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  1. Corporate Welfare Queens + taxpayer-funded subsidies and special tax breaks = dependency

    I will vote for the first Republican that EVER runs on this issue..

    • I won’t hold my breath until a republican admits THAT! Government money given to the wealthy is A-OK, but don’t give any to those who are undeserving — like, uh, hungry children for example. Feeding a child is the responsibility of parents!! If that child had only chosen their parents better, ya know, made better choices!



    I heard about this on ‘The CBS News Morning show’. The three hosts – Charlie Rose, Gail King (Oprah’s friend) and Nora O’Donnell ( I don’t know this woman’s last name – nor do I care for her) were all laughing and saying that this would never be passed in America.

    The statement was made that in corporations in America are well known for doing the most work with the least amount of workers. It was also stated that American corporations are making record profits and yet workers are not sharing in those profits.

    I’ve got one question – are American workers loyal or just plain stupid?

    Gail King made the comment that some poll found that Americans have their smart phones with them 24/7 and it is never more than 3 feet away from them.

    Someone else said that American workers feel validated when the workplace texts or calls them at home after the workday.

    Do you think this is true? Or, have we become a country that is so obsessed with licking the boots of Corporations that we no longer have the ability to JUST SAY NO……..

    • wicked

      People have been brainwashed. We’ve been told that a lawless land will bring personal prosperity, which is true if you’re one of the 1 or 2%. Unfund education, rewrite the history books, and within two generations, anyone without a title will be serfs and peasants. But it won’t matter. As long as we keep raping the earth, by that time, it won’t sustain anyone, no matter how much money is in their pockets.


    My, oh my, now we see Pope Francis once again apologizing for the ‘evil priests’ that molested children.

    Hey – about apologizing for the Church leaders who knowingly made the choice to look the other way and protect those evil priests?

    I have yet to hear of any of those high-ranking church leaders being kicked out of the church.

    If and when that happens, I am still unmoved by this new pope’s empty words.

    • BTW – I’m still waiting for the Yard Sale sign in front of the Vatican City so that Pope Francis can make good on his stated-goal of making the Catholic Church more concerned about the poor people in this world.

      Can you imagine how much good cold be done by the sale of just a few of those gold encrusted blinged-out trinkets this church has stashed away for centuries


    Have you heard about this range war in Nevada? I saw this on the news this morning.

    I’ve got one question – if this public land belonged to the Koch Brothers – would this rancher be allowed to let his cattle graze there for the past two decades for FREE?

    The taxpayers own this land – so why does this rancher feel he has the right to graze his cattle for free? Plus, if it is true he has a license to graze 150 cattle, then why is he grazing 900 cattle?

    And – this guy claims that his Mormon ancestors created the rights to this public land. Okay, if that is true – then where is the deed to this land?

    But, now we have a threatened range war because this old rancher thinks he does not have to follow federal laws?

    The news report I saw this morning – it sounds like every militia crackpot is armed and foaming at the mouth to play ‘soldiers in this much-anticipated – and desired? – range war?

  5. Don’t be fooled or easily led! Kansas has plenty of those types already! Brownback is lying, and he sounds desperate.

    Brownback threatens teachers with layoffs
    APRIL 10, 2014
    In a pathetic attempt to distract from reality the Governor says he must sign the education bill immediately or he will have to send layoff notices to teachers. But for those of you who live in reality the court deadline is July 1st, almost 3 months from now. He has plenty of time to veto this bill and make the Legislature do it right. So bring on the empty threats and distractions!

    “He said if he doesn’t sign the bill, layoff notices will soon start going out to teachers.” -Wichita Eagle

    • I just heard a television commercial this morning extolling the virtues of how Brownback and Gang has ‘done it’ for Kansas..

      Done it ? As in Done it TO Kansans…..

      I was in the kitchen when I heard this commercial and I did not get out into the living room to see which group had the nerve to put this on the public airwaves.

      Did anyone else happen to catch this commercial this morning? It was on Channel 12 – since that is the local channel I watch for news in the morning.

  6. This is a political ad Democratic Sen. Mark Begich from Alaska is running. It is an excellent ad, and one every democrat should pay attention to and they should follow Senator Begich’s example in running for office and using the success of Obamacare in their election / reelection bids! Democrats everywhere should be running on Obamacare because it is going to save lives and they should be defending this law that benefits Americans!

