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  1. Today’s graphic is so true. And waaaay too many wingnuts think that dying is exactly what women having abortions deserve. No matter what the reason for the abortion, it’s THEIR judgement, not the woman’s or the doctor’s, that matters.

    Wingnuts just love fetuses. Until they become children, that is. Then, they no longer deserve food stamps, a good public education, healthcare, etc.

    Jesus wept.

    • These Wingnuts start to love that fetus again when it is of military age so that child can go do the actual fighting and become fresh meat for their unnecessary, but very profitable, wars.

  2. I do think we’ll finally get equality for gay people before we ever figure out that a woman should have control over her own uterus. At least there will be some laws to help the LGBT community toward the goals of equality. If those laws remain as controversial as Roe v Wade, people who are convinced it’s their right to judge and make decisions for other people will keep on fighting, will keep on judging, will keep on thinking they are morally superior.

    Wouldn’t it be great if all of them would get a life of their very own?

    As it has been since the first woman became pregnant, women of the monied class will be able to choose and to carry out their choices safely. No woman of means will face death to end a pregnancy. Not only will she be safe, she will always be morally acceptable. No one, not even those who know her reproductive history, will think she is a slut or question her sexuality, her morality, her rights to exercise free will. All the dangers and all the shame and all the struggles will be born by those without the means.

    • “Wouldn’t it be great if all of them would get a life of their very own”

      I would settle for these folks to just get busy and clean up their own damn backyards before they start judging their neighbor.

      That should keep these Bible Thumpers busy until their Jesus comes down from the Heavens..

  3. One big factor in abortions that I never hear from any Pro Life fanatic is this – where is the man’s responsibility in all this?

    Let’s face it – if there was not male sperm fertilizing the female egg – there would never be a need for any abortion – would there?

    These Wingnuts have convinced themselves (and trying to convince everyone else) that abortions are being done by women who just don’t want to be pregnant. Women who are too selfish to be pregnant. Women who ‘use men’ and then kills their own baby as retaliation.

    We’ve all heard the horror stories.

    But – one story plot line that you will NEVER hear from any Pro Life fanatic is how these pervert men are raping young females and getting them pregnant and the men send these girls to get an abortion so they can get rid of their evidence of their rape.

    The sad truth is – this is an ongoing cycle of men raping young females – and all too many times, these are grown-ass men we are talking about – and sometimes they are so-called men of the cloth – ie preachers/deacons/leaders of the church.

    Yeah…that is the story line no Pro Life fanatic will EVER say out loud

    • Do you think there are any evangelinuts who are aware of how many youth are leaving because they know there is no defense for the church position on issues such as:

      — denying science

      — judging others

      — not feeding needy children

      — caring for the poor

      — opposition to gender equality

      — an unhealthy alliance between religion and politics

      The youth who do want to practice religion see clearly that you can’t possibly take a few passages that might make a homosexual a sinner (like every other human) as gospel without question, but at the same time totally ignore those about what you do for “the least of these” and other teachings of love and compassion. They’re not going to be part of that.

      Do the leaders understand their actions are indefensible?

      • Sad to say – I don’t think the leaders really care anymore. They have their media mouthpiece at the Foxxies in the Hen House. They have these preachers and televangelists spewing their same crappola.

        IMHO – I truly believe these leaders think they have the right to BULLY anyone and everyone. These folks do NOT care.

  4. Totally off topic – but I just got a text from my mother that my cousin (a year younger) collapsed at work and she is in the hospital.

    She has had troubles for the past two months and all tests have come back negative. She cannot keep any food down and has lost a lot of weight.

    This time, the doctors have put her into a coma to give her body a rest (I am not exactly sure what that means??). They plan to bring her back later this afternoon.

    Please send some positive energy and/or prayers her way….I would certainly appreciate it.

    • Sorry to hear this. Glad she’s in the hospital and I sure hope they figure out a way to help!

      • Thanks fnord. Life isn’t fair – as I know you already know this fact.

        But, as you say, hopefully they can figure out what is wrong and help her.

        As you can tell from my rant below – I am so frustrated with the way our country is at this moment in time.

