Thursday, 4/3/14, Public Square

Republicans treat every situation they view as less-than-ideal as a choice. Being gay, and all the negativity a gay person faces, even the violence, is a choice, because republicans view it as less than ideal. Just like poverty, and just like race, where it’s your own fault you’re held back; obviously, you’re not trying hard enough to not be black.




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    Republicans always talk about the good old days and how we need to return that golden era.

    I was born in 1953 and grew up in a middle class family. We were far from wealthy but we were what I call ‘comfortable’. We had all our basic needs met and then had money left over to buy some of our ‘wants’.

    There is a difference between wants and needs – and I am not sure if people today know the difference?

    But – my father was in the Operating Engineers union – a branch of the Teamsters. My father worked at the same company for 45 years and retired with a nice pension.

    People in my generation and younger – do we even know what that is like to work for the same company for 45 years, get union wages and a pension plan?

    As I shared yesterday – my husband and I were doing the ‘climbing the corporate ladder thing’ during the 80’s and 90’s. But, like I said yesterday, every time we got up the next higher rung of the ladder – our corporation would sell out and we would be with a new corporation – through no desire of our own.

    Plus, with each new corporation our benefits were sliced and diced. First we lost employer-paid health insurance – then we lost the pension plans entirely.

    Those were the benefits we lost – but let’s talk about the wages. With each new corporation – wages were an issue that came down to this: if my husband wanted to continue working in that nursing home corporation, he would have to agree to lower wages.

    THIS is what is wrong with all this corporatization B.S. our country has gone through in the past three decades.

    And this is one more thing I put at the feet of St. Ronnie Raygun. He made the choice to pander to corporations and to the wealthiest fat cats. The middle class meant nothing to Reagan – IMHO.

    But – back to the 1950’s – during Eisenhower years – everyone I knew was in the same boat. Nobody was wealthy but we all had comfortable homes, a decent car (not new ones) and we all went to the doctor without the fear of having to declare bankruptcy just to get health care.

    What the hell happened????

  2. Boy oh boy I just finished spreading joy and love through out my face book friends. OH I was just interjecting logic and reason, but the subject was Politics and so that means it comes out meaning less in the topic. I get so much crap from Right wing nuts and commenting means I get some personal things from the nuts.

    • Sometimes it is fun to turn up the heat on those Wingnuts. LOL

      If nothing else, while these nuts are busy trying to convince you they are right and you are wrong – these nuts are leaving some other person alone for awhile.


    Bernie Sanders hit the nail on its head – the 2012 election proved that money can buy politicians but it cannot buy elections.

    EVERYBODY needs to get out and V-O-T-E

    For every dollar a Koch or Adelson billionaire spends – millions of voters can out-maneuver their millions.

    Bernie Sanders also said something about how these Supreme Court conservative judges equate their ruling to freedom of speech.

    Yeah, that same freedom of speech is like the fake freedom of religion crappola we are hearing from these Fundy Evangelicals in the Hobby Lobby court case.

    If you think Christians are being persecuted and their freedom of religion is being threatened – take a drive down North 21st Street going east from Wichita to Andover. Count the number of damn huge mega Christian and Catholic churches – all sitting on prime real estate and not paying a dime in taxes!!!!!!

    If that is being persecuted – Hell, I’ll take some of that…..


    I just saw this while surfing on the Internet.

    What can one say about these? Did you look at the prices of these shoes?

    After you catch yourself from falling over from those prices – take another look at the graphic above.

    One pair of any of these shoes could provide food and/or shelter for woman and her two kids.

    This country is one truly F_cked up place….

    • True karma would be to have a Conservative Tea Party Mad Hater Fundy Evangelical Republican woman wear any of these shoes and then fall over flat on her botox-filled face…..

      • Or, maybe a Conservative Tea Party Mad Hater Fundy Evangelical Republican male wearing any of these shoes?

        I strongly suspect there are more than a few of these ‘dandies’ who secretly relish the thought of strutting around in these shoes.

  5. Our priorities are all screwed up in this country – IMHO.

    It makes me angry to know there are Americans who are hurting and being treated like they deserve it because they made bad choices.

    Let’s face it – life is not fair sometimes and bad things happen to good people.

    The problem today – as I see it – is we have too many people changing the definition of ‘good people’.

