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  1. I address the subject of equal pay for equal work on Yahoo news. It has and still does exist and should not. If the employer makes the same profit for the product or service then so should the employee would enable that employer to make that product or service.

    • Let NONE of us forget that every republican member of the U.S. Senate blocked the equal pay bill yesterday! Every single one! Republicans are evil, greedy bastards!

      • Evil, greedy bastards – yes.

        But, let’s not forget – God loves these folks the best.

        If you doubt that – just take a look at all those mega Evangelical and Catholic churches filled with the same Republican evil, greedy bastards.

    • But yet Michael Steele stated the GOP stance on this equal pay issue quite plain and simple:

      Since John F Kennedy signed Equal pay legislation 50 years ago, there is no need for more legislation – there is only a need for enforcement of the 50-year-old law.

      Okay Republicans – then WHY do you NOT push for enforcement of this law?

      Plain and simple – Republicans’ base is basically the wealthiest Americans and business owners who do NOT want to give equal pay. And why you may ask?

      Because they do NOT have to…..even though JFK signed equal pay legislation 50 years ago prohibiting that discrimination.

      As Michael Steele put it quite bluntly – if someone feels they have been discriminated against for equal pay – then they have the right to take their employer to court.

      Yeah, sure Michael. Take them to court on what – a wing and a prayer and no damn money to pay the damn lawyer so that the Supreme Court can just shoot your claim down?

      Lily Ledbetter said it best – it took her 9 years to go through the court system and she STILL has not received one dime of her settlement.

      And – as Ms. Ledbetter pointed out – her retirement and Social Security has been affected by that unequal pay for years……

      But – I guess Republicans’ answer to everything this – just take it to court.

      But….on the other hand, these same RePUKES are against people filing lawsuits….

      Republicans are folks who just do NOT care….and you can never make them care.

  2. Today there was an op-ed in our local paper about Obamacare. This sentence made me laugh and made me frustrated, sad, and upset all at the same time:

    Just think: Millions of newcomers to health coverage are about to join the rest of us in those frustrating battles with insurers.

    Here’s the full op-ed:
    Doyle McManus: Is Affordable Care Act now too big to fail?

    Dealing with insurance companies is pure torture. I am convinced they hope no one will call but instead simply accept whatever decision they’ve made, pay whatever bills may be received and never, ever ask questions.

    Last year I knew the new federal law, Obamacare, meant a woman of my age could have a mamogram and a bone density test without paying a single penny over the insurance premium — no co-pay, no deductible. Yet, following those two procedures I not only received bills, but also the “Insurance Benefits Statement” showing the patient (that would be me) owed ____. Of course I called, and of course the claim was resubmitted once they were aware of my knowledge of the federal law. This year, the same scenario except this was a screening colonoscopy. Again, the bills, again the insurance company paperwork indicating that yes indeed there was a patient responsibility. Again, once they learned I knew they couldn’t do that it was resubmitted for processing.

    I am positive they would never have done the right (legal) thing without my calls (each scenario required more than one call to the insurance company). If I hadn’t been well informed about the federal law (The Affordable Care Act, fondly referred to as Obamacare), I wouldn’t have called and I would have been stuck with bills that should never have been sent. The providers never called me even tho I totally ignored the bills they sent, but if they had I would have carefully pointed out I didn’t know what the contractual agreements between them and my insurance company were, but I did know any balance owed needed to be collected from the insurance company.

    The people who have insurance for the first time have no experience in how far the insurance companies will go to avoid paying claims. These people will probably be more vulnerable and the insurance companies will take advantage of their lack of experience. It’s maddening! Most frustrating is not knowing how to educate these new insureds. How to help them protect themselves.

    • That is the same case with my co-pay for the well woman annual exam.

      Via Christi – in their infinite wisdom – informed me that they did submit my claim properly and I do owe that damn $25 for co-pay.

      I called BCBS and they informed me they cannot make Via Christi submit the claim properly and until Via Christi does submit the claim as a well woman annual exam, they cannot do anything about my $25 copay.

      The kicker to this story is the fact that Via Christi’s own clinic receptionist refused my $25 copay on that day and told me that this was waived because it was a well woman annual exam.

      This fact did not sway Via Christi billing department – they do NOT care.

      That is why I plan to pay them their lousy $25 copay in multiple paper checks and in varying amounts – ie $1.75; 1.33; 1.01; etc and the last one will be for a $1.00 with the memo filled in with PAID IN FULL.

