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by | April 23, 2014 · 6:00 am

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  1. The thing that really gets me is to watch the Catholics in their self-righteous gold-blinged robes and wearing their golden slippers – actually sit in judgment of other people when these self-righteous, pious hypocrits preach against birth control and gay marriage.

    On what universe do these Catholics – and their supporters – live?

    When I see a mega church owned by gays and lesbians lose several lawsuits about how the church leaders covered up the crime of child molestation – at the point in time, I must just give these sanctimonius Catholics a listen ….

    Until that time – Catholic leaders need to sit down and STFU

    The Bible tells us that a child shall lead them..

    Maybe that child(ren) are those victims of the Catholic priests and we SHOULD be following them (or, at least giving a damn as to what happened to them) and NOT following the gold-blinged robed, gold slipper wearing hypocrits?

    Am I the only person that still remembers what this Church did – and for all I know, still do?

    I’ve seen no evidence where this Church has changed their ways – despite the many words of the new Pope Francis.

    Words are empty if they are not followed by action.

  2. HA!

    That’s in honor of sekanblogger. I’m so sorry I missed him yesterday.

    Come back, dude. We miss you!

    Ditto on Zippy.

    • I’m baaaack….

      Thanks so much for your kind words. I love ALL ya’ll,

      The past year has been about the worst of my life.
      Lost my Dad, been through a separation with the ol’ ball n chain, have had to live with Mommy again for awhile, lost another job, etc. blah blah, whine, piss and moan.

      On the brighter side,You know what day it is? HUMP DAY.
      And I’m over the hump.
      Not just Wednesday, but over the big hump and on the way up.
      My 25 year marriage (only the 2nd) is surviving.
      I’m getting an interview with a large (global) company tomorrow, aaannnd…. I bought a brand-new friggin car today!
      I’m learning to practice resurrection daily.
      Woo-hooo. HUMP DAY!

      • That’s some big bad stuff to go through. I’m so sorry about your Dad. Is your Mom okay?

      • Oh,Dude,I’m so sorry about the troubles in your life. But, as always, you are one of the most resilient people I know. Good for your and your good attitude. I don’t care what the circumstances, we are never ready to lose a parent and I know you were close to your dad.

        Come back here often. We may not be much, but we’re all we got! đŸ™‚ I wouldn’t trade this blog or the people on it for all the tea in China. Or the weed in Colorado. Or the women in Austin. Ok, maybe that’s too far…

  3. Also in regards to the graphic, if we didn’t believe in the virtues of marriage, us queers wouldn’t be fighting so hard for access.

    That said, all these high and mighty “sanctity of marriage” ass hats need to answer this question.

    What is so sacred about something you can do multiple times, drunk on your ass, in front of an Elvis impersonator in Las Vegas?

    • And then get annulled by the Catholic Church – even when there are kids that were born during that marriage.

      Annulment means the marriage never happened – correct?

      So, if no marriage and kids were born – then these Catholics are saying that the kids are bastards?

      This is just one thing I do not understand coming from a self-professing group that allegedly promotes traditional marriage and families.

      Really? With the signing of some damn Catholic document, the Church is saying that kids are bastards because Daddy found himself a new trophy wife?

      Please,…just pass the barf bag now..

      BTW – I’ve been told by Catholics that I do not understand this practice because I am not Catholic.

      Yeah – I guess that explains it. Only a true and loyal Catholic could sit by and still support a church that labels kids as bastards – and all the while, these same true and loyal Catholics have turned a blind eye to all those children molested by their own damn Catholic priests – with the proved-in-court act of the Catholic Church leaders turning that same blind eye while they covered up – and protected – the priests doing the molesting.


    Speaking of hypocrisy…..

    Republicans are outraged (outraged, I tell you) about the IRS paying bonuses to employees who have not paid their taxes..

    Oh…..okay…….so now that Republicans got their wish to make corporations into people – then does the same outrage belong to those corporations that hide their money overseas to avoid paying taxes?

    Hmmmmm……..interesting to think about – huh?

    Of course, Republicans would say that the IRS employees are being paid by taxpayers to do their jobs and SHOUD pay their taxes before they get a bonus.

    Hmmmm…..Corporate welfare is paid by taxpayers and yet these same corporations knowingly take that money and hide it overseas to avoid paying taxes….

    Someone please explain the difference to me?

    If corporations are people – then let’s expect the same from these corporations as we expect from the IRS employees…..

    • Don’t get me wrong – I question the common sense of the IRS paying these bonuses…

      But I also questioned the common sense of those Wall Street Fat Cats getting their bonuses when their companies were driven into the ground and the taxpayers had to bail out their butts……….

      But yet …..Republicans were the first ones screaming about how Obama was so mean to say that those Wall Street fat cats should not be paid their bonuses….

      Remember that??