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  1. I remember the Dixie Chicks were crucified for daring to say they were ashamed to be from Texas.

    And then we see these so-called Republican true patriots applaud Ted Nugent when he called President Obama a subhuman mongrel.

    I’ve said this before – Republicans are not capable of feeling shame or embarrassment.

    Ignorance + Arrogance = CONservative Republicans


      Here is a link to an article from 2003 about the Dixie Chicks being banned from having their music played on air.

      The direct quote from the lead singer is in the article .

      Excuse me, but where in the hell did any of the Dixie Chicks call George W. Bush a subhuman mongrel, Communist, Socialist, Marxist, the Anti-Christ and the N word?

      Just to name a few things I’ve read and heard for myself some of these so-called Republican ‘patriots’ say about President Obama.

      Wow – I guess the Dixie Chicks should have come up with the argument of ‘freedom of speech is threatened – and also their freedom of religion was being threatened’

      Those two phrases seem to be the two main themes of the poor persecuted CONservative Evangelical Republicans.

  2. I do remember when criticizing the president pictured meant you were a traitor. And, I remember that waging war was a holy virtue and to be unpatriotic is to be un-Christian in the eyes of the religious right.

    There are so many things I can’t find a way to understand. I read and I listen and I try, but somehow I fail.

    Like what we hear about being poor. Being poor has been twisted into having both personal and moral shortcomings. The social programs that help keep food on the tables and roofs over the heads of poor people are blamed for all economic woes.

    Somehow you can fully support the troops while ignoring the numbers of them who also rely on food stamps and social programs.

    Respect for females is a given according to those who continue fighting against equal pay for equal work, the same rights for privacy in making health-care decisions as men are afforded. Yes, if females dress and behave in acceptable ways they can be respected and perhaps good citizens.

    Scientific evidence can be ignored because “the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God” (I Corinthians 3:19). Yes, I have a lot of trouble understanding what passes for “wisdom.”

    I’m having a lot of trouble understanding. And even more trouble keeping from thinking it’s hopeless. What good does it do to think or reason or try?

    • I keep thinking – at some point, these CONservative Evangelical Republicans will go too far for common decency to turn its head any longer…

      But – I don’t know if these CONS have a bottom level to their sewer of hate.

      • Religion and politics is a lethal concoction. Common sense isn’t even an afterthought. I think the wealthy overlords have completely convinced the evangelinuts who we know haven’t shown a shred of evidence they are capable of anything more than being easily convinced.

      • But – hey – I am still scratching my head as to why my ex-friend – the devoted Catholic – used the phrase ‘it’s a little problem’ when she asked me for my thoughts about the child molesting scandal that hit her precious Catholic Church a few years back.

        A little problem??? That was the beginning of the end of our friendship.

        I asked her if she would think it was a ‘little problem’ if it was her young grandson that got molested. This woman actually looked at me and said ‘I don’t know’.


      • Today’s Evangelinuts are of the same stripe – interested only in the M-O-N-E-Y

        If you doubt that – check out how many mega churches there are on every corner – and just imagine how much money it takes every week to keep those huge places operating…..and that’s not counting the preacher boy’s new luxury car, new wardrobe and all that gold bling.

        And I have not even begun to start on the Catholic Church and their massive budget requirements to keep their places operating…

  3. It boggles my mind to think if a Republican gets back into the White House and manages to get us into another war or two – how quickly would it take this group of war mongerers to yell ‘deficits don’t matter’ and spend all the money and then some on their constant drumbeat of war?

    We’ve all seen it – Dick Cheney even bragged about it when he said Reagan proved that deficits don’t matter..

    I used to have some respect for Republicans in years gone by – but these Republicans who claim to be so damn morally superior and then add on the the sanctimonius Tea Party Mad Haters – and we’ve got nothing but I said above :

    Ignorance + Arrogance = CONservative Republicans


      If Dick Cheney says that deficits don’t matter – can you imagine how high our national debt would go if a Republican gets into the White House and starts that damn beating of their never-ending war drums??

      And don’t think for a moment that their precious little white-butted loved ones will be the people to do the actual fighting and dying.

      Oh HELL NO……it will be OUR loved ones……..

