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    • The Republican Party made words like “personhood,” and “trans-vaginal ultrasound” parts of every day conversation. I didn’t know those words before, now when I hear or read them I think of republicans. I also know republicans think a woman’s very private, very personal business is to be controlled by government — that same government they’ll tell you they want to make smaller.

      Uh huh.

      How can any woman vote republican? Can anyone name even ONE republican accomplishment that ended with a positive impact on the lives of women?

  1. Republicans also have negative effects on our children’s lives. Messing with our children and their education…

    Not a smart move. But then, I still can’t think of even one thing republicans have done that I would call smart.

    In November — VOTE!

    (from the link): Every Kansan who votes for anti-education candidates, every Kansan who forgets to vote or who is too busy to vote, every Kansan who doesn’t bother to look at a candidate’s record, every one of those fine folks who rub shoulders with us every day is responsible for this open declaration of war on our children’s futures.

    Richard Crowson: We Need Some Education

    • True enough, Fnord. However, the people who installed Brownbackistan in the land of Dumbfuckistan WANT these education destroyers in office. And I think that’s the majority of voters in Kansas. And it’s hard to educate the willfully ignorant of the importance of good and well funded public education. They are tired of being dominated by smart people. They want EVERYONE to be as dumb and ignorant as they are. That’s what they call a level playing field. Of course, what they don’t realize while they are destroying public education for all, is that their wealthy overlords will still be educated as will their children, the scions and the next generation of overlords. They’ll just be educated in private schools, funded by public tax cuts. The children of the willfully ignorant will become even more ignorant after public education is gone and private education is out of their reach. And… that’s just the way the overlords want it.

      The willfully ignorant dig their own graves. Willfully.

      • One of the comments to the Opinion Line in today’s local newspaper read: “I feel like my wife and I are too old to leave a state run by nutcases, but if those same nutcases are put in charge of running our Medicare, I guarantee that we and many others will be gone. And we will take our money with us.”

        Hubby and I are right there with this man!

      • The very fact that republicans — at all levels of government — have no ideas, no solutions, nothing but criticisms and attacks on citizen’s rights should tell all voters who not to vote for. So, yes, anyone who does support republicans prove they are, at best, willfully ignorant and useful tools of their overlords.

      • I’ve said this before – many times –

        Being stupid is one thing.
        But being PROUD to be stupid takes it to whole new level.

        Republicans keep finding that new level of S-T-U-P-I-D-I-T-Y

  2. I think today’s graphic is a reminder that our rights are never secure. Not just women’s rights, but the repuke attempts to completely overturn the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act are other examples of rights once won and now under attack. Again.

    Freedom, real freedom as granted by the Constitution and enforced by the courts, is never secure against the oligarchy and their bagmen in the republican party.

    Don’t worry. Even if bans on gay marriage are lifted, the faithful of Wingnuttia will keep bringing it up, for decades, trying to reverse progress wherever possible. Ditto on women’s reproductive rights, freedom of choice, racial equality laws, etc. It’s just perpetual war and those of us who truly love freedom probably should just accept that and never believe the war has been won. After all, the opposition never declares a truce or an end to hostilities, so we must always be prepared and constantly fighting to keep hard won ground.

  3. (from the link):
    –A Republican congressman that ran on family values gets caught in an affair with a woman on his staff. Who loses their job? The woman loses her job.

    –Eric Cantor (R-VA) as opposed to acknowledging there is really a wage gap in his news conference, wants Democrats to “put the politics aside” and talk with Republicans about “things that we can do together, things that disproportionately impact women, without playing politics.”

    –Mitch McConnell even as he faces a woman running against him, calls voting on women centric policies show votes..

    –According to the National Women’s Law Center Paul Ryan’s budget disproportionately cut women’s benefits.

    –The portions of government expenditures like the military that help mostly men are relatively untouched.

    –GOP media like Breitbart News continue their misogyny.

    –George Bush’s CIA director Michael Hayden attempts to discredit Senator Dianne Feinstein by referring to her scrutiny of the CIA as “emotional.”

    If women begin to vote their interests in waves, policies will change. If Republicans refuse to support women centric policies, they will be extinct.

    Dana Milbank Enumerates Why GOP Can Kiss Women’s Vote Goodbye

  4. Democrats and women need to get the hell out and vote this year. It’s not something they usually do in midterms, but this midterm election has high stakes. Just look at how we’ve been paying for not voting in 2010, a census year. I hope Democrats and women are able to learn from their history and are not doomed to repeat their mistakes.

  5. This clip is only three minutes long and even if you’ve seen it before, it’s worth seeing again. Women know men will never face the judgment Dustin Hoffman addresses here. And the men who respect women know it too. Republicans don’t have a clue and they prove it to all women daily.

    “There’s too many interesting women I have not had the experience to know in this life because I have been brainwashed.”

    Here is an interesting turn of events.

    Did you hear about the Louisiana Republican Congressman that got caught on video kissing a staff member?

    But….while Republicans usually circle the wagons around their ‘family values Christians’ when they get caught with their pants down – literally; this time the establishment GOP are calling for this guy’s head on a platter.

    Hmmmmm…….wonder why?

    This guy went against Republican idealogy and has called for expansion of Medicaid..

    I guess that is the defining line in the GOP? You can be an adulterer and that is okay but don’t you dare all for the expansion of Medicaid for fellow Americans in need.

    That will just NEVER fly in the Grand Old Party.

    But…what I find interesting is what this guy’s constituents are saying – many are loud-n-proud Christians who are defending this guy and still support him.

    Hmmmm…wonder why? Because hyprocrisy is their favorite flavor of whitewash?

    • Be sure to read the last paragraph of this article. The husband of the woman this Congressman was kissing said that this dude is the most nonreligious person he knows but yet pulled out the religious card to win.

      THAT should be what is talked about – I could care less who he kisses or not – but the fact that this guy used religion – and even got Duck Dynasty’s top dude to be his BFF – should be what is the most interesting part to this story.

      But, then again, St. Ronnie Raygun also pulled out the religious card to win in 1980. Fortunately, I think this stupid blunder is what started the downfall of the Grand Old Party.

      I hope 2014 is the year the GOP gets what is coming to them…

  7. PLEASE, let’s make sure every person we know understands how important it is to VOTE this fall. Don’t forget it’s more than governors, reps, senators…, it’s SUPREME COURT JUSTICES too.

    I’m more than a little motivated and I plan to work hard to motivate each person I come in contact with!

  8. When we ignore the people around us who are struggling to get by, isn’t it a lot like putting on the first sign this guy wears?