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  1. If men had the babies, there would be an abortion clinic on every corner.

    And no man would ever be denied birth control pills or other contraceptives.

    • Yep.

      It’s only been a generation or so where men are expected to be active participants in parenting. That’s a generalization that doesn’t recognize the men who have always been stand-up supporters of females, families, children (the world’s children, not necessarily just their own). And, the generalization doesn’t call out the neanderthals who are still trying to revive the ‘Mad Men’ days either.

  2. Just as there is a learning curve for men, there is for women too. It’s a tighrope walk to assert our equality and avoid the pitfalls. We don’t always know how to be equal in a world that still needs to be convinced of our equality. We know we deserve it, but all too often instead of simply expecting people to treat us as equals we fall into a defensive mode which doesn’t work as effectively. People do treat us the way we allow them to.

    I came of age watching brave ladies like Kay Switzer do things “first.” Title IX was important and not that long ago. I love that all my 20 something girls can lace up their running shoes without a second thought. Progress.

    Anniversary: Boston Marathon 2013
    By: Kathrine Switzer, the first woman to run the Boston Marathon

    • I’ve shared my experience in school bands – both the junior high and senior high bands.

      Since girls were not seen as ‘real’ drummers – my love for drumming was squashed by the senior high school band leader that told me upfront that I would NEVER be a drummer in his band.

      But – my junior high school band leader was a more evolved male and way cool – IMHO – and he was thrilled to have a girl in his drum section.

      Back in my school days – girls and boys were seen only in certain roles.

      I was a cheerleader – but never even thought about playing the game in high school or junior high school.

      Coaches were usually not the more evolved males – IMHO.

      I was so happy to be able to watch my daughter and my son both play in their chosen sports in their schools.

      But…I guess when we have a major political party that wants to drag us back to the good ol’ days when girls were trained only for domestic chores, fixin’ supper, birthin’ those babies and keeping their man happy while wearing that pretty hair bow – it’s just a grim reminder that equality has not been truly achieved…

  3. (from the link): I’m alarmed by the support in many conservative precincts for the Nevada scofflaws who have been exploiting public lands for private purposes and refuse to pay for the privilege because they choose not to “recognize” the authority of the United States. Totally aside from the double standards involved in expecting kid-glove treatment of one set of lawbreakers as opposed to poorer and perhaps darker criminal suspects, fans of the Bundys are encouraging those who claim a right to wage armed revolutionary war towards their obligations as Americans. It makes me really crazy when such people are described as “superpatriots.” Nothing could be more contrary to the truth.

    Mainstream conservatives have pandered to this stuff for years because it was convenient, and that’s brought them to where they are today: too scared to stand up to the vigilantes they created and speak the simple truth. They complain endlessly about President Obama’s “lawlessness,” but this is lawlessness. It’s appalling that so many of them aren’t merely afraid to plainly say so, but actively seem to be egging it on.

    Cliven Bundy Exposes the Cravenness of the Modern Right

    • Let’s just substitute the federal public lands for land owned by the Koch Brothers.

      Would these Conservatives allow for a person to be able to graze their cattle on land owned by the Koch brothers?

      Public lands means just that – all taxpayers own that land. There is a system in place for allowed grazing and with that system, comes a fee.

      If you don’t want to pay the fee – then do NOT bring your cattle there to graze on the taxpayers’ lands.

      BTW – this Bundy dude claims that his ancestors give him the right to graze on that public land…

      Oh really? If this is true -then where is the damn deed to the land?

      Why should the taxpayers keep letting this one rancher to leech off the system.

      I thought true CONservatives do not like people who are leeches – ie takers.

      Wouldn’t this make Bundy one of the 47% that Romney railed against?

      • indy, that’s BS as to the ancestor’s argument. Condensed version: what is now Nevada part of land ceded by Mexico in 1848, land owned by Federal government. When Nevada joined the Union as a state in 1864, the Petition, on behalf of the people of Nevada, specifically disclaims and and all rights to the public lands. There was never any ownership/claim by the State of Nevada to the Public Lands. Bundy’s claim has been adjudicated at least twice and rejected. He is no more than a common scofflaw, and a trespasser.

      • You, me and the rest of the folks with one working brain cell knows what this Clive Bundy dude is and what he has gotten away with since 1993.

        But now that he has Foxxies in the Hen House and Hate Talk Radio overpaid, bloviated shock jocks taking his side of this – he is now a true, blue American patriot.

        If you doubt that – just look at all those wannabe soldiers dressed in camouflage carrying all those big guns and talking smack about how they are going to take down the federal government.