      Every voter (especially women since we are seen as the caregivers and mothers/grandmothers/aunts) should have this first in our minds when we go to vote…..

      I am sick and tired of these damn Republicans starting these damn wars and then daring to try to blame the black man in the White House for all our troubles…

      Ignorance + Arrogance = CONservative Republicans

    I heard about this controversy this morning on the CBS Morning News.

    Is there a gay mafia?

    If so, then what is so different from them than the Evangelical Mafia that went after JC Penney to get Ellen DeGeneres fired as their spokesman?

    Please – will someone please explain to me why Evangelicals can be a mafia but the gays cannot?

    Where is that freedom of speech thingy these Evangelicals are whining about so much???

  5. Wouldn’t the world turn a lot brighter if everyone would just ‘live and let live’?

  6. Just a little tidbit on how our American health care system is so freakin awesome….

    My newest grandbaby is having some suspected reflux problems. The doctor prescribed Prevacid (I did not even know they used Prevacid on newborns?? – but the pharmacist told my daughter this is quite common)

    Anyway – these are pills that are to be dissolved and then given either by an oral syringe or in their bottle.

    My daughter has health care insurance – drug coverage and their portion to pay was $60 – and health insurance coverage paid $285.

    There were 11 refills given – enough to last for the entire year.

    Yeah, no doubt, at $345 a month – I’m sure the drug manufacturer would love to keep those refills coming….

    And then – these CONservative Republicans refuse to even entertain the idea of raising the minimum wage – or even creating living wage jobs so people can afford to buy their baby’s medications?

    Even at $60 – that is quite a chunk out of a budget for one medication.

    And we are talking Prevacid…..this is on the counter at every pharmacy department.

    The fact these are tablets that dissolve is what makes them so special – and high priced ….

    • “…but the pharmacist told my daughter this is quite common.”

      Why don’t they have this in liquid? Ya know, if it’s quite common…

      • That was my question also…..(we do think a lot alike – don’t we?)

        I suspect because they can charge $345 for 30 tablets because they are ‘special’ ???

        Oh, I forgot to mention, these dissolving pills do have a flavor that the baby seems to enjoy.

        But, couldn’t they put the same flavor into the liquid form?

        Maybe I am just expecting too much…..or I am not seeing it from the drug manufacturer’s eyes – you know, profit before common sense.

        I swear……our health care system is something else – isn’t it?

  7. I’ve read several links about the school funding bill passed by both the Kansas House and Senate last night. I read The Kansas City Star, Lawrence Journal World, Topeka Capitol-Journal, our local paper, comments galore to the articles all those papers published plus many comments on Facebook. I hope Kansans remain motivated until the elections! Teachers lost which in my opinion means Kansas kids lost too. I’ve been thinking about Brownback being a Catholic, private Catholic schools, the desire by republicans to decimate public education, the desire by the Kochs to dumb down the electorate further … I heard rumors that involved the Catholic intelligentsia and clergy in partnership with Brownback who are leaders in this … and they use their influence for votes.

    Here’s the link to the Lawrence Journal World

    And here to the Topeka Capital-Journal

    Be sure you read the comments. Here’s a couple of them from the Topeka paper:

    Reason for tenure:
    –to keep the parents of non-performing, misbehaving, entitled kids from blaming the teacher for their failure
    –to protect teachers of those kids from losing their jobs because their principals won’t stand up to those parents
    –to allow teachers to expect their students to–God forbid–do some work
    –to make it safe for teachers who work with special needs, ESL, and other “challenging” kids to keep plugging even if the scores don’t always improve
    –to give teachers the rights to free speech that other citizens have, without having a parent demand their head because of something the parent disagreed with (ex.: banned books, such as Huckleberry Finn, The Wizard of Oz, Hamlet)
    Many, if not most, of the disastrous changes in education, such as lack of discipline, not flunking failing students, neutral holidays, etc., have been at the insistence of PARENTS, not teachers. If you think things are bad now, what do you think will happen when teachers can be fired for ANYTHING?

