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If corporations are recognized as religious organizations will the next step be tax-free status?  Is that the end goal?

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  1. The evangelinuts / tea baggers recreate history to fit what they want it to be, while screaming they are the ones being discriminated against.

    • I am always especially disappointed in my own people, both the Lutheran and Catholic Volga Germans. They came here because in Russia they were not allowed to practice their religions. Their churches were turned into grain bins and government offices and they were not even allowed to worship in their own homes. Of course, there was that little thing about their crops and livestock being seized and they were starving to death, but let’s get back to religion.

      Ask any Volga German out here and they will tell you they were persecuted for their religion and it was one of the main reasons they came here. Now?

      They’d rather die than acknowledge the equality of gay people or immigrants, or anyone else not just like them. Immigrants? Uh, two generations ago that was YOU! Religious freedom or freedom from religion? Uh, three generations ago that was YOU! They are the WORST when it comes to reproductive rights. It’s no secret that one of the reasons Planned Parenthood in Hays is targeted is because of the heavy German Catholic influence in that community. Contraception? NEVER!

      Jesus wept. How quickly people forget. Give them some wealth, take away their accents, and all of a sudden they came over on the Mayflower and they are the American Popes…

  2. Whether they be Islamic extremists or American evangelinuts, they are both extremely right wing, socially conservative, racist, and they share the same views of male dominance, women and sex. Although they share so much in common they don’t recognize much beyond their hate and intolerance for one another. Sharia means two opposing things to the two groups.

    (from the link): “Both campaigns – the politically motivated machinations of the Taliban’s Sharia in Pakistan and the misrepresentations of the Islamic law encroaching into the U.S. – are built on the suspicion of a pluralistic society where multiple faiths or interpretations of the same faith are permissible.”


  3. I actually read a ‘conservative’ comment in a discussion about the birth control mandate that seemed to support Planned Parenthood. How do you discuss anything with ‘conservatives’?

    “Problem is people against Hobby Lobby are too stupid to realize there is such a thing as Planned Parenthood, free clinics, and Walmart or other low cost pharmacies. It’s like DUH, how can you be so utterly stupid? Anyone can get birth control pills at Planned Parenthood for next to nothing. All they got to do is show up.”

    • Does Hobby Lobby have a problem with their health insurance paying for vasectomies?

      If not – then there is a double standard here.

      Vasectomies is the final birth control and is quite effective at stopping all impregnation of any female eggs.

      • Their stated objection is to pills and devices they say cause abortions (abortifacient) — morning-after pills (Plan B and Ella), and the IUD. The ‘morning after’ pill stops ovulation, not implantation. But anyway, facts aren’t their strong suit and this isn’t really about anything more than stopping Obamacare or doing as much damage as is possible.

        The health insurance Hobby Lobby has always offered to their employees covers some types of birth control, and not others. They state they want the right to decide which is or isn’t acceptable to their religious beliefs. Vasectomies are far removed from fertilized eggs being destroyed… Besides men don’t need to be controlled … they are half the process of making a baby but it’s the woman’s body which is necessary to make that fertilized egg into a viable baby.

      • I know, Hobby Lobby is owned by Evangelicals that apparently believes that old myth as to all women are to blame for making men do anything ‘sinful’ because Eve gave that damn apple to Adam.

        Hmmm…..where’s the part in that story about personal responsibility on Adam’s part?

        We’ve all heard this personal responsibility diatribe from these Evangelinuts – haven’t we?

        I guess all personal responsibility B.S. is just for women – because men are victimized by the lowly women?

        Just pass the barf bag now….

      • Or – maybe I am seeing this all wrong?

        Maybe these Evangelinuts KNOW that men do not have the mental capacity to know that their choices will bring consequences?

        Let me rephrase that – these Evangelinut men do not have the mental capacity to know that their choices will bring consequences.

        Evangelinuts must really think their men are some S-T-O-O-P-I-D people

      • It seems some of the ‘conservative’ judges on the Supreme Court are as ignorant of the science as those who brought this lawsuit. Comments made during the oral arguments indicted they also think of the ‘morning after’ pill as an abortifacient. It seems so absolutely wrong that a few men who don’t even know the facts will be making a decision that will have an impact on all American women and too many children. You can bet your bottom dollar unwanted pregnancies will increase in number, abortions also, and unwanted children who don’t have a chance at thriving, maybe not even a chance at eating, being sheltered…

        It’s heart breaking.

