Wednesday, 4/2/14, Public Square

IRS vs Iran Contra


by | April 2, 2014 · 6:00 am

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  1. CONservatives do NOT care about anything but themselves and their bank accounts.

  2. Indy that is true, it is what happens to us first that determines what someone thinks is right or wrong. When people say the country is doing good or bad they are meaning that ” I am doing good or bad.” . It still gets me when I receive some piece stating there is an assault of Religious freedom.
    Now as I have stated you can not go more then a few blocks in any direction without coming across a church of one faith or another. Some are closing but that is because the people have move to a different church not quit going and even if they had. It is more then likely because of finding that their believes were more assaulted in the church then life.

    I may tend to see the world through the microcosm of the town I live in. But it is not so different other place I would say.

    • You hit the nail on its head.

      You and I have both commented on the drive going east on North 21st from the bypass out to Andover.

      How many mega churches can we count on that stretch of road alone?

      What I find so disturbing is how these so-called religious folks are the ones out yelling and screaming about how persecuted they are; but yet these are the folks who truly believe they have the right to go into our public schools and install THEIR prayers as the only acceptable prayer.

      Can you imagine the outrage if Muslims, Buddhists, Jewish or Catholics went into a public school and demanded that their prayers were the only prayers allowed?

      BTW – R.D. – do you know anything about this F.R.O.G. club operating out of the First Baptist Church in Augusta?

  3. There is a little dirty secret that the CONS are not telling about this IRS scandal – not one single Conservative group was denied their tax-free status. But a progressive group was denied their tax-free status.

    If these CONservative patriots are so damned concerned about our rights being taken away – then why aren’t they outraged about this Progressive group that was actually denied their tax-free status?


    Short reading about the myths of Ronald Reagan.

    If today’s CONservative Republicans would take off their Reagan rose-colored glasses when they’re trying to rewrite history – these CONS might just learn a few things about their Golden Idol.

    Is it appropriate that residents of Newtown want the gunman’s house torn down?

    Seems there is $11 million in funds needing to be distributed and there was a survey sent out to the Newtown residents.

    What if the house where evil originated is torn down and a park built in its place – as a reminder that 20 precious little lives and 6 educators lives were tragically snuffed out that day?

    That would be a positive to come out of such evil. And it’s an evil that my mind just cannot fathom.


    Here we go again…… I’d like to make a ruling that all these billionaires stop gorging off the government teat and then they can buy all the politicians they want.

    BUT these welfare leeches need to GET OUT OF MY POCKETS…

    What did I post as my first comment this morning about CONS not caring and only loving their own bank accounts…

    • Just think – billionaire brothers and a casino magnate will be the ones filling up the Senate and House and the White House in 2016.

      There is one way to fight these big money fat cats…….. by people showing up to vote in every single election.

      I still think it will be up to the women in America (and the self-assured men who love them) to finally have their fill of this B.S. and say – OH HELL NO………

      • Just to throw in a laugh here – why are CONservative ‘Family Values’ Republicans running out to Las Vegas to kiss the ring of a man who has made billions off gambling??

      • Well – why is Pat Robertson invested in diamond mines in Africa?

        Yeah, good ol’ Pat is just interested in saving the souls of those African people. Sure does sound nice on a fundraising pamphlet or throwing up a picture of poor, starving Africans when it is time for Pat’s money beg-a-thon…

        I wonder why nobody asks good ol’ Pat about his diamond mines?

    • I think our country’s form of government is officially an Oligarchy. But, remember that $1 X 50 million still equals $50million. We can probably count on the fact that Congress isn’t going to take any actions to cut off their funding, so it will be up to “we the people.” Right now, I don’t like our odds or have any confidence we’ll make any difference. The republicans who want so badly to give more and more to the wealthiest have won.

    Are we really talking about religious freedom – or – are we talking about how certain people can use their religious freedom as their weapon of choice to bully others?

    I just have to ask…….how in the hell would any business person determine the sexual orientation of a potential customer when they walked through the doors of their store?

    Seriously – these CONS are asking us to accept their reality that their religious freedom is being threatened by someone who may or may not be gay by their appearance?

    This is just wrong…….IMHO

    But, then again, lifting all campaign spending limits is also wrong – IMHO. But isn’t it very telling that these same CONS who are so fearful of losing their religious freedom are usually the same folks who love it when billionaire brothers and the casino king dude are running the GOP.

  8. Reality check:

    As to the SCOTUS decision this morning, I agree with it in principle. If the First Amendment “Freedom of Speech” guarantee was designed to protect political speech (as I believe it was), there should be no limit on the amount any individual natural person can spend in support of her/his political candidate(s) and position. This guarantee does not, however, preclude strict disclosure regulations on the name and amount contributed. My preference is disclosure of identity and amount no more than 12 hours after receipt (actual or constructive) of the donation upon a web site maintained by a third party (the FEC, for example). Oh, there should be no PACs, etc., to which donations can be made.

    • IIRC – these PACs were something that nursing home corporations always pushed – so no regulations would be placed on their industry.

      Hmmmm……no regulations and all that Medicare/Medicaid/Private pay money coming into the nursing home……

    Well, now isn’t this interesting….

    Hobby Lobby owners are so religious that the mere thought of their company offering health insurance coverage for certain birth control and contraceptives is threatening to their very religious souls..

    But – that same company can spend their company’s money on investments in those pharmaceutical companies that manufacture the very birth control and/or contraceptives that are so threatening to religious freedom.

    Does this mean that making money off birth control and/or contraceptives is okay with their God – just don’t use the stuff?

    Cecile Richards said it best in this article – hypocrisy

    • Please refer to my post early this morning…

      CONS do NOT care about anything but themselves and their own bank accounts.

      Wow – not every day I can make the exact same comment first in the morning and then the last one the same night..