    Good teachers will leave this state
    as soon as they can find jobs in other states and will sell their homes. At least the good ones will. Creationists will be hired to teach science classes. Teachers who teach about the evidence of athropogenic climate change can be fired without recourse. Teachers will be fired for being suspected as homosexual and have no recourse and have a firing on their record forever, destroying their careers. Kansas will continue to get dumber, meaner, and fall further into an ignorant morass that will last generations. Our public schools will make a rapid descent to the bottom. Count on it.

    When I was in public schools in Kansas in the 1960’s, we were at the top, and it helped me get there, too. But in exchange for funding, the ALEC minions, at the personal urging of the Koch
    Brothers, have decided to gut the teachers’ rights and annihilate qualifications, in order to further their ultra right wing social agenda.

    These people should not only be kicked out of office, from the governor on down, but be held to account for destroying this state out of sheer ignorance, meanness, and terminal stupidity. And like the cowards they are, these “legislators” waited until teachers had to leave the House and Senate galleries to be on their jobs in schools on Monday, before voting their cruel ignorant destruction of this once great state against the interests of the defenseless public. If you like what they have done, please vote for them in the next election.

    No, I don’t understand, and I don’t want to. I hope I’m never able to understand the kind of vile, evil, greedy stupidity that goes into what Brownbackistan has become.

    This is an op-ed from the Butler County Times Gazette and one I wanted to share. It gives some insight I hadn’t found elsewhere.

    Kent Bush: Teachers get burned while Masterson gets a tan

    • Then factor in the almost-complete takeover of our health care system by the Catholics.

      Then these people have the B-A-L-L-S to scream that they are the ones being persecuted?

      I call B.S. on every one of their gold-slippered, robed asses.

    • fnord posted above:

      “to protect teachers of those kids from losing their jobs because their principals won’t stand up to those parents”

      I saw this happening when my kids were in school. They are now both in their mid-30’s.

      My daughter’s freshmen year in senior high school in Larned, Kansas.

      She was struggling in Math class. I went in to speak to teacher after class and when I entered the room, I saw a man in his late 50’s popping antacids by the handful. He looked tired and disgusted.

      I asked him about my daughter and what we could do to help her in that class.

      This man told me – he had a room full of 30 kids and only two of those kids (my daughter and another boy) were interested in learning. The rest of them were too busy talking back to him, demonizing him with pictures and snide remarks, throwing their pencils, pens and even desks.

      This teacher told me that he was just putting his time in until he could retire. He was hoping and PRAYING that he would survive until such time.

      I got very angry and went to the principal of this school and asked him about the situation I had just witnessed.

      The response I got from him was this: I cannot tell these parents what to do with their kids. These parents vote and our district needs some new schools built – so my hands are tied and my mouth has to stay shut.


      I told the principal in no uncertain terms that each and every one of these parents should be made to come into each class and sit with their little darlings until their little darlings learned how to behave in a civilized society.

      The principal looked at me and said – that’s a nice dream lady.

      But…….in that small town….there was no Catholic high school. My kids went to that Catholic school until 8th grade – so a lot of those same kids were the same Catholic school brats that harassed and tortured a nun so badly that she ended up in Wichita at the mental ward with a nervous breakdown.

      And this was way back then………I can only imagine how things are today…

      When we look around and see how much of a bullying problem we have in our schools – take a damn good look at their parents.

      That is where it starts……..

      • BTW – my kids had never even heard the words Mother f_cker until they attended that Catholic school.

        Yeah, my kids came home with a lot of that type of talk and it all seemed to concentrate on the sexual side of things….


        And these folks think they are morally superior to homosexuals?

        Again – I call B.S. on all their asses.

  8. If Republicans truly hate the idea of tenured teachers (which is a form of a contract – isn’t it?).

    Then why did these same Republicans fight tooth and nail to demand that the fat cats on Wall Street all get their bonuses – even after they bankrupted their companies and George W. Bush gave them all a taxpayer-funded bailout.

    And let’s remember the reason these Republicans gave as to why these fat cats needed to get their bonuses – because it was a ‘contractural’ agreement and we must allow these Wall Street companies to honor their contracts.

    If a contractural agreement is good enough for fat cats on Wall Street to get their bonuses – it is good enough for teachers to get tenure…

    • The same thing goes for long-term city and state employees – honor the agreement these folks have worked under for years.

