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  1. The sad fact about this never ending abortion debate since Roe vs Wade is the glaring fact that abortions have been performed for centuries prior to Roe vs Wade and will continue to be performed throughout eternity.

    On what planet do these Evangelical Pro Lifers live to think that just because abortions are banned that no abortions will be performed?

  2. Great graphic today. Damn, isn’t that the truth!

  3. I hope all of you have read the remarks of two females who have been in the news recently.

    The first is Phyllis Schlafly. According to Wiki she is an American constitutional lawyer, conservative activist, author. She is known for her staunch social and political conservatism, her opposition to modern feminism and for her campaign against the proposed Equal Rights Amendment.

    Ms. Schlafly was in the news most recently when she wrote this:

    “Another fact is the influence of hypergamy, which means that women typically choose a mate (husband or boyfriend) who earns more than she does. Men don’t have the same preference for a higher-earning mate.

    While women prefer to HAVE a higher-earning partner, men generally prefer to BE the higher-earning partner in a relationship. This simple but profound difference between the sexes has powerful consequences for the so-called pay gap.

    Suppose the pay gap between men and women were magically eliminated. If that happened, simple arithmetic suggests that half of women would be unable to find what they regard as a suitable mate.”

    The second is Madison Kimrey who is 12 years old, a student, actress, aspiring writer and activist who fights for LGBT rights, humane treatment of animals, women’s rights and promotes youth activism and participation in democracy. She responded with these words:

    “Dear Ms. Schlafly,

    I’m a teenage girl who has been reading about you quite a bit in the news lately. It seems to me that you have absolutely no idea what women of my generation are all about. I can understand that because I often deal with older people who think that their generation is superior and my generation is the worst thing ever just because we’re different. Really though, I think since you want to be all up in the public eye, it would really do you a lot of good to understand things from the perspective of one of the young women who will be taking over this country soon.

    I’ve been thinking about how I can explain what feminism means to my generation in a way you might not have thought of before. I wanted to try to work from something we have in common, and it’s been kind of hard to find something I have in common with you. Then, it came to me. I bet you wear a bra.

    I was reading recently about a company called Yellowberry that was started by a young woman because she took her younger sister bra shopping and her sister didn’t like any of the choices. None of the bras fit her, and she felt the selections were too sexual. So she started a line of bras so that girls would have more options. As for myself, I shop at Victoria’s Secret. It’s not because I want to be sexy or have any grand delusions of looking like one of their models. I shop there because they have different styles of bras so I can find something I think is pretty that fits me. I don’t know where you shop for your bras, but I bet you have a favorite one. I bet you have that one bra that’s comfortable and goes with just about everything. I bet the last thing you were thinking about when you bought that bra was what a man would think about it.

    Well, making choices in our lives as young women is kind of like finding that favorite bra. Not all of us are going to fit into the same kind and not all of us are going to find the same style attractive. We all deserve to have as many choices as possible, and as women, we shouldn’t be judging the choices made by other women. Choosing a bra is a very personal choice and is none of anyone else’s business. We should be, as women, looking for ways we can expand the choices both for ourselves and other women, just as Megan Grassell did when she started Yellowberry. Equality doesn’t mean women will all make the same choice. It means women will be treated the same no matter what choices they make.

    This brings us to the idea you have that women shouldn’t have equal pay because it will make it more difficult for them to find husbands. What you’re doing is attempting to limit my choices, and I don’t appreciate that. Let’s get one thing straight here. When I’m thinking about what kind of career I want to have, it’s a lot like shopping for a bra. I want to find something that fits me and appeals to me, and I’m not thinking about pleasing a man. Anyone who wants to be my partner in life is going to have to truly respect me, appreciate me for who I am, and honor the choices I make.

    What you’re doing, Ms. Schlafly, is contributing to something very disturbing I see happening with some of the teenage girls I know. At a time in their lives when they should be free, independent, and exploring and preparing for the possibilities they have in the future, many of them are worried about getting or keeping a boyfriend. There are young women my age who are extremely smart but they hide it because they get messages from women like you that if they are too smart or successful, boys won’t like them. They get messages from women like you that pleasing a man should be their number one goal. You’re contributing to making young women uncomfortable when they go bra shopping because they’ve learned to analyze every choice based on what other people will think instead of having the freedom and confidence to choose what’s best for them.

    I’m going to continue the work my mother and my grandmothers started, the work you have fought so hard against. I’m going to work to help get the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) ratified in my lifetime. Once this is done, it’s going to take some time to undo a lot of the damage women like you have caused. It’s going to take time for society to evolve once women finally have the equality we deserve. But I believe that my daughters will look at history and see women like you the same way I see women who tried to prevent us from getting the right to vote. I believe that bra shopping is going to be a lot easier for my daughters than it is for girls today.


    Madison Kimrey”

    • Phyllis Schafy seems to believe that women only choose a mate for his ability to earn money?

      Wow – this does not give much credit to those women who marry for love – huh?


    I did not watch the Oscar event this year – so I am only going by what is written in this article.

    That said – what the hell is Donald Trump doing by sending out a tweet that Kim Novak should sue her plastic surgeon?

    Are we in junior high mean girls club?


    If Trump wants to go down that snarky road – one might send out a tweet about that thing on top of his head that he claims to be his real hair.

