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  1. wicked

    Does anyone have the name of a good, local attorney who handles medical malpractice? I have a friend whose doctor, years ago, nearly obliterated her endocrine glands and erased the drugs given her that caused it, years ago. A few years later, she was given the wrong mix of medication, nearly killing her and putting her in ICU on life watch. A little over a week ago, one of his nurses (medical assistant?) gave her a migraine shot, hitting her sciatic nerve and causing what’s called “foot drop” (no control over or feeling in her calf, ankle and foot). That was supposed to “fix itself” within a few hours. After someone from the office drove her home and left her at her door, she fell (due to the foot drop) and broke her hip. She had hip surgery a week ago today. She’s now in rehab. I won’t go into what was done and not done before her ex-husband had a massive heart attack a couple of years ago, because he wasn’t given the right medical treatment during a bout with flu.

    Some of you have met her. She’s joined me at one of our get-togethers. She’s finally agreed that something needs to be done. She needs to get legal help with this. She may never walk normally again.

    • That’s SOME loyalty — going back … and back. I hope she gets much better very quickly and also finds a good attorney.

      I don’t have any information on attorneys. I need one too, for a totally different reason and I have no clue or even ideas about how to find clues.

      • wicked

        I don’t know where to start either, fnord. And it isn’t loyalty on her part. Small town, and she isn’t able to drive but a few blocks after a migraine shot. A doctor here in the city would be too far. She doesn’t have anyone to drive her back and forth.

        Good luck with your search! Maybe we can help each other, if we find a little information.

        Forgive my muddled sentence in the above. Time to screw my head on tighter. 😉

    • From personal experience, I would look for an attorney outside of Wichita.

      I talked to two different well-known local attorneys and one agreed to take my case but he told me upfront that no doctor will cooperate with us due to the health professionals inclination to ‘circle the wagons’ to protect one of their own.

      My case involved a huge burn on the entire left side of back. I did not have that burn before going into surgery – but I had it when I woke up the next morning.

      Interestingly – I remember waking up in Recovery and some nasty-assed woman scowled at me and said (my name) has finally woke up. She then wrapped me up in a warm blanket and I remember thinking of the image of a mummy. She wrapped me up that freakin’ tight..

      That day in surgery was horrible – my surgery was delayed for an hour and from what I was hearing, a lot of things were going on and the staff was in a bitchy mood.

      I sincerely believe this woman in Recovery was P.O.’d off because she had to work late (or maybe because the O.R. unit had to close at a certain time and they were paying overtime??) – and she wrapped me up with something inside that was hot.

      There was an actual burn mark – looked like a brand on some cattle from western movies – in the middle of this huge burn area. It was a triangle-shaped mark.

      After this attorney took my case, there was an investigation done and this local hospital (and we all know which one I am talking about) actually stated my burn was self-induced. Their investigation determined that my own body burned itself from within – yeah, sure it did. And my body can make a perfect triangle mark?

      Due to this hospital having their own ‘secret’ investigation (yes, secret because I was not allowed to even see a copy of their notes) – and the fact that doctors will not cooperate with an attorney due to their sacred ‘circle the wagons’ crappola – my attorney told me my chances would be slim to none to get anything. And the cost of my attorney fees would be astronomical.

      We had talked to another local attorney about being misdiagnosed with cancer at the first hospital before I changed doctors and went to the other hospital. Our contention was that precious time had been lost and the first doctor actually caused me more harm because an abscess in my abdomen was starting to grow from one of the bowel perforations that this doctor said had healed and was of no concern.

      Again – we were told how doctors will not cooperate with attorneys because of this ‘circle the wagons’ mentality.

      This attorney did state one thing – if I had died, my husband would have a better chance with a jury – if and when the case ever got to court.

      Even with all this said – there was a huge case against St. Francis several years ago and that attorney won the case.

      But it sounds like your friend’s problem is with the actual doctor – not a hospital – correct?

      Is this doctor connected to a network of doctors or a single practice?

      That does make a difference – I’ve been told.

  2. Sorry, guys. I’m no help in finding a lawyer. I don’t know who is worse, lawyers or doctors. (617 excluded, of course.) I think Shakespeare was correct in saying, “first, we kill all the lawyers,” but these days, I’m not so sure about a lot of doctors. I like my doctors a lot, but Quinter is a helluva drive from where you are, Wicked. And I sure wouldn’t recommend any of the lawyers out here.


    Wicked – here is a listing of medical malpractice attorneys .

    I went to Hutton off North Rock Road about my burn. He was very nice and did get all my photocopied medical records from the hospital for me.

    What I truly think happened in this case? I think people at the hospital told him that they had their own secret investigation and he knew he had hit a brick wall of silence.

    Or……he and his staff knew the people involved and did not want to rock the boat, as they say.

    Bottom line – even if you have facts and the truth on your side, what happens in a courtroom is not always about justice – is it?