      If Pastor Sammie wants to break that contractural agreement – then for every dollar lost by any public service employee – the Koch Brothers and their Buddies lost a dollar of their tax breaks and/or subsidies.

      Got a deal, Pastor SAmmie?


    After reading this, I am not sure how I feel. Being a mother and a grandmother, I cannot fathom making the decision to leave a 2-yr-old and a 6-mo old baby in my car by themselves – with the key in the ignition while I was inside the building having a job interview.

    But, apparently there are people who think this woman deserves money to help her out..

    What are your thoughts?

    I’ve never been in her situation. I always had my husband or some close friend to watch my kids for me.

    But, as one of this woman’s supporters said in this article – this woman was at a job interview and not at some bar drinking……

    Does that make it okay?

    • It doesn’t make it okay. That said, I empathize with her apparent plight. There was, at one time, an informal social structure where someone could watch the kids. In many areas said structure does not exist. A conundrum.

      • I agree 6176, at one time there was an informal social structure within our society that, at least had the appearance of looking out for our neighbors and offering help.

        Nowadays, neighborhoods are filled with people that don’t even know one another – not even their names.

        I find that sad – IMHO

        But remember how much grief and demonization Hillary Clinton got from the ‘right’ because of her ‘it takes a village’ theme?

      • 6176- Remember that case of the elementary vice principal or teacher that left her baby in the back seat and the baby died from excessive heat?

        This woman was on the ‘Oprah Winfrey’ television show and there were a lot of sympathetic people towards this woman. Oprah, herself, said that she could understand how that could happen because everybody is busy hurrying around and trying to get things done.


        In this case, what got me angry was the fact this woman had stopped to get donuts for work that morning and she remembered to get those from the back of this SUV – but she never once thought of her baby in the backseat?

        Her reason was – she was not the usual person that took the baby to daycare – it was her husband’s task to do every morning.

        For some reason that morning, the husband could not take the baby to daycare so she was supposed to have dropped the baby off at daycare.

        which is why the baby was in the backseat of her car that fateful morning.

        I’m sorry, but if you can stop off for donuts and remember the frickin ass donuts when you get to work, you cannot remember that you had a baby in your backseat that day?

        Like I said – I’ve never been in a situation like that – BUT, I do have to question where people’s minds are ……

    • I also think that most people on this blog are about my same age -give or take a few years either way.

      Sometimes I wonder if my generation was the last generation that truly had a society that had the ‘norm’ of people caring about their neighbors?

      Families never really moved away for the careers – most of the families stayed around the same general area – at least the same state.

      I’ve shared this before – my husband and I did the climbing the corporate ladder thing in the 1980’s and my husband got off that particular never-ending running wheel somewhere around the year 2000.

      We got tired of the moving from one region of the country to the next – just to fix up the nursing home and then be sent on to the next one that needed to be fixed.

      And then – throughout those 20 years – we watched as these corporations all bought and sold nursing homes like they were chess pieces – and employees were the ones that ALWAYS paid the price with lower wages and lower benefits with the new corporation.

      The deal was – if you did not like it – there was the door. These corporations really did not care – they called the shots and let the chips fall where they may.

      So, we spent 20 years moving around the country and for what – a big disappointment.

      We left our close family surroundings for the pleasure to do the corporate bidding.

      And, I suspect, a lot of folks did the exact same thing we did for their corporate jobs during those two decades.

      I remember growing up when moving from job to job was a big red flag on someone’s resume.

      Nowadays – who stays at the same job for any length of time? Not too many people that I know.

      And why stay where corporations do not value you? Low wages – little or no benefits. Why be loyal to a company that does not value their employees??

      The world has changed since I graduated from high school in 1971. We may have some great technology – but I believe we have lost something more valuable.

      We have lost our society of people that felt connected – that we were all a part of the same team – and that we were all expected to do our part to contribute.

      That meant CEO’s did not make 100 times more than their head employee.

      That meant CEO’s did not bankrupt their company and then be given huge severance packages with stock options.

      That meant corporations were expected to strive to be good citizens and to give a damn about our country, our environment and our people’s welfare.

      Are those days gone forever?