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  1. I read a piece recently that talked about those still alive when Reagan was president are aging and dying, leaving fewer who hold him high on a pedestal. Certainly no person with critical thinking skills thought there was anything about the man’s presidency that would cause us to “look back fondly.” We’re also aware that whatever those who still revere him have accepted is a myth that doesn’t now and never did exist.

    • To me the saddest part of thinking back on Reagan is realizing he would be TOO LIBERAL, considered at best to be a RINO and wouldn’t be elected by the politically-involved far-right evangelinuts of today that he encouraged.

      • Now – that is a scary thought to think Reagan is too liberal..

        I remember the 1980 presidential election. We were living in Petersburg, IL – a town near Springfield, IL- which is where Abraham Lincoln grew up in nearby Salem.

        Reagan’s train was coming through and we were living in a very Republican town. My husband was the administrator at the county nursing home at that time.

        One of the board members – a truly dyed-in-the-wool Republican old woman – was so excited that Ronald Reagan was coming through Petersburg on his election campaign. This woman sent out notes to everyone that we just ‘had to be there’ to see the next president of the United States.

        I told her what I thought of Mr. Reagan and this woman – from that point on – treated me and my husband as if we had the bubonic plague!

        I also remember telling the local pharmacist that I suspected all those hostages in Iran would be released the minute after Reagan was sworn in. Because I suspected Reagan made a deal with the Iranians.

        And what happened??? That local pharmacist told me he had a newfound respect for my opinion.

        The old lady just cheered and applauded how her manly and tough Reagan made those Iranians release the hostages.

        Yeah, lady, that was what it was – Reagan’s manhood was the shining moment. It had nothing to do with those weapons that WE the PEOPLE finally found out had been sold to our enemy by none other than Reagan…

        There are three things that should included in that list – IMHO

        1) Reagan made the AIDS epidemic into a moral social issue rather than a health issue. Many homosexuals and heterosexuals were hurt by Reagan’s mishandling of this serious epidemic.

        2) Reagan took down those solar panels off the White House roof and by that action – this man doomed our country to even more years of polluting our environment just because Reagan bowed down and kissed the butts of these oil companies.

        3) Reagan dumped a lot of mental health patients into nursing homes. Which, by the way, is also about the time all these corporations got into the nursing home game. Hmmmm… you think they were after all that government money paying for the mental patients care?

        Reagan had the gift of the silver tongue. It’s just too bad the damn thing was forked.

      • There is another thing for that list –

        4) Reagan brought in Jerry Falwell and his Morality Boys into the Grand Old Party politics and gave them front row seats. Ever since that day – IMHO – our country has been made to endure these mega church preacher boys and their televangelist cousins to multiply like roaches. And all of them are tax free and sitting on prime real estate.

        Think back the past 34 years – how much money has been spent in our country and what do we have to show for it?

        1) More guns
        2) More violence
        3) More drug use – heroin is the newest epidemic
        4) Sexual exploitation is everywhere – we have girls as young as 9 being raped and then having abortions. With no repercussion to the rapist?
        5) Child molestation for years within the Catholic Church and they pay huge settlements in the millions to the victims – again, no repercussion to the church leaders that knowingly covered up these crimes?
        6) More US soldiers stationed around the world providing ‘security’ for these contractors and/or corporations while they do what in these countries?
        7) Last, but not least, we are spending more money on health care and getting worse results. And then we still have Republicans that want to go back to the system we had before – which was even worse.

        What the Hell ???

      • wicked

        Indy, in honor of my mother’s memory, I have to add another to the list of Reagan’s screws:

        The end of what he called “double dipping.”

        In other words, everyone pays into Social Security. Okay, that’s fine with me. Civil employees aka Civil Servants pay into Civil Service…AND Social Security. However, Reagan fixed it so those with Civil Service accounts could only take from one upon retirement.

      • And don’t forget Iran-Contra. WTF? Selling weapons to terrorists to raise secret cash to fight drug wars? I tell ya, ALL the wars on drugs eroded our privacy and encouraged government overreach. But ask any of the “little government” boys and they will all say the war on drugs is good.

