Sunday, 3/30/14, Public Square

Republicans don’t like new taxes. They like more of same old ones.

(from the link): Red states hate taxes. Red state governors like Rick Perry (R) in Texas and Bobby Jindal (R) in Louisiana love to tell people in other states how low their taxes are. They love to try and lure people from states with higher tax rates to their so-called bastions of personal freedom, where that no good varmint known as “the government” keeps their damn dirty paws off your money. Or so they like to claim. However, thanks to a right-leaning (yes you read that correctly) tax policy think tank’s findings, we now have definitive proof that people like Perry and Jindal rely on nothing more than smoke and mirrors to push their “low tax” narrative, because math is once again not the ally of the Republican.




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10 responses to “Sunday, 3/30/14, Public Square

  1. Here’s a great Sunday post from Gene Robinson, the Episcopal Bishop. It’s title? Christians, You Are Not Victims.

  2. Republicans do not really hate taxes – they just believe they should never have to pay any taxes.

    Let’s think about this – every ‘good’ Republican knows how to leech off the government teat – so these folks depend on taxpayers – don’t they?

    Romney’s 47% video explained it all – Republicans believe that ‘those people over there’ should be paying taxes – never themselves.

  3. Isn’t choosing bible verses fun?

    • I am offended to know that Hobby Lobby must believe their employees are incapable of managing their own lives and making their own choices.

      Who the Hell wants to give that type of boss the power to control your health care?

  4. As far as picking Bible verses go……let’s review what the Ten Commandments say about abortion, birth control and homosexuality – shall we?

    The Ten Commandments are the only verses that are purported to have been written by God’s own hand.

    If abortion, birth control and homosexuality are such big sins -then wouldn’t God have put them in his Top Ten List?