    A good person is not defined by how much money is in their bank account – or how many millions a person can funnel to the elephant political party.

    The world is truly turned upside down. Or, are we living in two different and separate worlds?

    I wonder what color the sun is in the CONservative Republicans’ world?

    As we are probably all aware – this shooting at Ft. Hood military base is a tragedy that is still unfolding.

    There is something that bothers me about this story.

    We have the name of the alleged shooter identified by witnesses and – according to this article – this man’s name was identified by a Texas Rep. who is the Chairman of the Homeland Security Committee.

    But yet the very next sentence states that military officials declined to identify the alleged shooter’s name because his family has not been notified yet.

    If this man’s family has not been notified yet – then why the HELL do we have the media and some damn Texas Representative announcing the name to the entire world?

    It sounds like this shooter needed some mental issues addressed – and he was being evaluated.

    Okay – but then why have this man around so many damn guns – is that too much to ask for?

    When will our country wake up and realize that guns and mental illness DO NOT MIX WELL…….

    • On a military base/post/fort, firearms are kept locked up. Only authorized personnel are permitted to carry a weapon (think military police). The alleged shooter had acquired the Smith & Wesson .45 off post, and brought it with him to his duty station yesterday. Now, he had not registered his weapon on base as required, and apparently was not otherwise authorized to be on post with a weapon in his possession. This, then, is no different than a postal employee (for example) bringing a firearm to work and using it against his/her coworkers.
      To my mind, the problem was/is/has been/continues to be the approach the military (and, from my reading and listening, the Army in particular) handles PTSD. The presumption is against such diagnosis, and takes much too long to evaluate and make such diagnosis. That needs to be reviewed and revised immediately.

      • I can understand the reason for keeping all firearms locked up – but from what I’ve heard, this soldier lived off base. Why was he not searched before coming on to the base?

        I suspect the real culprit is how our soldiers and veterans are treated when they do seek medical help for any mental health issues. The stigma of not being strong enough to handle everything is pretty strong…..

        From all I’ve heard so far – this soldier had no prior history of any violence. His deployment to Iraq was in 2011 and was four months with no combat seen. I assume this means he was based in Iraq but no actual fighting going on?

        I do find it interesting that the same gun shop in Killeen Texas where Ft. Hood is located sold that shooter from 2009 his gun and he also sold this most recent shooter his gun – some time last month.

        I also read where this most recent shooter was put on Ambien for sleep problems.

        Maybe the Ambien was affecting him in some way?

        I remember entering Ambien on many of our long-term care patients’ med sheets. IIRC – that drug was also recommended to not take every night. Rather, take for 6 nights and then not take it the 7th night.

        Not sure if this was recommended due to addictive issues – or for over-medicating issues.


        Leave it to Allen West and Hannity on Foxxies Hen House to get to the real culprit for this latest shooting at Ft. Hood –

        It is Obama’s fault…..

        And somehow Allen West brought in Putin and Crimea into his circle of illogical thoughts.


        Thought I would post this about the drug Ambien.

        I just have to have say one thing – although I have worked in the pharmacy field for the past decade, I have to wonder why we as a society thinks it is perfectly okay and harmless to prescribe as many drugs as we do to our general population?

        I have always had a healthy fear of taking too many prescription drugs.

        I’ve seen legal prescription medication drug-addicted people during my years in health care.

        We need to watch this..IMHO

      • indy, it would be a logistical nightmare to search everyone at the gate. At Ft. Hood, there are, as memory serves, over half the uniformed personnel living off-post. Then there is a very large civilian employee contingent that commutes daily. Thinking over 50,000 through the gates daily. Great idea, not feasible at all.


    This is what is coming to America unless WE the PEOPLE stand up and say OH HELL NO to these billionaires and their politicians who love them…

    With the recent ruling of unlimited campaign donations – this is just one step closer to becoming a third world country.

    I suspect – even then – these Billionaire Fat Cats will not be happy.

    Greed is never satisfied…..

    After reading this article about televangelists and how their television networks are considered to be churches – look at the graphic above and then try to justify how some folks are rolling in tax free millions and yet we have families with kids going hungry and are homeless.

    Our country’s priorities are totally screwed up……


    Is there any common sense – or common ground – any more in the corporate workplace?