Sunday, 4/20/14, Public Square



by | April 20, 2014 · 6:00 am

4 responses to “Sunday, 4/20/14, Public Square

  1. Funny stuff, and oh so true. Damn, I’m glad the days of being dragged to church by my parents, in a DRESS no less, are over. I’m going to have a nice relaxing day with my dogs, the tv and some venison a friend gave me.

  2. The parts I find most confusing are the parts used to defend hating, discriminating, judging. People who think they’re better than another person or some should be treated differently won’t ever be a winning strategy in my book. Practicing kindness seems to be a a good guiding principle.

  3. Asher Bob White

    I think the manner in which today’s post is created and stated is creative and basically correct for me, however, I do not believe God is a “being”. For me, God is the spirit of love and the truth of wisdom, and they are the basis for both the historical and metaphorical truth of the Bible. Happy Easter!

  4. The eminent Christian philosopher, Søren Kierkegaard, wrote “Socrates doubted that one was a human being by birth; to become human, or to learn what it means to be human does not come that easily.”