Saturday, 4/26/14, Public Square

duly elected


by | April 26, 2014 · 6:00 am

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  1. This guy pulls double duty by being Head Moron and is on the cheerleading squad for the morons —

    • Now, if the freakin’ Kansas Democrats could actually find and fund a competent candidate to run against timmy, we could be well rid of him.

      Hell, timmy will come out as gay before the KDP can find it’s ass with both hands, a flashlight and a map. Sometimes, I wonder who at the KDP is getting bribed to NOT win elections?

    • Asher Bob White

      Actually, Tim was just a bad and miss-informed when he ran in his first congressional election, and when he served in the KS House. Hopefully the voters will get it right this time. He hasn’t changed and to believe so is just an excuse for electing him in the first place. And, in Kansas, he’s not alone.

      • I agree – Huelskamp is not alone in his stated beliefs.

        Just like the Fred Phelps klan – there are many folks in Kansas (and elsewhere) that believes the way good ol’ Fred did.

        The only difference is IMHO – these folks are not out carrying protest signs and picketing funerals.

        But make no mistake – these same folks are the ones sitting and still applauding Huelskamp.

  2. (from the link): For years, advocates of stricter gun laws have rallied at the barricades of the National Rifle Association’s annual meeting. But this year, as the gun lobby convenes in Indianapolis, there’s a new posse in town. They’re mothers, they’re survivors of gun violence, and some of them are both. And they’re dead set on disarming the NRA of its outsize political power.

    • What will it take to wake up America and shock us so bad that the NRA and their quest to make profits off their push to have guns everywhere?

      If the senseless murder of school age children does not make people stop and say – WTF – then I do not know what it will take.

      May God have mercy on our souls.


        Here is the link to the website for Moms Demand Action organization.

        I listened to the spokeswoman for this group this morning. She sounds reasonable and all she is asking for is common sense gun laws.

        Has common sense gone out the window these days? Or – does making obscene profits obliterate the common sense?

        Follow the money – and then you will see the motivation.


    The guy that talked about how blacks were discriminated in the south and where he lives now overseas – the people are so nice and hospitable. Blacks are welcomed into their homes. Plus the added bonus of no crime and no guns.

    As that guy said – who would not love that place?

    There is something very cancerous in our US society. We worship guns, violence and sex. If you doubt that – just turn on the television or go to the movie theatres.

    Then we watch as our so-called leaders all get caught doing wrong and what happens to them? Not a damn thing……

    And we saw what happened to that bunch of gold-bling robed men who got caught covering up for their child molesters in that church.

    As my devout Catholic friend (a mother and a grandmother, no less) actually said – the church is facing a ‘little’ problem

    A little problem? Since when is the crime of molesting children a ‘little’ problem?

    And then to rub salt into the wound – Pope John Paul is going to be declared a saint this weekend?

    Oh, please, just pass the barf bag now..

  4. Today’s graphic today talks about a duly-elected government.

    This is the reason why CONservative Tea Party Evangelinut Republicans have been on this constant drumbeat to make Obama an illegitimate president.

    They have all tried several ways – the birth certificate, potential impeachment, and Ted Nugent’s contribution that Obama is a subhuman mongrel – among other nasty comments.

    These folks continue to demonize their president – while he is on foreign soil – and then expects other people to join their merry group of moronic nitwits?

    When CONs talk about Putin being emboldened by Obama’s weakness (as they term it). What about this possible scenario?

    Putin is emboldened by these CONS who hate Obama so much that they are keeping our country in constant chaos – so, therefore, Putin does not have to lift a single Russian finger to cause chaos within the US borders.

    These CONS have done a bang-up job for Putin – IMHO

    • I still remember how these same CONS demonized the Dixie Chicks for even saying that they were embarrassed by George W. Bush being from Texas.

      Wow – that is so tame compared to some of this CON crap that we have had to endure from this bunch of moronic nitwits.


    I grew up in an era where majority of households had guns – hunting rifles. We did not have this mentality of everybody had to be packing heat in order to feel such a surge of superiority.

    We were taught to respect the gun and its power. We also had parents and other family members drill it into our heads that kids NEVER touched any gun.

    My father, brother, grandfather and all my uncles went hunting.

    I do not remember feeling like we had to have a cache of weapons because we were so fearful.

    What the hell happened to that country that I grew up in?

    What the hell happened to responsibility and accountability?

    Like I’ve said before – our standards of acceptable behavior have been dumbed down to the point where there is no level too low to sink.

    I’ve also said this before – I would like to know if there is any correlation to the rise of these mega corporate churches on every damn corner and our descent into people having such disregard for what was used to be – common good morals.

    Lying, cheating, stealing, child molesting, killing abortion doctors have all become okay in our society?

    • indy, I suspect you meant causation, not correlation. A positive correlation between the two things you mentioned may surely be made, given the same were occurring more or less concurrently over time. Whether the rise of the mega churches and descent into lacking “common good morals” (however one might define that term) are anything but coincidental requires further investigation. I for one feel the same are coincidental, but I’ve no proof.

      • You may be right that I used the wrong word…..but I think everyone can agree that we seem to have a whole lot more of these mega churches in our country and yet we seem have more social problems such as violence, death by guns, sex by the truckload, hungry and poor people by the boatloads.

        But yet we have so many huge, mega churches who profess to be doing God’s work as Jesus taught his disciples?

        I am very frustrated – and disappointed – in what our priorities are in this country.

        Don’t get me wrong -we had social problems when I was growing up – but it seems to have gotten only worse – with no real sign of getting better – IMHO