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  1. I think we have more than just capitalism – we have a mixture of evangelism-capitalism going on – IMHO

    This country has always had capitalism but when we have mega evangelinut churches sitting on prime real estate on every damn corner actually in partnership with these evil capitalists – then that takes evil to an entirely different level – doesn’t it?

    For example – Pat Robertson of The 700 Club reportedly owns diamond mines in Africa – but that is not what he pushes on his television shows when he uses Jesus and God as his golden ticket to all those tax-free millions from the sheeple.

    The most evil in the world is often disguised in what sheeple would view as

  2. What is being touted today as capitalism and free trade is nothing more than the same folks who carry signs with misspelled words they do not know the definition of those same words.

    What we have today is the result of a few wealthy venture capitalists (think Mitt Romney) going in and buying up all the smaller companies to get rid of any competition.

    And then to add salt to the wound – these same venture capitalists have the balls to put their greedy hands out to taxpayers to fund their government subsidies and/or special tax breaks to get even more money into their own pockets.

    These capitalists (if that is what you can truthfully call them?) have no problem using socialism to further their cause….do they?

    At least in the pre-civil war days – plantation owners had to pay for the housing and feeding of their slaves.

    Modern day plantation owners (ie venture capitalists) have found the way to socialize the housing and feeding of their slaves .

    Then these are the same folks who have the balls to fleece the sheeple into thinking they are the true capitalists and that the black man in the White House is the real enemy ….

    Yeah, sure…..

  3. Has anyone dealt with a school about their kid being bullied?

    When the school states they have a zero tolerance for bullying – exactly what does that mean when the principal does not recognize that the bully is a kid of a woman from her own social club?

    There are witnesses – but even then, the principal is not willing to acknowledge that the bully is indeed someone she is very familiar with…

    This is not a one-time thing ….it’s been going on for several months

  4. Thought I would post this email I received from Joan Wagnon this morning. I assume others on PPP blog received the same email?

    This week’s email comes from Topeka attorney, Larry Tenopir who posted the following on his Facebook page. It rang particularly true with me since I had just finished my own Kansas income tax return. In addition to what Larry points out as unfairness in the tax code, another regular RtR reader pointed out that about 38% of these cuts go to the federal government in a shift that occurs when federal liability goes up as Kansas liability goes down. So when people say, “why isn’t this tax plan growing the economy in Kansas?” it’s because so much of it is going to Washington DC. That’s not good either. JW

    A Tale of Two Taxpayers—Larry Tenopir

    Even though I knew it was coming, my jaw still dropped when I finished my Kansas income tax return to see that none of my income is any longer taxable, and that I no longer pay even $1 in state income tax.

    Brownback’s tax “experiment” unfortunately doesn’t treat everyone the same way. My income is business income and not taxed. My employees receive salaries and ARE taxed. I have clients who have only pension income, and they’re taxed.

    The other taxpayer I particularly want to bring to your attention is a client who’s been in a nursing home for 15 years. She receives a small pension and social security. Up until this year, she received a $94 food income tax refund and a $540 homestead property tax refund. Under the Brownback law, she now receives 0 in food income tax refund and 0 in property tax refund even though she still pays both taxes through the nursing home bill.

    These tax changes were supposed to stimulate business and cause businesspeople to move to Kansas. The experts indicate the economy has not been stimulated, and that 10,000 more people left Kansas during his first four years than have moved in. Local governments are also starting to feel the pinch due to reduced state funding which will result in higher property taxes.

    Aside from the fact that the Brownback tax doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do, IT’S UNFAIR. Why do people on pensions pay taxes when I don’t?

    Before any Brownback supporter suggests that I just pay my tax savings into the state treasury, I have better plans for it. I’ll be increasing my charitable contributions to make up for some of the Brownback cuts, and I’ll be making more sizable contributions to Davis for Governor.

    • I just worked on my tax returns this past weekend. One thing I noticed is that my charitable donations were taken off on my federal return but these same donations were added back onto the Kansas taxable income?

