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  1. Corporations pay no or little taxes and then have the nerve to continue to bitch.

    Billionaire brothers and their Jewish cousin in Vegas is just an example of what is to come if WE the PEOPLE do not stand up and pull a Nancy Reagan and JUST SAY NO….


    I received this in an email from National Memo – thought I would share.

    Seems these Republicans have no problem with big money poured into political campaigns – as long as that money goes towards THEIR campaigns.

    I hope and pray Grimes can pull an upset over Mitch this fall.

    Wouldn’t that just be fun to watch???


    The Ford Mustang turns 50 years old today?

    Wow – this just makes me feel old……

    My husband had a 1970 Chevy Nova when we were first married. His father bought it off the showroom floor.

    If we had known back then what we know now – we would have never traded that 1970 Chevy Nova for a ‘family car’ when we had our first baby.

    They say wisdom comes with age…….LOL

    • So much has been making me feel old recently. At some point I might have to admit that’s because I am! At least I am not young. đŸ™‚

      • I like to look at this way – I am older than I was yesterday but younger than tomorrow.

        It’s the little things that get me through the days…..LOL

      • Good attitude! Thanks!

      • I’m younger than both of you but I feel older than dirt. Hell, I feel LIKE dirt most days. On the other days? I’m cleaning up dirt. I make my income mostly from dirt, either the farming kind or the newspaper kind.

        Dirt and I seem to have this strange love hate relationship. No wonder I feel like dirt most days. I live it, breathe it, and have been known to eat it when camping or wolfing down a sandwich while hunting or fishing.

        Good thing I don’t live in Oklahoma. I’d be red instead of western Kansas chalky brown.

    • Ahh the Nova!!! Man that car could move and yet worked well in the family.

    • Heh, not to one up ya Indy… but….

      I had a ’69 Camaro RS that I drove in high school and sold when I got married. Shoulda kept the car and ditched the guy I married. Then, when we got divorced, we were in the process of restoring a ’68 Camaro SS with a 396 in it. Not sorry I got divorced, but damn sorry we had to sell that car to pay the freakin’ lawyers, etc.

      Oh, what I would not give to have either or both of those cars back….

  4. I hadn’t listened to news for a few days, but I watched Rachel Maddow last night when she went back through the history of these nutjobs who don’t believe in the validity of the federal government — at least not when there’s a Democratic president in office. She took us back through the atrocities of these idiots and also showed how Fox “News” is doing a fine job of trying to keep them riled up, angry and motivated to be violent.

    They are filled with hate! They kill, they steal, they endanger our way of life, and the Constitution which our laws are based on.

    • I caught the tail end of that interview. It was Jim Cavanaugh (sp?) – a retired ATF agent – correct?

      I started listening when this guy was talking about the Waco yahoo and getting this families to join the cult, then the leader would sleep with the wife and have sex with the 12 yr old daughter – and all in the name of God…

      Right before the fire at Waco – this guy said that the leader and his followers were planning to go into the town and start murdering innocent people – so these guys were not some innocent little group of Bible believers who only wished to be left alone so they could exercise their freedom of religion.

      But yet how many of these NRA gun lovers and CONservative Radical Right folks will demonize the government for ‘murdering those innocent people at Waco’?

      Just a general question here – do these CONservative Republicans ever do some research into their causes? Do these folks really know the people that they are trying to defend?

      Do the CONS even care what the truth is or do they just want to stir up more trouble and hatred towards the federal government?

      Timothy McVeigh was a Catholic man – regardless of some CONservative Republicans trying to say that McVeigh renounced his Catholicism.

      During my research of McVeigh – this dude asked for the priest to give him the last rites at his execution. He certainly sounds like a Catholic to me – why else ask for the damn priest?

      Just like this latest standoff in Nevada over some 400 cattle – that wealthy rancher is not exactly a victim – IMHO

      But, why should anyone be surprised when CONservative Republicans always back the wrong side of any situation?

      These folks have been on the wrong side of history many times…


    Have we become a society of the Walking Wounded?

    Too much stress combined with our obsession with our jobs to the detriment of our health and well being?

    The fast food addiction makes sense to me.

    I remember a time when our families had meals prepared at home – from scratch. I also remember those times as being when our food supply was not being tainted by all these hormones and pesticides.

    Those family meal times were also common back then. Of course, we only had one television set and it was In the living room – turned off.

    We did not have 24/7 communication – we did not have all the convenience and instantaneous satisfaction of our every whim and desire.

    But – what we have today – is it worth it?

    I don’t know….

    Progress is fine but if it ends up hurting us – is it really progress?

    • And, ONE telephone in a place where the whole family always was, hooked to a line that meant what you said could be overheard, and you couldn’t spend much time talking in case someone might be calling or need to place a call… We certainly wouldn’t be allowed to have that phone at the table during meal time!

      • My son and his wife have a rule about meal times at their house – no television on and both kids are to sit at the table and eat. None of this going back and forth to playing and eating.

        I wish more families would have that rule.

        I think it is the Stouffers television commercials that promote the family meal times – isn’t it?

        How sad to think it takes a food company to show how a family SHOULD gather together to have a meal and family time?

      • Heh, fnord. I still had a party line out here when I moved to Texas in 1985. There were… wait for it… TWELVE other parties on my line. No privacy and no dawdling on the phone out here. And since the lines were above ground, every time a spit of moisture arrived, the phone lines went down. So, just when you might need to call for help and the roads were too muddy to drive, there was no phone.

        Ah, the good old days! At least we always had pen and paper by the phone. Now? Wherever I am when I’m on the phone, I damn well NEVER have pen or paper nearby.

    • Has everyone been reading about how the prices for food will escalate this year? I saw this morning that lettuce is projected to be 34% higher and tomatoes 28% higher. The late freeze and long winter have damaged fruit trees sending the price of fruit soaring this upcoming season. Beef? Fuggedabowdit. Ditto on pork, and chicken is expected to be at least 20% higher. I haven’t been able to afford any fish but canned tuna for quite some time, even though I love fish. I guess I can always wet a line for the fish in my nitrates laden creek.

      Geez. I can’t afford meat, fish or fruits and veggies. Guess I’ll have to live on Ensure since I’m in my dottage.

      I hear wheat is cheap. Puffed wheat, here I come!

      • By the time all is said and done – no working person will be able to afford to eat – so I guess that is when the ruling class of wealthy elitists will introduce their tasty new treat – soylent green?


    On the horizon – male birth control pills.

    Will these CONservative Republicans also want to get that banned? After all, we don’t want men to be able to make their own decisions about something as important as their reproductive health. – do we?