    Let’s face it – our judicial system in this country is about as f_cked up as our health care system IMHO

  4. wicked posted: . A doctor here in the city would be too far. She doesn’t have anyone to drive her back and forth.
    Another reason why high-speed rail should be welcomed in our state…

    We cannot even get these CONservatives to agree to high-speed rail …..Geesh….

  5. Asher Bob White

    Sarah has already revealed what she knows about the Bible to the whole world. Understanding it is a totally different matter.

  6. Update on my cousin – did more testing and results are not good. She is still in the coma. There is swelling in the brain and neurologist said she would have a 5% chance at a normal life if she comes out of the coma. And she would be on dialysis for awhile.

    Not exactly the quality of life any one would volunteer for – is it?

    Doctors do think they know what caused this to all unfold like it has.

    My cousin had been sick for past 3 months and kept going to doctor. She lost a lot of weight and could not keep any food down. They tested her for everything – and I even suggested testing for celiac disease due to my own son’s experience with huge weight loss and not keeping food down. All thei tests came back normal – but she was still a very sick woman.

    They traced back history of complaints and they now think she had the H1N1 flu when all this started.? Could that really be the culprit that started this downhill tragedy?

    Does anyone know anything about the H1N1 flu?

    I don’t know what to think anymore and I am familiar with health care terminology. Can you imagine what my family members who don’t know anything about health care are thinking?

    My cousin has one grown son. Both he and my aunt are hoping for a miracle – but they are dealing with having to make those hard decisions they know are coming soon.

    • I was thinking about my cousin yesterday and it hit me …..

      All my mother’s siblings are still alive and going strong. (5 out of 6 are in the 70’s and 80’s)

      In my generation – we have already lost two to death (coronary and cancer) and now my cousin is in bad shape. That leaves me, my sister and my uncle (the one that is only 3 yrs old than me).

      We all grew up like brothers and sisters because we were so close as a family.

      It boggles my mind to watch the ones in my generation dying and my aunts and uncles are still going strong.

      I am not saying I wish my aunts and uncles would die – but, rather, I am asking the question as to why are the younger ones dying first?

      • Then, as I mentioned yesterday, I feel an enormous amount of survivor’s guilt. By all the textbooks – I should have died from my cancer seven years ago.

        There must be something I am destined to do. My family is my biggest joy in life. And, like I said yesterday, the reason I am so passionate about my political views is for my grandkids.

        Our younger generation will pay the price for all the stupidity of our politicians making asinine policies that hurt people.

        For one thing – I would love to stuff a Bible up the sanctimonius butt of every CONservative Fundy Evangelinut Republican that can only cherry-pick the verses in the Bible they think justify their selfish and hate-filled agenda.

        Maybe that is my destiny? LOL

        Hey – anybody want to help me with the stuffing ??


    This is exactly what Americans need to do – turn out and V-O-T-E

    Just take a look at the picture of Sarah Palin and think about how HER political party professes about how much they love democracy and their guaranteed constitutional rights but which political party is so busy and desperately trying to pas legislation to deny fellow Americans their guaranteed constitutional right to vote?

    That fact alone should make any person with one working brain cell become skeptical about the true motivation of the so-called GOP – the Family Values Party, God’s Party (?) and the party that professes to be such damn true patriots of democracy…

    I call B.S. on all their crappola

    • What’s the difference between the Afghan Taliban and the American Christian Evangelical Taliban – just the choice of weapons..

      If you doubt that – then why are the American Christian Evangelical Taliban doing their best to take away womens’ rights, minorities’ rights and the non-Christian Evangelicals’ rights?

  8. After reading the link, republicans may say, in essence, “well, yes, exactly–we were never supposed to be a democracy, and the more we’ve tried to become one, the worse things have become.”

    The GOP’s case for scrapping democracy


      Color me shocked (NOT). I have suspected for a long time this is their true goal – complete control by only those with enough money it would choke their damn elephant mascot.

      But….let’s see……the Boston Tea Party was about taxation without representation – correct?

      So – wouldn’t this be the result of what these modern-day Republicans are advocating?

      No where in their GOP plan do I see where people are going to be relieved of paying taxes. Even those who do not pay income taxes – still pay taxes in some form or another.

      Payroll taxes…..sales taxes……real estate taxes…..personal property taxes on vehicles……just to name a few….

      So……taking away the rights of people who are not taxpayers – would leave who exactly?

      But – at least some of these CONs are now showing their true colors and even emboldened by their Evangelinut preacher boys and their cousins Bubba the televangelist.

      Speaking of the Evangelinuts – since they do not pay taxes – they are to be disallowed in the political process?

      Hey – at least that would be one bright spot in their GOP-cooked-up scheme

  9. Just when I think I have seen or heard it all – these CONS stoop to a new low level in their sewer of hate.

    • I miss Current TV (remember Al Gore’s network?).

      That is where I first watched John Fugelsang and his way of presenting the issues was so spot-on…

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  11. All the dialog used in this video was lifted verbatim from the comments sections of conservative web sites.

    You’ll see the ending coming, but stick around for it anyway.