Saturday, 4/29/14, Public Square

Religion makes strange bedfellows!



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  1. Asher Bob White

    Ryan or Rand, same thing, can be our chosen basis for immorality; all we need to do is choose it! Know, however, such choice is not congruent with any of the teachings of Jesus.

  2. Tim Conrad

    I see. If you’re an atheist you are a bad person. Not because your economic philosophy is insane but because you are an atheist.

    • Personally, I feel if a person professes to be such a damn fine morally superior Catholic – and they spew a known atheist’s insane economic philosophy – that is what makes you a bad person.

      I could care less what religion a person follows – or if they do not believe in God – it makes no difference to me.

      BUT if you’re in a seat of power – ie Paul Ryan – then what you do and say is important and what you do with that power does affect a lot of people.

      Atheism is fine by me – and if that is what floats your boat, then Amen Brother, go for it.

  3. Hello Tim Conrad.

    If you stick around I’m pretty sure you’ll find out no one here thinks atheists are bad people because of their religious beliefs.

    Choose to believe, not to believe, what to believe and then remain a thinking, caring, compassionate, tolerant person who expects others will also choose for themselves is pretty much where most of us fall. I don’t know of anyone who posts here that feels any religion, or lack of, makes them superior to any other person.

    There are some inconceivably shitty people in this world and sometimes we know whether they claim a faith, sometimes we don’t know. We’ve been hearing from a bunch of people who tell us they’re christian and then have really hateful ways. Maybe all that tells us is they’re louder and more public about their religious beliefs.

    The thread header is just showing how someone who professes to be a Catholic and another who leads the Church of Satan use the same ‘philosoppy’ in their beliefs.

  4. Ewwwww. I’m a practicing atheist and I resent having to share that space with Rand. She is insane, and I would not raise her rhetorical spews to the level of calling them an economic philosophy. They are just nonsensical rantings. “Greed is good” is not a philosophy. It’s a quote from a fictional character in a fictional movie. Gordon Gekko is not and never was real.

    • Venture Capitalists live by that motto – Greed is Good.

      Hell – look at what the GOP offered us in the way of their choice for president in 2012.


      • Is it a coincidence that Paul Ryan was the sidekick to that 2012 GOP Venture Capitalist choice for president?

        I don’t think so. All that ‘Greed is Good’ crappola is exactly what Republicans push and believe in…

        The Reagan years – 1980’s – were known as the Decade of Greed for a good reason.

  5. Good to see you Bob White and welcome Tim. Stick around. I think you might like it here.

  6. This is short, well worth your time, and Bill nails it!

    • I remember the days when corporations strived (or attempted) to be good citizens.

      I remember the days when CEOs did not make outrageous salaries and golden parachute severance packages when they bankrupted the company – only to walk away with millions while be courted by other companies to come be their CEO -again with outrageous salaries and golden parachute to repeat the same cycle.

      I truly believe a golden opportunity was missed when not one single of those fat cat bankers on Wall Street was charged and prosecuted for their illegal maneuverings during the GWB economic crash of 2008.

      Republicans always like to scream about personal responsibility and holding people accountable – well, when do they plan to start doing this?

  7. Robert Reich says —

    The vast wealth that has accumulated at the top of the economy is not itself the problem. The problem is that political power tends to rise to where the money is. America isn’t yet an oligarchy, but that’s where the Koch’s and a few other billionaires are taking us. When billionaires supplant political parties, candidates are beholden directly to the billionaires. And if and when those candidates win election, the billionaires will be completely in charge.

    At this very moment, casino magnate Sheldon Adelson (worth an estimated $37.9 billion) is privately interviewing potential Republican candidates, in what’s being called the Sheldon Primary. “The ‘Sheldon Primary’ is an important primary for any Republican running for president,” says Ari Fleischer, George W. Bush’s former press secretary. “Anybody running for the Republican nomination would want to have Sheldon at his side.” Adelson spent $100 million on the 2012 election but denies he’s doing it for personal gain. He just wants the federal government to ban online gambling (and judging from legislation now being pushed on Capitol Hill, his investment seems to be paying off).

    It’s more urgent than ever that we reverse “Citizen’s United” (if by Constitutional amendment if necessary), establish strict campaign finance and disclosure laws, and stop the wholesale takeover of America by the new billionaire political bosses. I chair the citizen’s group Common Cause, that’s trying to do all this. Website for Common Cause: