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    How interesting…..US corporations are making a lot of profit – but yet none of these folks seem to feel the need to be good American citizens and pull their weight for the future of America?

    I wonder….how many of these American corporations are getting subsidies and special tax breaks from WE the PEOPLE who are having to bear the brunt of these corporations’ lack of loyalty to their own country?

    BTW – if corporations are truly a person – then TAX them – just like the IRS taxes the working class Americans.


    My husband and I have worked the nursing home business for three decades plus and I can safely say – I’ve never seen anything like this before.

    Has the world just gone completely N-U-T-S?

    • So Grandma was having a bit of fun and then the kids found out? Were they worried she was spending their inheritance? 🙂

      • I don’t quite know what to think about this story. LOL

        Could be either way – nursing home went nuts or the Grandma likes her some F-U-N

        But, she obviously kept the picture for some reason – huh?

    Republicans did invent Obamacare…….back in 1989 through their Heritage Foundation think tank – a conservative mouthpiece for the GOP

    Take particular notice of the wording – universal coverage – in their 1989 pamphlet.

    How interesting…

    • Yes, it’s a republican plan, was implemented by a republican governor where it’s very successful and popular. Since we’re very aware of how easy republicans flip and flop there is absolutely no question they will take credit for this and ignore everything they ever said that was negative. Ya know, it’s not like they voted to repeal the law over 50 times on the floor of the U. S. House…

  4. I have some great news! I’ll spare you the details but tell you my grandson is going to be well, and fine, and live long and prosper! A weight that has rested on the shoulders of every member of our family for two years is lifted and we’re all kinda floating around.

    The next time any CONservative Republican screams and rants about how these evil Muslims treat their women – ask them why THEIR party seems to be the ones blocking equal pay for American women.

  6. A teacher / blogger in Pennsylvania posts about what happened to teachers in Kansas.

    What the Hell Happened in Kansas?

    • The Republicans hatred of all teachers is not about the teachers themselves – it is about busting up unions.

      Correct me if I am wrong, but didn’t the last Republican president that actually balanced a budget was Dwight Eisenhower.

      Eisenhower stated his support for the right of people to belong to unions – didn’t he?

      But – let’s not stop with Eisenhower – let’s start with the Golden Idol of these Republicans – Ronald Reagan.

      Reagan was the leader of his Hollywood union and Reagan even used collective bargaining to get health care benefits for his fellow union members.

      So…it is okay for Reagan to actually be a scumbag union leader – but not okay for every other American to have the right to join a union, if they want to?

      Sounds like a typical Evangelinut to me – these are the folks that like to cherry pick their Bible verses – don’t they?

      It also sounds like a typical Puritan Evangelinut – Do as I say and not as I do.

      Is it any wonder the GOP base is filled with sheeple from the Deep South where education is not encouraged and even demonized?

      • indy, if you go to certain wing nut websites, you will learn President Reagan was a liberal, a socialist, or other term intended as a pejorative (never mind they don’t know the definition), but definitely not a true conservative.

      • Then why does Sarah Palin and MIchelle Bachmann and other Fundy Tea Party Mad Haters still try to raise Reagan’s dead body from his grave?

      • I know, I know….as you said – they don’t even know the meaning of the words they use to demonize


    Interesting list of quotes from some great leaders. Isn’t it shame these current Republican Evangelinut Tea Party Mad Haters cannot seem to rise to the greatness of those in their own party in years past.

  8. Just a tidbit I found fun —

    Robert Reich said:

    DEPARTMENT OF PERSONAL HISTORY. Yesterday I was reminded by a lawyer friend that when I was at Yale Law School in the early 1970s I took a class in civil and political rights. In that same class were Hillary Rodham, Bill Clinton, and Clarence Thomas. When the professor asked a question, Hillary was the first to raise her hand and almost always had the correct answer. I raised my hand fairly often but got it wrong half the time. Bill missed most classes. Clarence never said a word.

  9. If you have time to read only one thing today, please read this —

    Eagle editorial: Senior citizens need to rise up against health care compact

    Read more here:

    Richard Crowson —

    • Sad to say – but true – this will fall on deaf ears because the very people who will be affected by this are those same Tea Party Mad Haters that carry misspelled signs telling government to keep their hands off their Medicare.

      I’ve worked in health care for many years and let me tell you – Medicare is seen as a valuable cash flow asset.

      Medicare pays their claims and many a doctor or hospital actually sits and plans on when those Medicare payments will come into their coffers so that they can go ahead and pay their employees or pay their bills to keep their clinics and hospitals running.

      Without Medicare – a lot of these doctors clinics and/or hospitals will go belly up..


    Pennsylvania school where 20 students hurt by one student with two knives..

    I wonder when the NRA will branch out into the National Knives Association? Hey – if there is a profit to be made, I suspect the NRA members would love to form their own club to promote Americans being able to carry as many knives as possible. It’s their God-given right to carry knives – don’t you know…

  11. ON the carton you really can see it coming! I just left yahoo news and for every mindless and uninform comment about ACA there were five that said it was good and they now have health care and insurance!

    • Is the Affordable Care Act everything I wanted it to be? Oh Hell No…

      But is at least a step in the right direction.

      The main reason for so many uninformed people is because Republicans intentionally lied to people and intentionally wanted to achieve their ultimate goal which is to bring Obama down – even at the cost of American lives.

      These CONS do NOT care…… matter how many times they profess their such morally superior Christians.

      There is a difference between being stupid and being proud to be stupid.

      CONS = proud to be stupid

      • After Romneycare became law there were SIX more pieces of legislature passed to improve it!

      • Exactly my point.

        And, as you have pointed out several times, people in Massachusetts love their Romneycare.

        And you should know because you have family members that actually live in that state – correct?

      • Yes and one of them is a physician.

        If Brownback and gang manage to get Medicare under state control how long do you wager it would take the old fart republicans in this state to scream uncle?

  12. Asher Bob White

    Boy, things are really bad in Kansas! I think I got out of Kansas just before it was too late for me. And Florida is not much better. Both states are “ruled” by immoral conservative Republicans. However, while Kansas is Ruby-Red-Republican, Florida is a swing state who voted for Obama.

    • Good for you for escaping! I’m looking for the exit door myself. Texas isn’t much better than Kansas, but Austin folks are optimistic the state will at least turn purple in the next election if not blue.

      Hope in Kansas is kind of in short supply….

      • Bluntly, we’re looking at Maine. Crazy loon governor who won due to a 3 person race will “surely” be defeated this November. Or, Vermont, with its Single Payer medical insurance law (which has a few hurdles, not insubstantial, facing it). Yeah, both places are damned cold in the winter, but. . .