      This may sound petty to everyone here – but if Via Christi is so damn hard up for that lousy $25 copay that their own woman REFUSED to take from me that day – then I am going to make them pay someone to process all these paper checks.

      People have no rights against these corporations – and I do consider Via Christi to be a corporation – the Catholic Health Care Mafia, is my particular name for this damn group of vultures.

      I plan to enclose a note as to why there are multiple paper checks to process….. I only wish I could be there to see their damn faces when they have to sit and process all these checks.

      Health care in America sucks big time….

      • This fact did not sway Via Christi billing department – they do NOT care.

        I will never forget how this same Via Christi billing department called me on the day after I got home from 29 days in their freakin’ hospital where they gutted me like a fish to take out a foot of my sigmoid colon. I had two drainage bags hanging from my side. I had lost 50 lbs and my entire body had this grayish color that actually made my grown kids step back when they saw me for the first time.

        I was facing months of chemotherapy. Hell, I was sent home on I.V. antibiotics that the Home Health nurse would have home visits to teach my husband how to give me those I.V. antibiotics.

        What did this Billing department person want to talk about, you may ask?

        They demanded to know when I would be paying my portion of the damn hospital bill.

        Yeah, lady, I’ll get right on that.

        When I told her of my situation, this is the woman that actually told me to divorce my husband, quit my part time job and go on welfare. That way, the hospital would get their current money owed and all my future health care bills would be taken care of by welfare.

        When I protested and asked this woman why the Catholics were advising me to get a divorce – she tried to say she was just joking.

        Just joking? When was the last time you ever heard of a Catholic just joking about money owed them?

        Try the 12th of N-E-V-E-R……

        This billing department woman was serious – and she thought twice about her strategy of getting me on welfare once she found out that I barked back at her at the suggestion of getting a divorce just to pay the damn Catholics.

        Sad to say – these Catholics have bought up the majority of hospitals and doctors clinics around here. These folks truly are the Health Care Mafia – IMHO

      • would have home visits to teach my husband how to give me those I.V. antibiotics.

        Home health nurse had 2 visits to teach my husband how to give those I.V. antibiotics – and it was given through my PICC line.

        This is an IV line that is implanted that went right next to my heart. It is very dangerous if not handled properly

      • I wouldn’t pay them, neither would I deal with them. I would only speak to my insurance company and I would make it clear I paid the premium and they’re required by federal law to cover the preventative care I received. My insurance company asked me for the dates and invoice numbers of the bills and assured me they would contact the health care provider.

        I’m stubborn. I tilt at those same windmills you do, Indy. When you have federal law on your side…

      • I did contact BCBS – and was told they cannot make Via Christi submit the claim properly. And they don’t have any incentive to make things right – they will save the $25

        Maybe I’ll try again – or maybe I will follow Michael Steele’s advice and just take Via Christ to court?

        Hell – one cannot even do that when they suffer a severe burn when one did not have that burn before they went into surgery and came out of their recovery room with the severe burn.

        I still think the Catholics are a Health Care Mafia

        Is there a way I can turn both BCBS and Via Christi into the feds for not following the ACA rules?

  3. My thoughts about the cartoon today:

    When will the Moderate GOP get off their fat elephant butt and start cleaning out their own backyard and get rid of these crazies?

    Instead – all I have seen from the moderates is their passiveness to sit back and let their crazies do all the spewing – and then these moderates will say something to the effect of ‘those are not the words I would have used’.

    The GOP crazies – Ted Cruz, Louie Gohmert, Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, Ted Nugent, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity to name a few – are the voices of the Grand Old Party.

    So – if Moderate GOP Horton hears an idiot – then Horton needs to get off his fat elephant butt and do some house cleaning of the GOP.

    After all – these are the same Republicans that demonize moderate Muslims for not denouncing their crazy fringe Muslims.

    Pot meet kettle

    When we look around our society and wonder why people do not seem to care anymore – or even strive to be honest – this man is just one piece of our society puzzle that paints a very ugly picture.

    I was taught from an early age – cheaters never win.

    You want to make a bet?

    This guy won many, many times and even after years of denying he was taking performance enhancing drugs – now he confesses and gives the names of those who helped him get those drugs?

    I’m not saying all the society’s faults are because Lance Armstrong used drugs and lied about it for years. But put this guy’s story in with all the rest of the stories we’ve heard in the past decade – such as the Catholic Church being successfully sued in several lawsuits over their knowingly making the choice to cover up child molesting priests for years.

    Is it any wonder our society is in such a mess?

    I would like to see – just once before I die – the idea that people should strive to do their best – to be honest – to be fair and to treat others like they would be treated to come back into fashion and everyday use.

