Saturday, 4/19/14, Public square



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  1. For the wealthy Koch brothers there will be servants to clear the obstacles. No regulations assures them of maximizing their profits and reducing their costs to only their own personal needs. Roads to move their goods and their servants? Maybe they’ll build their own private ones and charge for using them?

    [sarcasm] There really is no reason they should pay for what benefits someone else is there? [sarcasm off]

  2. An op-ed from the Kansas City Star on some of the damage our current Kansas governor and legislators have accomplished so far this year.

    Voter turnout is crucial this fall. We’ve all talked about moving from this state we call home, and that remains an option, but we still live here so let’s make sure we vote.

    Up in the sky! It’s reality, untethered in Kansas

  3. Before Brownback’s great experiment began Kansas was losing population and predicted to lose one representative to the federal level at the next census. This little haven of red is becoming more and more irrelevant. Maybe all the libertarians and republicans will move in and make it a bigger haven of insanity? Ah! Kansas. No regulations, no public education, no services, no taxes or fees on those revered ‘job creators,’ maybe an altar to money could be constructed at the state line…

    • When I hear CONservative Republicans scream how Obama has destined our health care system to go bankrupt – I remind them of the fact that Catholics have bought up a majority of our hospitals and doctors clinics.

      When was the last time you heard of the Catholic Church betting their money on a loser?

      Health care has been – and will always be – a big profit maker.

      • Need to clarify – Catholics have bet on a losing politician …..but when it comes to their making money – don’t think these Catholics have not done their research and homework into why the ACA will actually increase their profits from health care.

        Dirty little secret – without Medicare and Medicaid – our current health care system WOULD go bankrupt …..

        This is why the Establishment wing of the GOP does not want the Tea Party radicals to get control of the budget.

        But the Establishment Repukes continue to NEED the Tea Party radicals to keep their base voting for every R on the ballot

  4. indypendent

    That picture of the Libertarian intersection appears to be nothing more than how I see the real Rand Paul.

    While there are no rules for anyone on the ‘peon’ level of society – the elitists in this society (or which I put Rand Paul – and his daddy – into that group) will all be flying in planes and choppers paid for by the taxpayers over our heads – so why would they care about any intersection?

    The only thing I do agree with Rand Paul about is his quest to downsize the military and get our military industrial complex beast in a locked cage.

    But – then again – those are just lofty goals with empty words because – in case Rand Paul has not noticed – he is talking to the Republican Party and these people LOVE war…

    • indypendent

      I compare Rand Paul being a Republican the same way I see these Sisters on the Bus being in the Catholic Church.

      These nuns are awesome – so why are they still in the church that continues to keep them down and chastising them for being wrong when they spoke out in the 2012 presidential election?

  5. wicked

    Funny thing about today’s inspirational picture. I can’t remember exactly what prompted my brain, which caused me to announce to two of my offspring that someone with half an ounce of sense should realize what “no laws” would mean.

    “Imagine,” I told them, “what it would be like if there were no laws. Forget the Wild West image of everyone toting a gun. There are more cars and drivers than gun-toters. Do away with stop signs and stop lights, no u-turns or speed limits or licensing, and what you would have is utter insanity and a lot of dead people.”

    People want to do away with laws because some of those laws keep them from doing things they want to do. Or make them uncomfortable in some way. I can understand that. What these law-haters don’t realize is if laws are done away with, no one will be safe.

    In fact, we watched a preview for an upcoming 2013 Independent movie about just this thing. One night a year, for a 12-hour period, any and all crime is legal. While it’s a bit on the horror side (produced by those who brought us Paranormal Activity), this movie, The Purge, is based on the insanity and cruelty of too many people. And now that I’ve watched it again, I noticed that Max Burkholder, who plays Max on Parenthood, is in it, along with Lena Headey (Cersei in Game of Thrones) and Ethan Hawke. It’s worth watching the trailer. It’ll make you think. As for the movie itself? Maybe it’s what prompted my brain. I might watch it when it comes to HBO, but don’t count on it. đŸ˜‰