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  1. When thinking about the above graphic – exactly how many times has our country not had debt?

    Who was the last Republican president that actually had a balanced budget?

    Hint – it was NOT St. Ronnie Raygun

  2. The Tea Party Mad Haters love to scream about the debt – but they fail to put the blame where it belongs.

    Our country’s problems did not start when Obama was first inaugurated in January of 2009.

    • Just weeks after the GOP blocked a Senate bill providing help to veterans, news has emerged showing that 1,900 veterans have committed suicide since January 1, 2014.

      • But…but….fnord….Republicans love our veterans. These RePUKES are more than happy to have a photo-op with as many veterans as they can find….provided the vets are clean-shaven, not showing signs of mental illness or PTSD and above all else – RePUKES prefer fellow Republicans…


    Interesting graph illustrating the national debt per president since Roosevelt’s term

    Now, try to get this fact into a Tea Party Mad Hater’s thick skull..

    • Their goal is nothing more than to make President Obama look bad. They don’t care if they take down America and her citizens to achieve their goal.

      Where are the jobs?

      I’ll tell you. They’re a victim of republicans obstructing anything that might be good for Americans.

      They have no solutions, no leader, no plans outside the “goal.”

      • Just a bunch of sore losers – IMHO.

        If you doubt this assessment – then why are these same folks trying to deny their fellow Americans their right to vote?

        Sore losers – and they have to cheat to win.

      • What is the scariest thing to a Republican on election day?

        Long lines of people waiting to vote – and the majority are not old white men

      • We have discussed this before, but it bears repeating often :

        If Democrats and Independents sit out for 2014 midterm elections – then Republicans will regain even more power and the next two years will be a total waste of those folks trying to impeach Obama.

        We saw that happen to Clinton – do we really want to go through it again?

        Let’s not forget who rose to power in the GOP during the Clinton years – Newt Gingrich as Speaker of the House.

        That fact alone should make every Democrat, minority and woman get out to vote in 2014.

  4. It looks like the original goal for signing up Americans for health insurance will be met — 7 million. I know the republicans are screaming those aren’t new policies … and anything else they can scream to make this success seem anything but. Maybe they can vote to repeal again — keeps em busy and keeps their ‘base’ of haters convinced they’re actually doing something. Sure glad most Americans aren’t that easily fooled!

    It is still a rocky road to get Americans to understand the facts, ignore the lies and exaggerations and appreciate the new regulations on insurance companies which ensure we have better benefits from the insurance we buy, that we can buy coverage for what ails us (usually called ore-existing conditions), and there are no annual or lifetime caps that might leave us unprotected. Just the health maintenance coverage that MUST be covered by simply paying your premiums without additional cost (NO copays or deductibles) will go a long way to improving the health of Americans. It won’t take long for Obamacare to be as important to most Americans as Social Security and Medicare.

    Even IF the republicans were to gain the majority seats in the U.S. Senate this fall, when those new Senators take their oath of office in late January of 2015 there will be another whole batch of Americans who bought insurance during the second open enrollment. Every person who signed up during the first enrollment period will tell friends so no telling how successful the second enrollment period will be. How many million Americans will be covered with insurance by January 2015? My prediction is too many to fool. Too many to ever go back to letting insurance companies cover only what they want when they want. Too many who actually had their health-care bills paid for the cost of an insurance premium — ya know, the way it should have always been.

    Obamacare isn’t going away. I hope we always call it Obamacare.

    • Here’s a chart Fox “News” used on air this morning. Seven million is more than twice as big as six million? lol Oh well, we shouldn’t expect them to live up to their slogan. They know who their audience is.

      • Bill Clinton was correct when he said Republicans had an arithmetic problem.

        Is it any wonder these are the same folks that want to get rid of public education?

  5. I’m also encouraged because we’re hearing more Obamacare success stories and fewer stories about how coverage was lost, premiums and out of pocket costs increased. I think after a few of their horror stories were debunked the republicans finally figured out they were going to be checked out and once proven to be lies they would get a bunch of publicity about those lies. There are a lot of people working at trying to keep republicans honest. Keeping them honest has proven impossible, but making sure their lies are widely known is a little easier.

    The number of people they have fooled isn’t large enough to win a national election.

