yeah, that’s right, a slum lord.

    Excuse me if I don’t feel so charitable to this wife of a man who has a long history of being racist because as has been pointed out several times in all this news coverage – those racist comments are nothing new coming from Sterling.

    What is new is the fact that it was Sterling’s wife that filed a lawsuit in March against her husband’s girlfriend wanting millions back in gifts that allegedly prompted the girlfriend to release this recording of Sterling’s racist comments in the first place.

    And then the wife shows up to watch the game? And then she sends the message that she loves the players?

    Why am I so cynical that I don’t believe her????


      I am still waiting for Foxxies Hen House, Hate Talk Radio, Evangelinuts, Tea Party Mad Haters and other CONservative Republicans to jumptstart this idea that Sterling’s freedom of speech has been violated.

      After all – these folks still defend that rancher out in Nevada – don’t they? Even if some of them ran away when his racist rants became public.

      I still remember Romney’s words after Rush Limbaugh’s rant against Sandra Fluke and Todd Akin’s comments about rape – do you remember what Romney said?

      Something to the effect of – those are not the words I would have used.

      In other words – I believe the same way, I just would have not used the exact same words.

      I am so sick and tired of these people who think they are so damn morally superior to anyone who does not look like them, or have as much money as they do, or do not worship the same God in the exact same way as they do.

      • Let’s not forget – CONservative Republicans, Evangelinuts and Tea Party Mad Haters all still flock to applaud when Ted Nugent, Sarah Palin or Ted Cruze spew their nonsense…..

        I do hope and pray that someday the old Republican Party will rise out of this current far-right fringe sewer of hate and start acting like a political party that has some degree of common courtesy and human intelligence.

    • I read the $2.5 million fine could be compared to a $59 fine for the average American. My mind doesn’t do that big of numbers and that’s okay because I won’t ever need to know about that kind of wealth. There are some wealthy people who do good, and then there are those like the Koch brothers and this nincompoop.

      • Exactly. I want to know why this guy is still allowed to be a landlord?

        And I also wonder if he is in the business of collecting ‘Section 8′ housing subsidies?

        If so – then why is this billionaire allowed to suck off the government teat even when he was fined $2.5 million for discrimination?

        When these CONservative Republicans bellyache about welfare bums – then they need to take out a very big mirror and hold it up to quite a few of their own Republicans’ faces…..IMHO

    • I just commented on this story on Yahoo news, I pointed out how he makes millions from people he does not like. That makes him no different then the slave owners!

      • He loves the money – he just does not want to associate with ‘those’ people.

        Remember who else brought this thinking to the 2008 presidential campaign? Sarah Palin when she described Obama as ‘he is not like us’.

        Yeah, you betcha…..Wink-wink

    We need to get to the root of this obsession we seem to have in America with the idea that sexualizing our kids is okay.

    But – hey – the message was loud and clear when the Catholic Church leaders got away with only having to pay monetary settlements to their victims of child molesting priests.

    Very few priests have been prosecuted – and even in those cases, did these church leaders help to prosecute the priests – or did they continue with their choice to turn their back on the victims of child molesting priests?

    I feel like I am charging that windmill again and again when I keep reminding people of how this Catholic Church handled this scandal.

    I have heard the Pope tearfully apologize BUT where the are the actual actions of kicking out those church leaders and priests who were doing the actual child molesting and being the cover up?

    I’ve seen this same Church come down on President Obama and demonizing him for wanting all women to have access birth control – but not one damn action has been done to clean out their backyard of child molesters and their accomplices that looked the other way…..

    And then to know there are sheeple like my ex-friend who called this scandal a ‘little’ problem….

    The only thing ‘little’ about that child molesting scandal was the size of the victims – these were little boys.

    I just don’t understand blind devotion like my ex-friend apparently has…..

    Reading this article brought tears to my eyes – then it made me thankful for my petty problems.

    Isn’t it a shame these billionaire brothers choose to spend their millions in keeping the hatred pot stirred when there are other causes and people that could really use some of those millions.

    • I just made a donation to this little boy’s website – it is Sammy’s Superheroes.

      I am not the type that gives money to any group that asks – but this little boy’s picture and story got to me today.

      I think it’s because I know what it is like to fight cancer and I was lucky to beat mine.

      Rather than give news coverage time to the Cliven Bundys and Donald Sterlings in this world – why not focus our attention on helping to solve the real problems of real people – like this little boy Sammy and his family.

      But I also have three beautiful grandchildren and they are all healthy – and for that, I am so grateful.


    Remember the infamous case of the Montana judge that gave that teacher that raped the 14-yr-old girl a sentence of one month in jail?

    That judge also made the comment that he felt the victim shared in the responsibility of what happened……

    Remember this case?

    Seems this teacher is facing a new sentencing from a new judge…

    Hmmm……….will this guy be the next CONservative Republicans’ hero for having his civil rights violated as having served his original sentence and now being re-sentenced?

    HELL – I would not put anything past these CONServative Republicans. After all – this is a rape case and we all know how CONS feel about the rape victims – don’t we?

    Sad news – Bob Hoskins has died. I remember him in the movie ‘Mermaids’ with Cher and that Roger Rabbit movie.

    According to this article, Bob was the writer’s first choice to play Wolverine in the X-Men movie.

    I must confess X-Men is not exactly my type of movie – but it would have been a very different movie if Bob Hoskins played the Wolverine role and not Hugh Jackman – IMHO