Sunday, 4/6/14, Public Square

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by | April 6, 2014 · 6:00 am

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  1. Oh, snap! Great graphic today! You come up with the best.

  2. Ya know, it’s getting more and more difficult to name the most embarrassing member of the Kansas Congressional delegation. I think timmy huelskamp still wins, but WTF happened to Jerry Moran? Pat Roberts has been an embarrassment since his days of carrying shrub’s intel water, and naked swimming guy yoder is good for laughs, but… Pul-eeeze! Do these guys become asshats after they are elected or are they asshats before they go on the ballot?

    Geez. I miss my old friend Jerry Moran. Where is he and what have they done with him?

    Bought and paid for I’d say. Addicted to Koch. Koch money anyway.

    • In Kansas I don’t think you hold an elected office without pleasing the Kochs, no matter whether it be local, state or federal. Plus, I think their influence has the same effect on several other states.

    • You know what is even sadder? Jerry Moran is sooooooo much better than Todd Tiarht would be.

      But, let’s just delve into what Mr. Charles Koch is really saying, shall we?

      You noticed that he made the statement that HE is the target of many liberal attacks….

      There it is – the most used card in the CONservatives deck – the Victim card.

      These folks sure do love to pretend they are so persecuted – don’t they?

      Like I said about the fake religious freedom persecution of these mega churches sitting on prime real estate all tax free and bringing in millions in tax free money – IF that is persecution, sign me up now!!!

  3. I’m about sick to my stomach due to the actions of those elected at the state level. When I stop to think about how in the world they ever won an election, I get sicker because there is no ignoring the constituency. We live among them.

    • We know how they won election – why do you think these are the same folks desperately trying to pass legislation to deny fellow Americans their right to vote?

      Dictators and Bullies use the same tactic – don’t they?

  4. Giggles and grins.

    If you missed this edition of Saturday Night Live, here’s a teeny clip —

    ‘SNL’ Gives ‘Fox & Friends’ A Science Lesson From Neil deGrasse Tyson

  5. I’m fearful this Ft. Hood shooting will be swept under the rug because the shooter was not a Muslim terrorist – nor did he have any known ties to Muslim terrorists. This guy had a clean, perfect military record – he was not a known trouble maker.

    What happened?

    What I’ve read and heard so far, this shooter had some mental issues.

    Well, let’s see – Adam Lanza – the Newtown shooter – also had some mental issues according to numerous news accounts.

    Do you think there might be a connection somewhere?

    Our society is so high-paced chaos, constant pressure, people are not getting what they need in way of living wages, demands put on them to perform ‘better than that guy over there’ and then we have the never-ending easy access to guns and ammo on every damn corner in this country.

    What could possibly go wrong with this scenario?

    • What do you think the chances of our federal budget allocating enough money to deal with mental issues for everyone that needs it under the Paul Ryan budget proposal?

      • About the same chance that gay marriage will ever be legal in Kansas without federal troops being sent in to enforce the constitution.

        About the same chance even medical marijuana, much less recreational marijuana, will ever be legal in Kansas.

        About the same chance the Kansas Democratic Party will quit being repuke lite.

        About the same chance Kansas voters will send sane people to the house and senate in Topeka.

        About the same chance that we will not have four more years of being Brownbackistan.

        About the same chance we will have sane water policy that will equitably distribute and conserve our rapidly diminishing water supply.

        About the same chance schools in this state will ever be appropriately funded.

        About the same chance abortion will ever be performed in this state except in the privacy of high dollar doctor practices for the wealthy.

        I could go on…

      • Agreed 100%

        But, you and I both know there will be plenty of special tax cuts for those certain ‘right’ folks.

        Of course, those tax cuts will not be paid for – a lot like The Little Cowboy President Georgie pulled that same stunt on two wars and that Medicare Part D and No School Left Behind crap – but that is okay with Paul Ryan and his HomeBoys.

        There is not a tax cut for the wealthy or a war these folks are not willing to send our national debt through the stratosphere.

        It all depends on ‘who’ is getting the federal money – You betcha wink-wink

    Wait for it….wait for it…….these Fundy Evangelinut Republicans will be screaming and hollering again about how Obama hates the Jews.

    I, for one, am sick and tired of how America has been Israel’s attack dog for too many damn years..

    Israel has enough of war weapons – if they want to start World War III – then they can start it by themselves – IMHO.

    But, here is something I’ve not heard proposed to settle this damn centuries old dispute……

    Let’s just drop a big bomb on the disputed land between Israel and Palestine and leave a big damn hole ten times the size of Grand Canyon.

    That way – neither side will win the argument because the damn disputed land will be obliterated.

    Knowing the penchant and insatiable desire these CONS have for dropping bombs and destruction everywhere – maybe Obama and Kerry can sell them on this idea of creating the biggest damn hole between these two warring countries and there will be no reason to fight?

    Oh, what am I thinking? That would never work. I suspect that both sides – and even American Evangelinuts – secretly LOVE this constant Middle East threat of war S-H-I-T.

    As for me – both sides are wrong and neither side deserves any of the land they have been fighting over for too many damn years.

    • One last thought – I also suspect the reason American Evangelinuts love the constant Middle East war threat is because it is very profitable……

      Not only in selling weapons – but these Fundy preacher boys and their cousins Bubba the televangelist rake in some mighty fine tax free dollars imploring the sheeple to fight the good fight for God.