    Let the republicans run on repealing your insurance! It does seem true: The GOP will at least attempt to destroy anything they can’t own. They’re bullies who do the bidding of the Koch brothers and other billionaires. Electing a republican is truly a life or death decision. Electing a member of the Democratic Party means helping build a tomorrow for everyone not just those billionaires!

    • Do you think privately there are some republicans who may be smart enough to rue the day they thought they were soooo clever in nicknaming the “Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act” Obamacare? 😉

      • Ironically – I suspect the only smart Republicans that might possess the intelligence to rue the day are the very same folks that will be faced down by a Tea Party primary candidate.

        Hey – it was the moderate Republicans that created the Tea Party Evangelinut Monster. It’s time to either tame the monster or destroy it.

        Speaking of being primaried by the Tea Party – look at Mitch McConnell.

        This primary race is getting uglier by the day. But I do find this rather amusing that McConnell’s people are demonizing his Tea Party primary challenger – Bevin – for digging into his own personal fortune to pay for his campaign.

        WTH….. wasn’t it Mitch himself that preaches down to everyone else about how the Koch Brothers should be able to spend their money on political causes – but now Mitch demonizes his opponent for spending his own money on his own campaign?

        I wonder if Mitch would like a cherry on top of this hypocrisy sundae?

    • Democrats need to grow a spine and start hitting republicans on the things that matter to Americans — not expanding Medicare in about half the states, Ryan’s budget which hits both Medicare and Social Security in the guts. Plus talk about what republicans have done to unemployment, food stamps, improvements to infrastructure, protections for the environment, equality… The list is long and there isn’t a single item on the list that shows republicans in a favorable light. It’s all supported with actual evidence so anyone who attempts to confront these truths will fail, or be proven to be a liar.

      • Let’s not forget the Republicans promised to create jobs in 2010 – remember?

        Where are the damn jobs?

        I see where American corporations have stashed several trillion dollars overseas so they won’t have to pay any taxes.

        So – the problem is not that American corporations do not have the money to hire people.

        It appears that what was stated about the American corporations on CBS news this morning was correct. American corporations are well known for doing more with less workers – AND making record profits without sharing those profits with their workers.

        Hmmmmm……..Republicans …I’ve got two questions for you in 2014:

        1) Where are those jobs you promised in 2010?

        2) Why are you not going after these American corporations who hide their trillions overseas and not hiring Americans – or at the very least, pay their damn taxes.

      • I know women are motivated for this fall’s election. I can count on women and I feel good about their votes.

        Men? Well, the grumpy old white dudes are not going to allow any information to seep into their skulls if it goes against what they’ve previously (like many long years ago) decided, so I feel they’re a lost cause who won’t look beyond the little “R.” They don’t even have any idea what today’s republicans are, and they aren’t about to find out. Their numbers are too small to win at the national level, but they can still do some damage at the state level. There are good, thoughtful, caring men but it does seem their numbers are smaller than the old grumpy mean ones. I think that is changing as the old coots die off.

        The youth vote is unpredictable — not the how they will vote, but whether or not they will. If the republicans run on repealing Obamacare, reducing the defecit by reducing taxes on the rich, fighting immigration reform, discriminating against gays and women’s reproductive choice, and measures to reduce the numbers of voters (which is a complete and exhaustive list of ALL they’ve got!) they won’t appeal to even a teeny tiny fraction of youth. The youth who do vote are not voting republican!

      • Agreed 100%

        The women voters are a big part of the Democratic base – but the younger voters coming out and actually participating in voting will be crucial – IMHO

        I suspect these Republicans know the very same thing. Why else would this party be so hot and heavy to change voting laws that specifically target these college students with added mandated requirements as to length of residency, etc.

        Republicans have never had the younger voters – have they?

    Aww….poor widdle Rush. He does not like Stephen Colbert replacing David Letterman.

    Leave it to Rush to put it in simple terms – CBS has declared war on the heartland and traditional values.

    Color me shocked – Rush is playing the victim card….AGAIN


    I wonder how many CONServative Republicans are dancing in the streets today?