    What a dream….

    • Or what about the other professional sports players who use/used drugs and are still paid millions to throw or catch a damn ball?

      Or what about the televangelist who owns diamond mines in Africa but yet because he puts a few boxes of supplies on the same damn plane destined to land at the diamond mine with more equipment to get more diamonds – this televangelist is viewed as a holy man who is doing God’s work…

      I call B.S. on that crap.

      Or what about the preacher/talk show host who whips up the CONservative Christians into a foamy rage against homosexuals and he encourages these sheeple to go buy some overpriced deep-fried chicken sandwich to prove how much they love their Jesus.

      I call B.S. on that crap.

      Or what about the politicians – cheered on by preachers/televangelists – that demonize women as the cause of rape? Or demonize the woman as a slut because she wants to use birth control.

      I call B.S. on that crap.

      Or what about the constant diet of violence and sex in our society? It is everywhere from our television shows to our daily news. And what is done about this? More guns are sold daily to flood our society. And how many young women are raped and attacked and we read where the townsfolks have turned on the female victim because the accused rapist is a football player or other sports player? And somehow that story just goes away because the next big story came along.

      I call B.S. on that crap.

      Our society is being bombarded everyday with the wrong messages. And yet, somehow, all we hear from our leaders is that two political parties cannot even get together to come to some agreement on the little things – let alone the bigger problems.

      What the Hell is the future going to be like for my grandkids?

      • Sorry, folks, my mood is not a good one today. My cousin was taken off the respirator yesterday and she has passed. Hopefully she has found peace.

        It’s been a horrible nine days since she collapsed and went into a coma. The final EEG was an intensive test and showed no brain activity.

        So, excuse me if I am sounding more cynical than usual.

        I am so tired of all this B.S. our country seems to think is so damn important.

        But yet – real wrong doing and real evil is everywhere around us and – as long as these folks are making money sensationalizing the story – I fear that nobody really cares that these folks are doing wrong.

        And as the cartoon above says – if moderate GOP Horton truly hears an idiot – then do something about it.

        I don’t see these moderate Republicans stepping up to the plate and trying to find common ground with Obama and the Democrats to do what is best for all Americans.

        Political party loyalty comes first – and, again, I call B.S. on that crap.

      • I’m so sorry, Indy! I don’t have any words, I never do. I’ll be thinking about you and I care very much!

      • Thanks, fnord.
        There are no words at times like this.

        I keep going back to – life is not fair.

      • So sorry to hear this news. Hope that her family can have peace and begin the journey forward without her carrying the good memories to buoy them in the hard days and nights that are ahead.


    The latest story of violence in a school setting – this kid is described as a good student and comes from a good family.

    So, what the hell happened to make this kid go running through the school with two knives and injuring 21 people?

    What is going in our country? Why all this senseless violence?

    My fear is that this story will just fade away once the next ‘big story’ comes along – and we all know this will happen sooner than later.

    Look at the Newtown shooting of all those kindergarten kids and their teachers. We still sit by and watch as our political parties battle over basic gun control laws.

    I am not very optimistic about the future of America UNLESS we stop all this senseless bickering about whose God can beat up the other guy’s God and find some way to come together for the common good.

    But with the recent Supreme Court ruling allowing even more billionaires’ money to go flowing into our political system – nothing will change for the better.

    It seems that when a society values M-O-N-E-Y , everything else just does not even get a blip on the radar.


    Stephen Colbert is replacing David Letterman on ‘The CBS Late Show’?

    Wow -just in time for the 2016 election. Remember when John McCain dissed David Letterman due to his urgent need to rush down to Washington DC to save the economy when his fellow Republican just crashed it?

    But – as it turned out – McCain did not rush down to Washington DC that night – McCain showed up down the street getting his makeup on to go on the television with Katie Couric.

    Hmmmmm……….David Letterman made John McCain squirm…….and rightfully so – IMHO

    I remember many CONservative Republicans demonizing David Letterman for being so cruel to John McCain – and then these same CONS tried to make it out that David Letterman did not matter much in the big picture.

    Well – honey lamb CONS – David Letterman does have a huge audience and they do listen to David Letterman. And what Letterman said about John McCain was well deserved. Let’s not forget one thing – McCain brought all that bad publicity on to himself.

    What I found so delightfully ironic was that when McCain showed up at the urgent meeting in Washington DC – the following day – guess who was also at that table to discuss the crashing economy – none other than – Candidate Barack Obama.

    I would have loved to be have been a fly on that wall….