    • Hey – when a Supreme Court Justice thinks he has no conflict of interest when he is a guest speaker at the Koch Brothers funded Tea Party rallies and his wife is a big time Tea Party head cheerleader – are we really surprised when these CONservative Supreme Court justices are so willfully ignorant of the scientific facts?

      • Bottom line – if there is no male sperm near the female eggs – there is NO possibility of a baby.

        This does not even take a scientific mind to know this basic fact – does it?

        So – if Hobby Lobby is so concerned about possible abortions – then why not just stop the problem before it even starts…..make men be responsible for what they do with their own sperm.

        Sounds logical to me…

        A woman cannot get pregnant all by herself – it takes that sperm.

        So, I guess the culprit is the sperm – so, let’s keep it under check. Okay Boys?

        Sounds logical to me….

  4. Many people think of oil as fossil fuels – liquefied dinosaurs – but the reality is that most oil actually started off as algae millions of years ago. And in looking to create biofuels, scientists have often seen great potential in farming and harvesting algae.


    • Ronald Reagan sealed America’s fate the day he took those solar panels off the White House roof.

      President Jimmy Carter was the one we should have listened to back then. Remember how people mocked Jimmy Carter when he had those fireside chats and actually told the American people to put on a sweater when they were cold?

      How dare that uppity peanut farmer from Georgia. Who did he think he was?

      Reagan did a lot of damage when he used Jerry Falwell and his Morality Boys to get into the White House.

      I still blame Reagan for the way he handled the AIDS epidemic. If Reagan had the moral compass to treat the AIDS epidemic as a health issue – and not a moral issue against homosexuality – our country would have been much better off.

      But, as I pointed out above, Jerry Falwell and his Morality Boys were in power with Reagan at that time. AIDS was the perfect issue to get even more tax-free dollars into the mega Evangelinuts churches – and boy did they ride that golden goose. And these folks are still riding that golden goose that hates the homosexuals.

      Take away the damn tax-free status of churches – and I think we would see an entirely different county.

      But, then again, I have never seen how giving your money to some church so they can build a huge monument dedicated to making more money for the preacher man is in any way considered to be ‘charity’ work?

      We’ve all seen these huge mega churches – haven’t we? Now, tell the truth – when you pass by one of these churches, is the first thought that pops into your head is how much this church truly helps their fellow citizens in the way of feeding them, finding affordable housing, finding living wage jobs?

      That’s not my first thought……….

  5. Oh, and as regards the day’s graphic, I totally think that is the end game of corporate personhood and giving the corporation religious status is just one step in the process. We heard that crap on TBTSNBN about how corporations should NOT be taxed because they just pass the tax on to their customers.

    Hell, in Brownbackistan, they don’t want wealthy individuals to pay taxes and they don’t want corporations to pay taxes and they already let churches skate on taxes. I guess that leaves property taxes and given how economic development groups routinely lobby for tax abatement for corporations, you do know that leaves residential property to fund the entire government? That and sales taxe, the most regressive tax on the books.

    If you are not now a member of the 1 percent, you are screwed. It’s like indentured servitude and it will not change for generations if it changes at all.

  6. Looks like other people outside of Kansas are starting to notice the havoc wrecked on Kansas by the kochs and governor brownstain. As the article says, Kansas is hurtling toward being a totally failed state. Wanna see the damage from austerity and reaganomics? Look no further than the arthur laffer designed Kansas economic train wreck, funded politically by the koch front americans for prosperity. Welcome to the state of corporate rule.

    • And… be sure to read the comments. It makes me so ashamed to live here.

      Anyone wanna buy a farm?

      • Chris Hayes on MSNBC had some woman from Americans for Prosperity group on his show a couple nights ago.

        The topic was Obamacare and why Republican governors do not want to expand Medicaid so more people can buy insurance through Obamacare.

        This woman actually would not stop talking over Chris. She kept yammering on and on about how the poverty line under Obamacare was $94,000/year.

        On what planet do these people live?

        BTW – this woman actually said that Republicans were against Obamacare because they care more about these poor people.

        Let’s get this straight – to prove how much these RePUKES care about the poor, they want to take away their chance to buy their own healthcare insurance?

        Again I ask – on what planet do these people live?

