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  1. Not only that – but I wonder how many of those corporations pictured in that American flag are stashing their part of the $2.1 trillion overseas so they will not have to pay US taxes?

    Let’s see -Republicans demonize those who are ‘takers’ – don’t they?

    Taking taxpayer-funded subsidies and/or special tax breaks and then hiding money so no taxes will have to be paid – sounds a lot like being a ‘taker’ to me..

    • The tax ‘breaks’ are available only to those with the most. As for an answer to why republicans don’t see both sides, I think it’s because they don’t look. They’ve decided what they want to believe and aren’t even curious enough to look at new input or reevaluate their conclusions. Stupid is as stupid does.

      • I believe they do look and they simply do not care.

        But more than that – these are folks who have lost the White House twice – and to that black man they have demonized from Day One.

        These stupid folks are angry, bitter and they are out for blood. These folks do not care what is morally right or wrong – they just want to W-I-N.

        Even if winning means they have to burn down the entire country – they do not care.

      • You’re probably right. I haven’t seen any evidence of compassion.

      • I do hear a lot of bloviating about how charitable and compassion they are – but in actual deeds, not so much.

        If I could a Republican for what they are worth and sell them for what they THINK they are worth, I could pay off the national debt by myself.

      • If I could buy a Republican…

      Remember the infamous McDonalds budget to employees?

      This was the corporation’s attempt (partnered with Visa) to show their employees how to budget so they could manage to live on the low wages McDonalds pays.

      Hmmm……when was the last time you paid $20 a month of health care?

      Hmm……..when was the last time you paid nothing for your food or gas to get to work?

      Here’s probably the biggest red flag as to why people cannot live on the low wages McDonalds (and other corporations pay) – there is a line for income from a second job.

      That fact alone blows their theory out of the water – doesn’t it?

      I wonder…….how much taxpayer-funded subsidies and special tax breaks do WE the PEOPLE give to McDonalds every year?

  2. Just imagine if we took the corporate welfare we are currently giving and give it to the workers of those corporations.

    Imagine all the purchasing power that would be let loose in our economy.

    Maybe then those promised jobs in 2010 would actually be created?

    • But – as it is – all that corporate welfare is now sitting somewhere overseas stashed and not doing any good to anybody.

      Remember when the Republicans kept yammering about how they don’t want their tax dollars to go towards certain things?

      Well – I do not want my tax dollars to go to corporations who just stash that cash overseas and then disses their duty to pay taxes..


    This is interesting to read and goes along with our graphic today as to why taxpayers are paying way more on corporate welfare than our fellow Americans

    • Let’s not forget – when Republicans and their Supreme Court lackeys took the bold steps to give corporations the same rights as a person – that opened up the Pandora’s box for all this crappola we are seeing today – IMHO

      And it is just going to get worse….IMHO

      UNLESS the turnout for 2014 midterm elections equals or increases the turnout for the 2012 presidential election.

      I still remember the faces of the political pundits on television while videos of those long lines of voters waiting to cast their ballot were being shown.

      Republicans know when there are long lines of voters – their side does not usually win.

      Why else do you think they have their billionaire sugar daddys out paying for all these campaigns to pass legislation making it harder for people to vote?

  4. Oklahoma Protesters Threaten to “Secdee” From Union if Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s Cosmos is not Cancelled

    • Asher Bob White

      Need any more to be portrayed about the idiots who live south of Kansas in the state of Oklahoma? And I’m not referencing the wonderful and wise Native American tribes. Oklahoma is a beautiful place within the U.S. and so, why I ask, are the voters in Oklahoma so misinformed or stupid?

    • I just read the article linked to the picture of the obviously poor spellers above.

      I thought Christians were supposed to be so persecuted in our country?

      These folks certainly want to persecute this guy for his beliefs – but yet Christians are the only ones being persecuted in their eyes?

      God Help us ALL….

      Since when is saying Bullshit cussing at kids to make them believe what you say?

      • Maybe we can make a deal with these Evangelinuts – if they will stop pushing their beliefs down all our throats – then we can come to some understanding to resolve their apparent need to feel so persecuted all the time…

        Of course, that feeling of persecution does make those church’s offering plates over flow – don’t they?

