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us budget deficit


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  1. On this day — the tenth anniversary of the release of the Abu Ghraib photos from hell — this cartoon by historian Josh Brown seemed like the perfect response. So much death, devestation. Buchco caused loss of life, limb and several economies to wage their personal war of choice.

    You gotta remember.

    Do you think if Grandmas could make the decisions there would be wars?

    • Grandmas are not into money at any costs (at least the Grandmas that I know).

      Let’s face it – most of these wars are for nothing but profit for the wealthiest few corporations.

  2. Cheech and Chong wisdom —

  3. I hope you all didn’t blow away. My, my, yesterday was not fit for man or beast. Any skinnier ones among us should find an anchor to carry around!

    This Thursday is the last day of working for hubby. Lots of celebrating going on this whole week. Ending 40 years doing what he truly enjoyed and moving on to a new chapter. We just learned our son and his oldest son will be arriving Wichita later this week from Boston so they can help us celebrate. What fun!

    Now on to cleaning those guest rooms.

    • Congratulations to you and yours, Fnord. Party hardy!

      • I know this won’t come across the way I really feel…

        I’m really looking forward to having just our son and his oldest son for a few days. Our daughter-in-law is a partner in a private practice and they actually meet twice a year to plan, coordinate and schedule the time off each will take during the next six months. It isn’t easy for her to get ‘serendipity’ time. The baby will stay home with Mommy to make traveling easier. We’ll miss them and maybe one of the first trips we make in retirement will be to see them. But this week we will savor the time with just those two guys!

      • Is this the first trip for daddy and the oldest son by themselves? How old is he now?

        I think that is great. We made it a point to have my husband and me take one of the kids by ourselves and make it a one-on-one special time together.

        Don’t get me wrong – family time is very important – but that one-on-time is very much needed by both the sons and daughters.

    • CONGRATS to the new retiree – and his lovely wife. How awesome to have family coming to town to visit and celebrate with you both.

      Have a good time hugging, kissing and lovin’ on those grandbabies!

    • It is great for hanging out clothes, I have been washing and hanging them out for the last two days. I do not have a dyer and it is so expensive to have 220 put in. But it is true that it takes longer getting the clothes off the line because they are generally wrapped around the line!

    • wicked

      Andrew is not a liberal, although he should be. He’s an odd conservative who thinks for himself, instead of being mired in mob mentality. I admire him for speaking out, but I don’t always agree with him.

      • Is there someone you always agree with? ๐Ÿ™‚

        I am way more conservative than today’s so-called ‘conservatives.’ They’re mostly ‘up in my business,’ or so stupid about sound economics they appear not to have two brain cells to rub together.

      • wicked

        Fnord, since I don’t always agree with even myself about everything, the answer to your question is no. ๐Ÿ™‚ I got hooked on Andrew Sullivan during the Bush years and read his columns faithfully. I truly do admire him for saying (and writing) the things he does. I’ve heard him say that he isn’t a liberal. Of course, that’s debatable. ๐Ÿ˜‰ And, yes, I have my own conservative moments, too. Those of us who think can’t be pigeon-holed that easily.

      • Perhaps we should distinguish between “conservative” and “wingnut.”

        Many of us hold somewhat traditionally conservative positions. Few of us here on this blog are wingnuts.

        Although,as Juanita Jean says, some of are also, “nuttier than squirrel poop.” Just not wingnuttier.

      • I consider myself fiscally conservative and socially liberal.

        Which is why I cannot stand the current GOP – it is being ruled by these Wingnuts that can only scream about abortion and gay rights. While these folks are fighting about these wedge issues – these folks are content to let the big problems go marching by……

        I am concerned about our overspending – but not in just the viewpoint of how many dollars are being spent.

        I am concerned about how our money is spent. By that, I mean, overspending on military – IMHO – is a big mistake.

        We overspend on health care and we get rotten results – IMHO

        This is what I mean about overspending….

        This is something I don’t see the Wingnuts – or the Establishment Republicans worrying about – or did I miss that particular memo?

      • Until republicans return to sanity or show hard evidence — actual votes, legislation, policies — of being sane, my votes will go for the wing-nuttiest of democrats. Because you know, really, democrats aren’t equipped to compete with the worst of the republicans so won’t ever win the race to the bottom.

      • I do not agree with Obama all the time.

        BUT – I prefer Obama on his worst day as compared to any Republican on their best day.

      • I knew there was something I would like about him, we are birds of a kind!

    • Hee Hee, Wicked.

      “I donโ€™t always agree with even myself about everything”

      One of my readers wrote in after a particularly confusing column and said he liked my “nuanced” opinions.

      Uh huh.

      If by “nuanced” you mean, “I don’t always agree with myself…”

    • Asher Bob White

      Andrew seems to have it correct, as far as I’m concerned. I’m a Christian (or at least I believe I am) and, therefore, I am sensitive to the fact that many of those on FOX NEWS frequently announce their Christian Faith. However, as is the case with the huge majority of Christians, their behavior and their pronouncements betray their claims. They are evil. And that will be their life’s legacy, not their claim to their faith.

      • I actually now own my own Bible! went out and bought it the other day. Though I may not be getting all that popular at church (me being me I am so shy about my opinion you all know) Even the Preacher can suddenly stumble with an answer or responding to my questions!

    • Yeah I like this, I am getting in so much trouble when I speak out about something that is on fox or what someone comments on yahoo.

  4. posted that to my wall on Facebook, should get so responses like I always do. So I will either be damned to Hell or agreed with?