Tuesday, 4/22/14, Public Square

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by | April 22, 2014 · 6:00 am

8 responses to “Tuesday, 4/22/14, Public Square

  1. Evidence, history and common sense do not make a damn difference to CONservative Republicans.

    These are the folks that sat and applauded when Sarah Palin babbles on and on and revises history – ie Paul Revere’s famous ride – remember?

    Science is based on evidence – isn’t it? CONservative Republicans – especially Evangelinuts – seek to ban scientific teaching in schools – don’t they?

    CONservatives are folks that really do not care about anything but themselves and their own pockets.

    As long as these folks have money – and the ability to gorge themselves at the taxpayer trough – these folks really do not care about anything else.

  2. I would STILL like to amend the constitution to let Big Dog serve another two terms….

    • Asher Bob White

      Question, Prairie. Do you believe Hillary would be “like” Bill if she had a term in the White House?

      • I am not pond but will throw my two cents in, my answer is no because Bill was more a state’s man while Hillary is more the confronter she said it like she see it and when not in a role of having to be the statesman she will tell them to shove it and do what she thinks is best… Kind of like my wife! I am the diplomat… The means it takes about an hour after I say it before I get called that SOB!

  3. I have to laugh now when I answer the phone, I have been doing it long enough and everyday. That now the telemarketer know my voice and hang up! Most calls are for my mother and are wanting her to spend money of something she already gets for free from Medicare. Others are wanting her to buy something that she can not use and would not want. But since I answer the phone and explain in no uncertain terms exactly what I think of people that try to take advantage of the elderly. I generally get cursed out in a heavy Mid-Eastern accent!

  4. I just wanted to stop in and say howdy.
    It’s been a while, huh?

    • It’s been too long since we had the pleasure of your company! Sometimes we look back at posts and find you — it’s always a great journey down memory lane.

  5. One only has to look at existing areas that have no effective government to see what the results are. AQAP is able to thrive due to this condition.