        We’ve all seen it – some preacher man going on and on about how God needs good soldiers to fight the good fight and isn’t it always ironic how the sheeple are instructed to send their money to the same address as the preacher man’s?


    My son has been a Type I diabetic (insulin dependent) for 28 years. He has taken care of himself throughout the years – even when we were threatened many times by health insurance companies’ lack of covering this or that.

    I’ve always wondered how Blue Cross could actually tell a diabetic that their insulin is covered but the syringes (in which is the only way to get insulin into the body) is not covered.

    That has been a bone of contention with me ever since the first Blue Cross person told me that – and that was when my son was about 7 yrs old.

    But – I remember the days when doctors were paid a ‘bonus’ each and every time they would send a diabetic into the hospital for treatment.

    With that kind of incentive – was it any wonder we had to fight the doctor when our son was having minor troubles controlling his blood sugars – and we knew what we had to do to bring them under control – so why not let the parents do what they do best – and keep that young child out of the traumatic hospital setting just so doctor can get his fat bonus check…

    My son has a doctor now that has been perfectly fine in working with my son to control his blood sugars.

    That is, until this doctor’s office got bought out by the Catholic Health Care Mafia (my nickname for this group).

    NOW this doctor is after my son hot and heavy to get the insulin pump implanted.

    My son’s lab work is as close to normal (a non-diabetic’s normal range) as possible and he does not get infections nor does he face any amputation of any limbs that is so common in diabetics.

    This doctor has now even gone to the point of not authorizing a refill of his insulin pens unless my son comes in and talks to him about getting the insulin pump.

    My theory has always been – why try to fix something that is not broke?

    Insulin pumps are great – but they come with their own set of problems and frustration.

    Just because a person gets an insulin pump does not mean they can forget the fact they are diabetic.

    If my son’s treatment of his condition is working – then why pressure him to get something that he really does not want?

    I have to wonder……is it if for the money the hospital will make? Certainly appears so from my point of view.

    But, isn’t it a warm and cozy feeling to know that the government is not telling us what we can and cannot do with our health care?

    But some insurance company can sure tell us……is that the deal?


    What is the world coming to? Is this what happens in other neighborhoods?

    I cannot imagine doing what this man has allegedly done (and apparently he agrees because he apologized).

    I am not particular in sync with my one of my neighbors but I do not intentionally go out of my way to do things to them.

    And I would certainly not hook up a fan to blow kerosene fumes towards my neighbors house. Or to smear feces onto anything in their yard.

    I just leave my neighbors alone and they leave me alone – that’s the secret folks.

    My neighbors are Evangnelinuts – through and through. But that does not give me the right to harass them.

    But on the other hand – my neighbors do not have the right to spew their unwanted Evangelinutism to me.

    And they did try that when we first moved in – and at the same time they were telling us how good their God is to them and they are making more money than ever – and while trying to ‘save us’ – the guy asked if he could store his tractor in our big Morton Building shed.

    When this guy asked for that favor – I just looked at him and said – why don’t you use some of that overflowing money and buy your own Morton Building shed and store your tractor in there.

    That was our first time meeting this neighbor.

    A month after that encounter – my husband and I were outside at the boundary line and discussing what type of fence we wanted to install.

    This guy then comes over and waving his arms around like a banshee and yelled – you don’t know where the boundary line is and I do. He stated the line was about 5 feet into our land. We told him the realtor told us that the boundary line was where we said it is.

    After more screaming by this neighbor – my husband told him we would get a surveyor and settle this matter once and for all.

    The surveyor came out in the next few days and guess who showed up to start a fight with the surveyor – you guessed it – the Evangelinut himself.

    The surveyor told me before he left that he warned our neighbor it was against the law to mess with those boundary markers he had just put into the ground. The surveyor then made the comment – that guy is N-U-T-S

    We put up the fence and ever since that time, our neighbor has not bothered us and we have not bothered him nor his wife.

    But…I would like to add….I do wish these Evangelinuts would invest in my some drapes or curtains for their windows. Their house has those huge windows from top to bottom and they go all the way around the house. Not one single drape or window covering must be on those windows.

    Let’s just say – at night when they have all their lights on – one never knows what one will see…….and frankly, I don’t want to see that…

    I thought Evangelinuts were so prim and proper – not this particular bunch