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  1. What infuriates me the most is to hear these Evangelinut Republicans talk about how God gave man dominion over everything on this planet and in so doing, God gave man the right to do whatever he wants.

    But ….wait a minute….. God gave man the stewardship of this planet and that SHOULD mean that you take good care of it and to keep it clean and productive for the next generation – IMHO

    I am not trying to speak for God – but I am fairly certain that God intended man to keep and preserve this environment.

    I remember growing up and we always observed Arbor Day by planting a tree.

    Who the hell does that any more?

    This society being ruled by Billionaire Bullies has one message – TAKE, TAKE, TAKE and never give back.

    With that attitude – pretty soon there will be nothing left to take. I know this sounds like common sense – but, hey, when have CONservative Republicans been known to display common sense?

  2. http://corporate.ford.com/news-center/press-releases-detail/677-5-dollar-a-day

    Henry Ford knew how to develop a healthy economy. Henry Ford doubled the wages because he realized that well paid workers would be good consumers.

    No consumers – no profit. How much simpler can it get?

    This is what is missing in our modern day business leaders of today. For all their self-professed expert knowledge and venture capitalist experience – our modern day business leaders do not know S-H-I-T – IMHO

    • I must correct myself. Modern day business leaders do know one thing – they know how to manipulate our tax system to benefit themselves while they socialize their costs and privatize the profits.

      And that brings us back to what I said before about TAKE-TAKE-TAKE. Keep that up and pretty soon there will be nothing left to take.

  3. http://news.msn.com/world/skorean-president-apologizes-for-ferry-response

    I know I keep bringing up this issue – but I admire the way South Korean officials have responded to the ferry disaster.

    The president of South Korea apologized this morning.

    The Prime Minister resigned a few days ago.

    The ferry captain and his entire crew have been arrested.

    WOW – these are people that really practice what they preach about taking responsibility for their actions – huh?

    These folks could sure teach Americans a thing or two – ….

  4. http://t.foxsports.msn.com/nba/clippers-owner-donald-sterling-banned-for-life-by-nba

    So, I guess this is the punishment for the LA Clippers owner for those racist comments on that just-released recording.

    Well, to be completely honest here, this guy was also fined a few million dollars by the federal government for discrimination against certain black and Hispanic people in his property rental business.

    But – I heard Mark Cuban (I think?) – another owner – saying that punishing this Sterling guy for something he said in is private home is a ‘slippery slope’.

    What do you all think?

    Let me just say – IMHO this guy is one stupid fluck because he is married and he was talking to his girlfriend (who is black and Hispanic) when he said these racist comments.

    And the only reason this taped recording was released is allegedly due to this fluck’s wife suing the girlfriend for several million dollars that she received in gifts from this fluck.

    On what planet do these people live? First of all – just how damn old is this Sterling dude and why the hell does he have a girlfriend of 4 years and just now his wife is suing her for millions of dollars.

    The entire thing is so utterly S-T-U-P-I-D…….and this fluck is S-T-U-P-I-D (in my opinion) for being such a damn fine businessman that is worth billions.

    Seriously…..does becoming a billionaire make someone that S-T-U-P-I-D?

    • I am waiting to see how Foxxies in the Hen House and Hate Talk Radio put this latest racist guy on their ever-changing pedestal as their latest hero of the month?

      I can see it now – this guy’s privacy was invaded and he is now the victim….. Haven’t we heard all this victimhood crappola from these Foxxies and Hate Talk Radio before??

      But – I suspect Cliven Bundy from Nevada is relieved that Sterling is now the headline maker – and now this Bundy dude can go back to not paying his grazing fees……

      • I am really interested to see if Rush Limbaugh takes up this fight for Sterling’s right to be a racist when speaking in his own home.

        Correct me if I am wrong, but didn’t Rush try to buy a pro sports team (with other buyers) and the league members all came together with a resounding “NO” ??

      • http://talkingpointsmemo.com/livewire/limbaugh-sterling-didnt-donate-obama

        Since I am not a fan of Rush – nor do I even bother to seek out what he has said recently – I did just find this article.

        Seems Rush has already blamed Obama for Sterling’s racist rant…

        Wow – maybe Rush should rethink his position and chum-up with Mark Cuban to make this entire STUPID thing into a freedom of speech issue.

        But – isn’t it nice to have Rush listing all of Sterling’s character flaws as a racist and a slum lord – but erroneously stating that Sterling is a Democrat.

        As it turns out – Sterling is a registered Republican…


  5. Asher Bob White

    Today we learn that it is simply a matter of right priorities (planet first) or wrong priorities (profits first).