      But…there is some special form that I can take a claim for a portion of those donations – provided they were given to certain organizations?

      Since I do have a business I started last year, there are a lot of things I need to make sure I have documentation and receipts, etc.

      So – I filed for an automatic extension in order to take more time and go through my tax returns thoroughly.

      But……if I read the Kansas tax booklet correctly, these donations only count if they are given to certain groups?

      And to get a list of those certain groups – I need to get a copy of that certain tax form – of which is not readily available – except through Kansas Dept of Revenue.


      I thought all charitable donations were recognized in Kansas – but I guess not?

      Is this another brilliant idea of Pastor Sammy?

      • I requested that certain Kansas form…… I’ll report back to class when I finally figure this damn thing out…

        What a screwed up mess….


        The chances of getting audited by the IRS are at their lowest since 1980’s.

        So – when Republicans are trying to scare everybody into thinking the big bad IRS have people watching us 24/7 – don’t believe them…

        It’s only common sense (which is why the Foxxies and Talk Radio sheeple don’t seem to understand?) that if the IRS has their operating budget cut and slashed – then exactly how will they have the employees to constantly watch everybody 24/7 – let alone do what their real job is, which is to collect revenue – which is needed to run the country.

        Republicans sure do like to use the Big Boogeyman from the IRS. But, in reality, that scary threat is nothing more than just a bunch of GOP smoke being blown up our asses.

      • I’ve done our tax returns for 35+ years. My first real job was for a CPA office and I was given some good advice by the top guy.

        As long as you have your receipts and documentation – the IRS audit is nothing more than a formality.

        I’m not saying an IRS audit is a fun thing to do – it is stressful.

        But – if you have your documentation and did not intentionally try to cheat, then you should have nothing to worry about.

        NOW….if you’re like a certain rancher out in Nevada that has refused to pay grazing fees for the past two decades – you will probably have a problem…

  5. Asher Bob White

    When in college years ago, I studied Econ One, and I read Paul Krugman on-line at the NYT every day. Therefore, I am comfortably informed about Keynesian Economic Theory. For instance, government revenue must be taxed on a “progressive basis”, i.e., those who have higher wealth are taxed at higher rates; that government revenue should not be more of a burden on the poor than on the wealthy; should be lower on the wage earner and higher on profits from enterprises after expenses. John Maynard Keynes was correct in the mid “50’s” and he is correct in today’s posting. My question is “When and how can citizens of the U.S. move away from this Capitalism Bulls**t”?

    • As long as the billionaire brothers and their Jewish cousin in Vegas are allowed – even encouraged – to pour unlimited cash into the popular GOP game of Let’s Buy a Senator or Congressman – I have very little hope citizens of the U.S. will ever move away from this current Capitalism Bulls**t.

      Then let’s factor in what we have today that was not so prevalent in the 1950’s – these huge mega Evangelism churches that are nothing more than corporations selling Jesus as their addictive product.

      The 1950’s were not without their problems – but at least the country did have a Republican president that actually balanced the budget.

      But….Eisenhower also warned us against the over feeding of the Military Industrial Complex beast – didn’t he?

      Eisenhower also supported the right of Americans to join unions – didn’t he?

      The Grand Old Party needs to stop the idol worship of St. Ronnie Raygun and start following in the footsteps of Eisenhower – if they would ever actually read a historical book of facts about Eisenhower.

      I’m sorry to say this – but our educational system has been dumbed down even though we have a lot of test taking in our schools. We have kids trained how to ‘beat the test’ – but where is the actual learning?

      Where is the actual independent thinking?

      Where is the encouragement to seek answers outside of the certain box we are constantly putting our country into? For example – allow science to be taught and stop all this one-sided Creationism as being actual science.

    • I would like to clarify something – back in my childhood, we did have the Catholic Churches and they were big – but I don’t remember the Catholics being so hateful and sticking their Holier-than-thou noses into government business.

      There was a line that got crossed – IMHO. And I believe St. Ronnie Raygun stomped out that line when he let Jerry Falwell and his Moral Majority jihadists into the inner sanctum of the GOP.