      • Here’s just one of the comments (one of the kinder ones) from the link PP shared —

        I’m not sure why anyone is surprised over this. I can remember the best explanation ever given to me about extreme anti-tax right wingers, from my aunt, a public school teacher: The extremely wealthy do not want taxes lowered, they want taxes eliminated. When you become wealthy enough to provide your family with all things the government can provide, there’s no need for you to pay taxes. Public highways? I’ll just buy a plane. Public schools? Send my kids to private school. Police? I have my own bodyguards that protect my family and property. And on and on and on. Now they can basically buy elections to make these things so. And the general population is too stupid to understand what they are doing because of OBAMACARE! or BENGHAZI!!!!

  7. Report back to class – I have not heard one word from The 700 Club or good ol’ Pat himself regarding my prayer request yesterday.

    I will refresh your memory – I asked for prayer for so-called a Christian leader and his blonde-haired female cohost because they were so offensive when they actually laughed when discussing if Christians should pray for our leaders.

    But, then again, Pat and Blondie may be a tad bit upset with me because I did mention the part where Pat said it is hard to pray for our leaders when we hear so many lies every day and watch as our country’s foundations are torn down everyday – I had to ask if they were talking about George W. Bush.

    Let’s face it – if you wanted to hear lies and watch people in power tear down our country’s foundations – the Bush years were the absolute leader in those two areas – IMHO

    I am not holding my breath on hearing back from The 700 Club or Pat/Blondie.

    The main reason – I suspect – is because I failed to do something that is ultimately required – I did not send any money to their tax-free corporation disguised as a non-profit charitable faith-based church group.

  8. Behind the paywall of your local paper, a nice article about how kansas really is Dumbfuckistan. We’re chasing away much needed population. So much for brownstain’s grand Kansas Experiment.

    “More people have been leaving Kansas than moving here over the last four years, new Census figures show.

    The state experienced a net loss of 10,197 people because of outward migration from 2010 through July 1, 2013, according to numbers released Thursday by the Census Bureau.

    That number offsets a net gain of 9,830 people who migrated into the state from 2007 to 2009, Census numbers show.

    Although the numbers seem at odds with Gov. Sam Brownback’s “Road Map for Kansas,” which aims to grow the state by improving the economy, Brownback’s spokeswoman Sara Belfry said Kansas’ population has declined for a long period of time. She said the new Census data doesn’t reflect the true impact of Brownback’s tax cuts, which went into effect in January 2013. Brownback took office in January 2011.

    “The Governor has watched the population decline in Kansas throughout his lifetime,” Belfry wrote in an e-mail to The Eagle. “Since being elected, the Governor has worked hard to grow the Kansas economy and jobs. This U.S. Census report only reflects half of one year of the Governor’s tax cuts. Reversing the decades long de-population trend will take time, and we are happy with the growth Kansas has seen.”

    Sedgwick County saw more people leave from 2010 to 2013 than any other county in the state, with a net loss of 5,236 people. Wyandotte and Shawnee counties each lost about 1,500 people to migration during that time.

    Johnson County saw a net gain of 9,699 new residents over the same time period. Other big gainers were Riley County, with 1,588 new residents, and Douglas County, with 1,360.

    The Census data confirms what many of Sedgwick County’s elected officials and business leaders already know. Although there is no data to confirm it, it’s natural to connect the county’s large job loss with an exit of people, wrote Tim Chase, president of the Greater Wichita Economic Development Coalition, in an email to The Eagle.

    “Our region suffered greatly during the recession,” Chase said in the e-mail. “While there are signs of new momentum beginning to show, it will be several years before the data reflects much net improvement. During the recession the metro area shed over 32,000 jobs and we have regained approximately 7,000. People are forced to follow jobs.”

    Area leaders are working to find new ways to rebuild the regional economy by growing primary jobs, Chase said.

    “That’s what the Chamber and GWEDC work on every day,” he said. “We have had some success in adding new employment, but no one is satisfied with the current economy.”

    The Census shows that Kansas gained 16,752 people from international migration over the last four years, but lost 26,949 to other states, resulting in the net 10,197 loss. Sedgwick County gained 2,136 people from other countries, but lost 7,372 to domestic migration.

    The numbers don’t reveal any information about who left, or why.

