Friday, 4/25/14, Public Square



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  1. That does not make sense huh? I would have no problem showing I.D. at a Gun show though I have not been to one in some time. But there is more danger of voter feud then of gun violence. Both are amoral but one can be seen as not personal and more ideological motivated.

  2. We have a stack of evidence that hook guns and violence together. We have almost no evidence of in-person voter fraud. Now the kind of fraud that might happen in counting ballots, programming machines used in elections, etc., there IS more evidence of tampering. People who actually accept the responsibility and right of voting are already too small in numbers. Everyone should vote, too few do.

    One thing I know for sure is that Kris Kobach is an absolute idiot and should resume his private life sooner rather than later!

  3. This is a good op-ed on the insanity of Kansas legislators and Brownback doing the work of the Kochs in adding egregious stipulations to the education funding bill. I do believe more and more people are learning how little these legislators know beyond accomplish the ideological agenda A.L.E.C. has given you. They seem not to know and to be incapable of understanding the most simple facts. But what else would you expect from ‘tools’?

    Local legislators’ excuses ring hollow

  4. As regards today’s graphic, it’s repuke world. You know, the strange dimension where up is down, black is white, and the Clean Water Act encourages more pollution.

    You need the secret repuke 3-D glasses to see how it all works so well. For the rest of us without those repuke goggles? It looks effed up.

    Just pass me the beer goggles…

    • A pair of Reagan rose-colored glasses also helps to make sense out of this Repuke nonsense

      I heard there is a pair of those Reagan glasses in the GOP welcome basket – but, hell, I never even got one of their damn baskets when I registered as a Republican.

      Maybe there were cutbacks in that China manufacturing plant and the GOP baskets were discontinued?


    Move along folks – nothing to see here but another Tea Party Darling Boy stepping into a pile of his own making up B.S.

    BTW – if Tea Party folks believe that people should decide what they want to do and that criminalizing behavior is wrong – then why are these folks against same-sex marriage?

    After all, people should decide what they want to do – correct?

    P.S. – who the hell wants to sit and watch a bunch of roosters fighting to the death?

    That takes it to a new low level – IMHO

  6. Asher Bob White

    Today’s post makes the point so well: it’s “choice”!


    A simple and effective way to get a message across.

    I hope the state is plastered with these stickers – everywhere.

  8. Not to be outdone by all the deceptive claims and untruths being pushed by Brownback and his Kansas legislators regarding Medicare, Tim Huelskamp is peddling his own “deliberate misinformation” on health insurance for Kansans. Today, the Washington Post called him on his lies and Jim Sherow, Democratic candidate for Kansas’ 1st congressional district, called on Huelskamp to apologize and set the record straight.

    The bogus claim that Obamacare has boosted the number of uninsured

  9. According to the nonpartisan Tax Justice Network, anywhere from 21 to 32 trillion dollars are hiding away in offshore tax havens. Yes, $32 trillion.

    While members of Congress use the deficit to slash safety net programs like food stamps and unemployment insurance, and while millions of Americans hussle to pay every cent they owe to the IRS on time, corporations and the uber rich are screwing over the entire country by stashing their money in offshore tax havens.

  10. LOL I have been winning so many new friends and influencing people on Yahoo news the last two days. I speak truth to the nuts who post comments on stories there. I did not know I was half the stuff that people have been responding to me! Especially when I refer to the Neo-Cons as Nazi-Cons.
    Delusional is the word that comes to mind what they say about President Obama.