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  1. Tea Party/Evangelinut Republicans – the ones who claim to be for limited government – unless you have a uterus.

  2. Why do I suspect this is the beg-at-thon week for The 700 Club again?

    I just saw on television where these Fundy Evangelinuts will be talking about how the Arab Winter is upon us and how the Muslims are on a quest to take over the world. The same folks who brought us Arab Spring are supposed to be driving this Arab Winter.

    Wait a minute – that Arab Spring thing I thought was about how people were fighting a tyrant and demanding their freedom?

    So…now it is about how Muslims are out to take over the world and now Christians are being called to do battle?

    Or just give money to these preacher men???

    • Just did some research on this…..

      Seems there is a guy by the name of Robert Spencer and his latest book is what good ol’ Pat Robertson was promoting today on his television beg-a-thon show.

      Seems this Robert Spencer has a tax-free group entitled Jihad Watch. This guy seems to really hate Muslims – because he has written more than a few books about the subject.

      So…I wonder… it really about the threat of Muslims taking over the world –

      Or, it is more about making money off the sheeple? And what better place to fleece the sheeple than good ol’ Pat Robertson’s crowd of adoring fans ?

    When these Evangelinuts yammer again how Christians are not terrorists – remind them of this guy. He sure does sound like one of their group – doesn’t he?

    • We have to have a label for criminals — terrorist, white supremacist…

      I don’t really think many sane people shoot down other people. I think his history shows some mental imbalance, and driving to Overland Park, Kansas, from Aurora, Missouri, with guns then opening fire on people he didn’t even know seems a little more indication of mental imbalance.

      I think all three of the victims were white people and had professed to be Christian people. The news has reported that the doctor and his grandson attended a Methodist church and the woman a Catholic church.

      If I was going to choose any label for this shooter other than mentally unbalanced I would say he is a member of today’s popular well-regulated militia we hear so much about.

      • The shooter’s history is a long time commitment to Klu Klux Klan. With that said, he would have the mindset to think that a militia has the right to do whatever they want – and to whom they want – and at anytime they want – just because…..

        For example – the graphic today is about transvaginal ultrasounds. Those words should be used between a doctor and his/her patient. Government should NOT be involved.

        Can you imagine the outrage from these Evangelinuts pushing for these mandated transvaginal ultrasounds if this idea was being pushed by Muslims?

        All HOLY Hell would break loose.

      • Don’t forget the withering criticism Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napalitano got for saying these “well regulated militia” groups were dangerous and had the potential for becoming terrorist groups. They are a threat to America, her government, and her peace loving people.

        I guess all those wingnut howls of outrage were from hit dogs. As in, “it’s the hit dog that howls the loudest.”

        She’s been proven to be absolutely correct about these wingnut terrorist and sovereign citizen groups.

        Once again, the repukes and the right wing are wrong about everything.

      • And… right on cue… the Rude Pundit says it better than I could in my wettest dreams. đŸ™‚ Warning, truth told in bad in NSFW language.

        Someday, I wanna write as well as the Rude One does.

    Seems there was an peaceful outcome to that fight that was brewing out in Nevada over that rancher that has refused to pay government fees since 1993 when he lets his cattle graze on federal land.

    Okay – so the wannabe soldiers all dressed in their camouflage and carrying those great big guns have a celebration as to how manly and macho they were and how they ‘intimidated’ the government to back down.

    Okay – so maybe the government needs to tell this rancher no more free grazing on federal land for his cattle.

    If this rancher is so religious and humbled by all that support – then why not show some consideration for his fellow Americans and stop letting his cattle graze for FREE on the government land that MY tax dollars are being used?

    I do NOT want this rancher’s cattle anywhere near that damn land….

    Can you imagine the Koch Brothers allowing people to use their property for free? Me neither..

    • IMHO, the government wimped out and let these mooching ranchers off the hook with no penalty. Now they are doing a victory dance.

      Maybe I’ll just quit paying my taxes until gay marriage is equal and ENDA passes.

      Somehow, I think I’d be hauled off in chains. Not as much money as the mooching ranchers, ya know?

      Chalk one up for the oligarchy.

      • Agreed about the wimping out – and now what does this tell these yahoo camouflage wannabe soldiers?

        It tells them that they are in control and they have the upper hand.

        The government is a lot like Dr. Frankenstein creating that monster ?

      • I have not kept up with this situation, or a lot of other news for that matter. Recently it seems about all I get done is pet care. Yes, I’m venting my frustrations on my friends who understand that exactly what you will do no matter what can indeed become frustrating and there is a need to vent. Big sigh.

        Back to the rancher and the feds. Here is one person who thinks maybe the federal stand down outside the Bundy ranch may be smarter than it seems —

        (from the link): I grew up in southern Utah, not far from the Bundy ranch standoff — and the stuff going on there turns my stomach. I share Josh’s concern about letting the camo crowd scare off the BLM, though it’s probably wise in the short term. Here’s why:

        I’ve got FB friends who are ranchers, and most of them are pretty right-wing, but even they are rolling their eyes at this guy. They’ve had conflicts with the feds/BLM over land use issues, and they’re way more conservative than me on those issues, but they’re really worried that Bundy is going to make things much harder for them in the long run. They’re also angry, too, because they pay the grazing fees that Bundy has skipped out on.

        Smarter Than It Seemed?

  5. I truly believe the world has gone officially N-U-T-S

    Isn’t it too bad Newt Gingrich never got his plans to colonize the Moon off the ground?

    NOW that would be a dream come true – send all these Evangelinuts/Tea Party Mad Haters, Racist KKK and militia men who like to dress up and play soldiers in the desert and anyone else who thinks they have the right to rule the world into the first rockets destined for the Moon.

    They could call themselves the New Puritans looking for their own country where they can all live in paranoia and fear…

    Just, leave me the hell alone..