        Yeah, boy….a lot of testosterone flowing around in that crowd..

      • Story is even more “interesting.” Seems this billionaire paid the grazing fees enacted under Reagan fine, then through the Bush years, then, when a DEM got in (Clinton) he refused to pay and of course won’t now with the black guy in office. And even funnier, his neighbors still pay and are calling him the freeloader asshole Libertarian he is.

      • Who is the truly stupid ones? His neighbors who keep paying their grazing fees and just calling this guy a freeloader asshole – or the freeloader asshole who is getting away with it?

  4. Happy tax day. Here’s why the richest 1% pay a much lower tax rate than the rest, and what can you do about it.

    • Let’s not forget these mega churches who have built huge monuments to themselves on prime real estate and pay NO TAXES…

      I think it is way past time to tax churches that are no more than exclusive country club corporations.

      I fail to see how these mega churches huge gold-blinged monuments are considered to be charity?

      • well it is supposedly to keep the Government from picking a state religion. If they waned to then all they would have to do is tax the one they did not like out of existences. It does amaze and for that matter seems to have forgotten Christ and God in favor of a social club. In some Churches they have a full snack bar and one I know of has a actual fast food restaurant in it! It is not even ran by church members working there it has its own employees.

      • I have absolutely no problem with churches being tax free – if they are truly charitable organizations that does some actual good for the community.

        But I fail to see how these corporate churches – and the Catholic church who has enough money to buy up the majority of hospitals and doctors clinics – are truly charitable organizations?

        There is a lot of money flowing through these places – and it is all tax-free.

        If these churches choose to operate like a business – then they should be treated like a business.

      • RD – if I guess correctly which one has the fast food restaurant in it – do I get the prize for today?

        Hmmm….could it be the preacher that also owns the Spangles in Andover?

        Am I close to winning that prize?

  5. http://edition.cnn.com/2014/04/14/us/kansas-shootings-victims/index.html

    Can someone please explain to me why three peoples’ lives were taken by one man who’s entire life has been fueled by the hate?

    And the kicker to this story- the alleged shooter is a known Klu Klux Klan supporter and hates all Jews, so he targets a Jewish Community Center and the nearby retirement village.

    But these three victims were not Jewish. The grandfather and grandson were Methodist and the woman was Catholic.

    I wonder if this makes any difference to this alleged shooter? – Or has it even dawned on him how stupid his actions were?

    Or has the hate been so strong for so long that it just does not matter anymore?

    • Speaking of hate…….. I have watched the Grand Old Party for the past six years and the things I hear coming out of their mouths is simply appalling – IMHO

      As stated above about that Nevada rancher Bundy – the other ranchers around his part of the country are starting to roll their eyes at this guy. Plus, these are the folks who do pay the grazing fees which the Bundy dude apparently does not seem to think he has to pay.

      At what point are the ‘good’ and ‘moral’ people in this GOP going to grow a backbone and tell their fringies to sit down and STFU

      I keep thinking that moment in time will be here soon…..but it never does.

      When will the good and moral people finally get their fill of the Crappola being done and said in their political party name?

      Is it a matter of a civil war within the GOP – then perhaps it’s time for that war to start.

      And this time – kick the loser to the curb without a damn dime.

      Lincoln should have kicked the South to the curb without a damn dime after the American Civil War. I understand why President Lincoln wanted to save the country intact as a united America.

      But, damn………….when is enough, too much?

  6. http://news.msn.com/crime-justice/suspect-in-kansas-shootings-faces-murder-charges
    Excuse me if I am wrong, but isn’t this shooter guy an old white dude?

    I’m not saying all old white dudes are Jew-hating murderers but, then again, what if this had been a Muslim man that shot the same two Methodist and one Catholic victims?

    Can you imagine the non-stop outrage from the Hate Talk Radio and Foxxies in the Hen House..

    How loud is that silence from the Grand Old Party and their CONservatives from the Southern states known for the KKK

    • The ‘conservative’ gun nuts would be screaming terrorism. Maybe they’d take a breath and scream B E N G H A Z I. They’re all nuts!

      • If I could buy Conservative Republicans for what they are worth and sell them for what they think they are worth – I could pay off the national debt all by myself.

  7. Humanity Has A Funny Way Of Erasing All Of The Moments In Women’s History With Just 11 Letters

    Women should…

    • I wonder if these Neanderthals could survive if all women just vanished from the earth one day?’

      I doubt it – who would give them their milk and cookies and tuck them at night?

  8. Just for fun! I wonder if this happens often, or is rare? I’ve never heard of it happening before, but there is much that happens I don’t hear of! đŸ™‚