        When will we learn to stop this obsession about abortion and gay marriage and focus on what real problems we have – such as access to health care, the availability of living-wage jobs, treating every American with dignity and respect regardless of the size of their bank account.

        Corporations will NEVER be a person – no matter how many millions the Koch Brothers and/or Sheldon Adelson spend on these damn Republican politicians.

    • Today is my brother’s and his wife’s birthday. They were born on the same day but a year apart.

      She died in 2001 at the age of 48 from a massive coronary. My brother died in 2007 at the age of 57 from cancer.

      As I’ve shared many times, my brother lost his battle with liver cancer as I was starting to beat my colon cancer.

      Life is not fair some times – is it?

      Now, with the news of my cousin, it reminds me of the fact she is only a year young than me – 60 yrs old – that is too damn young for something this major to happen.

      THEN when I hear of these Tea Party Mad Haters and Fundy Bible Thumping Republicans out protesting their fellow Americans access to health care insurance and telling outrights lies about the Affordable Care Act – it just makes me want to puke.

      There are people with REAL health issues and nobody gives a damn about them – do they?

      Both my brother and his wife never lived to get their Social Security benefit checks – did they? My brother did get disability the last year of his life – so he did get some Medicare benefits.

      My cousin has been a single mother and worked in retail at the mall. I’m sure she is not rolling in money.

      None of my family are wealthy – by any stretch of the imagination – but we have all worked and contributed our taxes that apparently are now only reserved to pay for the health care for those who truly ‘deserve it’ – such as these same Tea Party Mad Haters and Fundy Bible Thumping Republicans?

      Is that what this bunch really want me to believe?

      Sorry for my rant – but I am mad and frustrated at how our country brags about how great we are – but yet our health care system sucks to high heaven – and we still have a major political party that wants to return to the days when health care sucked even more – AND these folks also want to ban birth control and control womens’ bodies.

      Oh Hell NO…….

  5. A good op-ed out of The Kansas City Star —

    Ignore Sam Brownback’s hype: His own advisers concede Kansas economy is falling behind

    Read more here: http://www.kansascity.com/2014/03/31/4927386/ignore-sam-brownbacks-hype-his.html#storylink=cpy

    • It would be easier to ignore Preacher Sam Brownback if he was not in a seat of power.

      But, to hear these Bible Thumpers tell the story, God put Sammie into office.

      If this is what their God thinks is a good leader – then why the hell would I want to spend eternity with that God?

  6. I’ve got a question for any one to answer –

    Can a local church go into an elementary school during the school day time period and present their Bible-themed social club?

    According to the school calendar – and this church’s own website – this school club is supposed to be after school.

    More to the point – can this same church pass out t-shirts to the students with the name of this Bible-themed social club on the front and with a Bible verse on the back?

    Even more to the point – can this be done without the parent’s permission – or even being told about it before it happens?

    This really bothers me because I don’t see any other churches doing this – just this particular Baptist church.

    According to this church’s website – they brag about the fact that this social club started 5 years ago and they were in one elementary school – now they are in all four schools.

    My question is – Why? Especially if this is being done during the school day when all the students are not necessarily of the same damn faith – let alone the same damn church.

    • Clarification – this t-shirt event happened during the regular school day time period – it was NOT after school, as the church’s website states this social club meets.

      Also – their website states the purpose of this club is to present Bible stories and memorize Scriptures.

      Okay – but on the school day time period when public tax dollars are being used to teach students???

      • Is this feeling of entitlement to go and evangelize everybody just in these Fundy Evangelical Christian churches?

        I don’t see any Jewish rabbi, Buddhist monk, Catholic priest or even a Muslim mosque leader go into the public schools like these Fundy Evangelinuts are doing…..and want to do more of in the future…

        This is the reason why I hate organized religion…

    • But taxpayers paying for private jets is okay – God wants that fat cat CEO to be able to fly around the world on the taxpayer dime while people go hungry and get sick because they cannot afford to see a doctor.

  7. http://news.msn.com/us/marathon-victim-sues-glenn-beck-for-defamation

    I do hope this goes to a jury trial – and I hope it is televised.