        Uh huh. Because any war is good. Especially ones that put money in all their pockets. And don’t tell me all that secret Iran-Contra cash went into government coffers. Kinda like the BALES of cash that went to Iraq and Afghanistan.

        Our cash…. But we can’t feed hungry kids or extend unemployment benefits, or fund education.

        Do I need to say it? Jesus wept.

      • Wicked – I forgot about Reagan about the double dipping.

        What part of if you contributed to two plans – then you should get two pension checks – did Reagan not understand?

        PP – Can you imagine the outrage and pure hell raining down on our heads if Obama had sold weapons to the Iranians?

        It all depends on who is doing the selling. If it is some old white dude that is a Republican – then everything is hunky-dorey.

        Reagan did have the gift of the silver tongue. It’s too bad the damn thing was forked.


    South Koreans know how to handle problems – the captain and all of the crew have been arrested for their actions during this disaster. And now the South Korean PM resigns.

    What a stark contrast to when the BP spill happened in the USA – huh?

    I remember a Texas Republican that actually stood up in Congress and apologized to the BP corporation because President Obama dared to make the BP corporation set up a disaster relief fund.

    We are still seeing the effects of that BP spill and yet one company involved – Halliburton – is yet again ‘off the hook’ for their part?

    Please, tell me again why Americans think we are so morally superior to the rest of the world?

    • May I add – the South Koreans don’t let grass grow beneath their feet either – that ferry disaster happened a few weeks

      If that happened in America – nobody would be blamed (well, unless there was a poor, homeless minority person nearby) and the case would be tied up in the courts for years and years.

      Tell me again – anyone – why Americans think we are so morally superior to the rest of the world?


    Not only are their racist comments made – but the underlying story is even more intriguing….

    It seems this LA Clippers owner’s wife filed a lawsuit against her husband’s girlfriend trying to get back some money.

    Okay – so maybe the girlfriend released this audio tape to TMZ (the website that broke this story) and maybe the girlfriend is trying to get some sort of revenge…??

    But…that does not excuse the racist comments that can be clearly heard on the audiotape.

    So…let’s wait and see if this audio tape is authenticated – and then we’ll see what happens when wealthy, old white men decide to get girlfriends while still married…

    Hmmmm….. the first picture I saw of this guy and the girlfriend – it made me think of Rupert Murdock with his younger Asian wife – remember that duo?

    What is it with these wealthy, old white men and these younger women?

    BTW – If I remember correctly, the girlfriend of this Clippers guy is black and Hispanic.

    I also read where this girlfriend has been blatantly obvious for the past four years – and NOW she decides to release this audiotape?

    Maybe this is in response to the old dude’s wife suing the girlfriend. But, in all fairness, if the girlfriend has been a well-known fact for the past four years – then why file the lawsuit this past March?

    Wow – I thought wealthy people had no problems and that was why Romney said everybody wants to be a millionaire.

    I have NEVER wanted to be a millionaire – I don’t worship money and I don’t know of very many wealthy people who are truly happy and contented people.

    My grandpa was never rich and he was raised dirt poor. But he had a vast fortune in family and friends while he was walking on this Earth.

    That is where our priorities should be – investing in people and NOT just worshiping money…IMHO

    This was a cool and awesome way to send a message. I have to wonder how this Clippers owner Sterling feels knowing that it was his big mouth that started all this….

    Or do these wealthy people just not care…

    • He doesn’t care, because without his money, the players do not have a job, as there would not be a team. Capital (money) remains more scarce than labor.

      • To be fair – I do have to wonder if these ball players would be willing to lose some of their sky-high paychecks if it meant someone with lesser capital could buy their team..

        That is something we don’t see every day – professional sports players willing to make less money…..

        What is so confusing in all this is that this man’s girlfriend is black and HIspanic.

        So – is he really a racist or just a jerk in telling her that he did not want her taking pictures with black players and/or bringing them to the games?

        This entire thing is so S-T-U-P-I-D – IMHO