    Yeah, sure ….you betcha Wink-Wink

    Good for Kim Novak for stepping up to the plate and calling the bullies out..

    I am so sick and tired of our society’s willingness to accept bullies – and even put them on some damn pedestal.

    And – IMHO – Phyllis Schafly would fit the label of a B-U-L-L-Y


    Since we are talking about Phyllis Schafly – let’s talk about the Equal Rights Amendment .

    Not all Republican males were so insecure that even the mere thought of equal rights for women scare them into a frenzy..

    Let’s not forget Betty Ford, the wife of President Ford. She also supported the E.R.A. and Betty Ford contributed much more positive energy to our country than Phyllis Schafly could even dream of doing.

    • Gerald Ford – IMHO – was a lot like Jimmy Carter. Both men were honest and truly cared about our country and its citizens.

      But – Gerald Ford doomed his political career when he pardoned Nixon.

      Jimmy Carter was just too damn honest – so the dirty politics of Ronald Reagan, Evangelinuts and the GOP just gobbled him up – IMHOI

      When I hear Republicans talk about wanting to return to the good ol’ days – okay.

      I’ll take a man like Gerald Ford or Jimmy Carter any day over any one of these current Republicans we are subjected to today.

      It’s like my feelings toward President Obama. I do not like everything he has said and done – or not done.

      With that said – I would rather have Obama in office on his worst day than any Republican on his best day.

  6. Here’s a goal worth working hard to achieve: These men and women who don’t believe in gender equality must be seen as clearly incompetent to hold elected office!

  7. Speaking of being incompetent to hold elected office… Here’s a little predicament to watch unfold. Pass the popcorn! 🙂

    Kentucky Democrats Kill Rand Paul’s Plan To Run For President And Senate Simultaneously

    • Is Lady Karma doing her thing again?

      Or – is it just pure irony and/or poetic justice that Rand Paul gets bit in the ass by his own hardline stance on states rights?

      Either way – this if F-U-N-N-Y

  8. I can’t come up with adequate words. Have you heard that gun nuts are calling for a ‘Shot Heard Around the U.S.’ day? Tomorrow, April 19th. A Tea Party Facebook page called ‘Overpasses for America’ is asking every gun owner in the USA to fire their weapon at the same time — 12 noon ET. They want everyone to know that April 19th is also the day, in 1775, when the start of the Revolutionary War began.

    For us that will be 11 am, and I know we live among many gun nuts, many who care nothing at all about what the laws are. STAY SAFE!

    American company – looking for cheapest way out of making things right


    Phyllis Schafly always makes me cringe because she is one of these Evangelical Christians.

    KInda like Debby Boone – IMHO

    Remember when Debby had her one hit wonder – “You Light Up My Life”?

    Now this woman is hawking facelifts for Lifestyle Lift – read this posted article. It is quite interesting.

    I have one question for Debby Boone – if God created us and we are his work of art – then why are you hawking a face lift procedure? Obviously God intended people to grow old and get wrinkles. By getting a face lift, are we presuming to know more than God and try to make his creation more beautiful?

    And talk about presuming to know more than God – can’t the same thing be asked of Phyllis Schafly and her question to rewrite the Bible into a more conservative view?


    Make room for the new flavor of the month to be the CONservatives’ Hero on the Pedestal

    Sounds like this guy has had more than a few chances to modify his behavior to be acceptable in polite society.

    But….from the sound of the past remarks this guy has made – this guy will make a very good Flavor of the Month in the Foxxies Hen House.

    He is a B-U-L-L-Y….plain and simple – IMHO

    • In the most recent case, whether the teacher said what the student heard or what he says (now) he said, it’s wrong. Either way, it’s inappropriate. I think you’re correct — the right will eat this up and he will be their hero. Haters gonna hate.

      The republicans have NO ideas, NO solutions, NO legislative accomplishments — NOTHING but what they’re against. Not even any alternatives to what they’re against, and no candidates worth supporting. Is that why they’re grumpy and hateful?

      • They’re grumpy and hateful because that is what they do best ??

        Seriously – this is the only thing I have seen these folks actually do well….

      • They do an exemplary job of protecting the wealthiest people and corporations from paying taxes! They do great at alienating women, gays, and minority voters. I’d say policies that lead to the destruction of our planet are high on their list of achievements, or at least blocking those that may offer some protections for our environment. And, we can’t forget how exceptional they’ve been at NOT creating jobs and obstructing any bills that may create jobs for Americans in America.

        Speaking of protecting the wealthiest……. I wonder who this corporate jet really belongs to?

        If you read the article, some community that has 13 branches in Utah is the owner on record through a trust set up…

        So, let’s see……who would be willing to blatantly diss the sanctions the U.S. has against doing business in Iran?

        Oh, wait a minute, maybe Ronald Reagan arose from the dead and is making yet another Iranian deal – right before an election??

      • community ‘bank’…. (sorry, left off bank)

        Utah……Has anyone seen Mitt lately??

    Instead of giving even more of our tax dollars to greedy 1% corporate elitists so they can bankrupt their companies – again – and get bailed out by taxpayers – again – let’s try putting some tax dollars toward diagnosing and treatment of mental health problems….

    Did you notice how this mentally unstable woman got her gun?

    I wonder…..was her husband and that brother proud NRA members?