  6. How can you tell if a Republican is lying? If their lips are moving, put your fishing waders on because the lies are flowing like B.S.

  7. I used to think there were moderate Republicans that actually cared about our country.

    I no longer think that because I am still waiting for this group to tell their Rabid Religious Right Tea Party Mad Haters to sit down and STFU.

    Remember how many times Republicans have said that moderate Muslims need to tell their radical Muslims to STFU?

    Pot – meet – Kettle


    Let’s get ready for the onslaught of Rabid Religious Right Republicans to start cackling about how Chick-Fil-A is now the Chicken King.

    As for me personally, KFC chicken is not as good as it was when Colonel Sanders sold his fried chicken.

    If I remember correctly – didn’t the Colonel take KFC to court about them changing the taste to his chicken. And didn’t the Colonel, himself, say their chicken tasted like cardboard?

    Or is that just a myth?

    I need to go do some searching on the Internet.

    But between them – I would not pick either one. I would pick Bud E Roosters chicken. They are this little store on the west side in the plaza next to Warren Theatre on 21st Street.

    Their chicken is the best!!!!!

    I’ve read (and been told) there is a secret ingredient to Chick-Fil-A chicken. I’ll also try to do some research and post it later.

    • The only good thing I find about this is that President Obama is going to be president until his term exxpires in January of 2017. I do understand the whole republican impeach scenario. They’re too stupid to do something good for America, so if they win at this year’s mid-terms it is what I expect. They won’t win a veto-proof majority. I’m just hoping that if this is our future the republicans prove how ineffective, how stoopid, how leaderless, how lacking of ideas or solutions they are.

      As most of you here know I didn’t wake up from being a Kansas sheep republican until Bush2. HONESTLY! The republicans weren’t always what they are today! Honestly, they used to have ideas, they used to protect from over spending and they were fiscally responsible. They weren’t even war mongers! Think back not too far to Eisenhower to find they had some sense when it came to international relationships. Today’s republicans are real idiots, and definitely not examples of what put the GRAND in the party.

      If they do hold the House and win the Senate and begin impeachment proceedings will more people wake up and discover how far they’ve gone from any path that makes any sense? Will that be the time they’ve been given enough rope?

      • I seriously doubt it..

        Look at Rush Limbaugh and the other overpaid, bloviated Hate Talk Radio Shock Jocks.

        Whenever I think Rush and his Boys have finally hit the bottom of their GOP sewer level – they prove me wrong.

    • Midterm elections always remind me of how so many people say they want a president who is honest, loyal, dedicated and a good Christian man.

      We had all those qualities in Jimmy Carter – and who the Hell did people vote for against Jimmy Carter? That damn Reagan..

      Jimmy Carter was honest with Americans and told us upfront that we would have to sacrifice – remember the plea for us to put on a sweater?

      That is when Carter lost his re-election bid….how dare a president tell us we have to sacrifice anything…

      • Hmm, I always blamed it on the Iran Hostage Situation.

      • You mean, when Reagan made a deal with our enemies in Iran?

        Yeah, those are the folks that voted for him. Of course, you do remember this is when St. Ronnie Raygun welcomed Jerry Falwell and his Boys into the inner sanctum of the Grand Old Party.

        Nothing liked being a bunch traitors cloaked In the robes of righteousness..

        And, let’s also remember – Iran was in the Middle East where all that lovely oil was buried beneath our enemies’ feet.

        I wonder if these Fundy Christians have ever asked their God why he put all that oil beneath the feet of those Muslims

        Being God is perfect and all…..

      • If it was just the Iran Hostage situation – then why didn’t these Raygun worshippers turn on their golden idol boy when Beirut Embassy was attacked and how many Americans were killed? And then Raygun turned ass and ran like a little girl??

        Isn’t it rather telling that these same folks when screaming ‘Benghazi’ – that these same fools did not ever scream ‘Beirut’ at their beloved Ronnie?

        For Christ’s sake – Ronnie Raygun actually believed that ketchup was a suitable vegetable serving for school lunches.

        And then these same Raygun-fools demonize Michelle Obama for pushing for health school lunches?

        How dare anybody tell these Raygun-fools what to do…..