  8. LOL checking my e-mail and Facebook is always good for getting me in the mood to take on the world! I have said it before, when you are a declared Republican your Facebook and E-mail gets filled with some of the most outrages stuff . Obama is a communist and a racist and a Islamic terrorist and a Black radical and Satan.

    • I know what you mean. I remember thinking when Obama was inaugurated back in January 2009 – I wonder when he will be showing his horns….

      It never happened…….did it?

      Of course, those Republican traitors down the street who were having dinner on the taxpayer dime while plotting to bring down Obama – I’m sure their horns were all capped in gold.

  9. http://news.msn.com/image-of-the-day

    Now this is funny, in a weird sort of way. At least this guy is not hurting anyone with his way of expressing himself on the Opening Day of Baseball season.

    But, I do have to wonder – this guy’s winter must have been very long and very frustrating to make him think of a stunt like this to celebrate baseball’s opening day.

  10. http://news.msn.com/us/when-popularity-backfires-climbing-the-social-ladder-can-lead-to-bullying
    Wow – bullying rears its ugly head even within the upper levels of the bullies themselves.

    Has anyone else wondered why we have so much bullying going on these days?

    I have to wonder – if Fundy Bible Thumpers believe they have the right to go into a public school and DEMAND their prayers be said..

    If Tea Party Mad Haters believe they have the right to go into a public town hall meetings and bully everyone else into what they want..

    If billionaires believe they have the right to buy their own political party filled with politicians to do their bidding…

    Then – it is any wonder we have so many bullies in our society today?

    There have always been bullies. I remember a few in my days of growing up.

    But….back in those days….bullies were not put up on some pedestal as being the ‘macho man type’ or the ‘leader we all want to follow’.

    Maybe we have so many bullies today simply because…….nobody is standing up to them and telling them NO..

    • Climbing the social ladder reminds me of how my husband and I were simply following what was thought back in the 1980’s, the best career path was to climb the corporate ladder.

      Yeah, we did that. Our family moved numerous times across the country to take over nursing homes, fix them up and then move on to the next one needing help.

      After all that moving – guess what. Our corporation sold out, we were left with the new owner. Some were good – some were terrible.

      When our youngest, the boy, got into middle school, my husband told the corporation no more moving. We stayed put – which is how we landed in Wichita.

      But – one year – my husband had three W-2’s due to the corporation being sold – and he never left the damn administrator’s office chair.

      The corporation sold one day – Health South owned it for one day – and then we were sold on the third day to the worst corporation in the business at that time.

      That is when my husband told the for-profit corporation to take a hike….

      A lot of things have changed since my childhood days – and nursing home business is one of the most saddest stories to hear.

      Corporations bought and sold these nursing homes like they were chess pieces on a chessboard.

      Health care should NEVER be strictly for profit….

      • Interesting, indy. I recall in the early 1980s counseling a client who had received an investment newsletter touting nursing homes and other services/goods directed to the elderly (including pharmaceutical companies) as the next great investment opportunity. Your post tells it all.

        Now, I wasn’t doing investment advising, just looking at the materials provided for their legality. I concluded it made sense while hoping there would be government involvement to minimize the sorts of things that came to pass as you related.

      • Our life has been at the other end of experience — we stayed put. With the exception of vacations, this is where we’ve been.

        My hubby is retiring. May 1 will be the last day he reports to the place he’s worked for over 40 years.

      • http://news.msn.com/in-depth/seniors-rape-throws-light-on-problems-in-assisted-living-homes
        As I stated above – the nursing home business has changed a lot since my husband started his career.

        Look around Wichita and count how many Assisted Living facilities have been built or currently being built.

        Then read this article….it will make your blood run cold.

        There are corporations running these places – and it’s not always the residents’ care and needs that come first.

        But these Assisted Living facilities should be a Republicans wet dream – very few regulations.

        But – there is another category below Assisted Living called Home Plus. These are residential housing for seniors and the elderly.

        Home Plus places are regulated even less ….

        Remember what I said in my first posting about these corporations buying and running these places?

        Some are good – some are bad. But when the bottom line is the first priority – what incentives are there to spend the extra money to be one of the ‘good ones’?