    “Domestic migration could be anything from retirees going to Florida to military service people being stationed somewhere else,” said Peter Haxton, coordinator of the State Data Center in the State Library of Kansas. “International migration could be anybody – international students coming to study at Wichita State, or people coming here to work from Mexico or India.”

    Kansas was among the bottom 10 states in the number of people who moved in from other states compared with the number who moved out during the 12 months ending July 1, 2013. Kansas ended that 12 months with a net loss of 12,557. Colorado and Oklahoma, on the other hand, were in the top 10 states receiving people.

    Other states in the bottom 10 were New York, California, New Jersey, New Mexico, Ohio, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Connecticut.

    Kansas and Sedgwick County gained in population during the last four years because their numbers of births were higher than the numbers of deaths plus the number of people who left. In Kansas, there were 129,453 births and 78,479 deaths, along with the net loss of 10,197 to migration. That resulted in a net increase of 40,777, raising the state’s population to 2,894,000.

    “People appear to be migrating out, but are being replaced by births,” Haxton said.

    Sedgwick County had 25,480 births in the past four years, and 13,226 deaths to go along with the 5,236 net loss to migration. That resulted in a net increase of 7,018 people, raising the county’s population to more than 505,400.

    For the 10-year period from 2000 to 2009, the state had a net migration loss of 17,574. Most of it occurred during the five-year period from 2001 to 2005 when Kansas had a net loss of more than 27,000 people.

    Read more here:

    • The problem – as I see it – the people who are leaving Kansas are the smart ones.

      The ones that will never leave Kansas are the same assholes that got us into this mess in the first place – correct?

      BTW – How much you want to bet the CONservative Republicans’ answer to fix this declining census problem is to ban all birth control.

      Oh, wait a minute, that is already one of the CONS’ goals – isn’t it?

      • But those babies being born – are they also producing revenue for the state?

        How about the people having these babies? Are they working at living-wage jobs? How family-wage jobs?

        There is a difference between living-wage and family-wage jobs.

        A living wage job is one that affords the person to be able to pay their bills in order to survive.

        A family-wage job is one that affords a couple to make the choice to have one of the parents be able to stay at home and take care of those babies and still have enough money to pay the bills in order to survive.

        Tell me again – what is the minimum wage in Kansas?

        What is the average wage in Kansas?

        What is the cost of living in Kansas?

        How can people afford to live and pay for their own health care insurance premium on what jobs are readily available in Kansas?

        Hell – just paying health insurance premiums will make any budget crash…

        And then don’t dare get sick – because if you think those premiums are too costly – the co-pays and your portion of the high health care bills will really kill your budget – and yourself in the end.

      • Another factor in Kansas population – how many people are turning 65 every day and are going on Medicare and/or Medicaid?

        Look at any nursing home and there are many more residents on both Medicare and Medicaid than ever before.

        My husband and I have been in the nursing home business for 30+ years. There used to be an expectation that a good mix of revenue was always possible. A sizable private pay portion of the census always made the Medicaid portion even out to make the nursing home able to thrive.

        That private pay portion is getting smaller and smaller with every passing year.

        Nobody has the kind of money that people used to have 30 – 20 or even 10 years ago.

        People like my father (he is 81 yrs old now) worked at the same company for 40 years. He retired with a good pension. He had health insurance for his family and a living-wage union job to provide a good middle class living.

        What happened to this scenario?

        Let’s see – Reagan came into office and brought us trickle down economics and blew a big gaping hole into our economy?

        Reagan came in and all Hell broke loose. Corporations got to run over employees’ rights. Corporations got bigger and bigger – off their gorging at the taxpayer trough. Corporations could do whatever they wanted – and nobody had any right to say one word back to them. If you did not like it – you were shown the door.

        Reagan also destroyed the unions – so the average wages fell through the floor. The average wage earner now has not kept up with inflation – let alone kept up with the cost of living – have they?

        And then, as I said above, the health care costs have gone through the roof.

        Reagan – he was a real winner – wasn’t he? Any damn person who actually thought ketchup to be a suitable vegetable for school lunches was nothing more than a Tea Party idol of S-T-O-O-P-I-D-I-T-Y

        But, that’s just my thought on the subject….

  9. As for the graphic today – this is already happening in our country.

    Employees are being worked to death – threatened with being fired if they dare to speak up for their rights.

    Employees are being treated like dirt beneath the CEO’s feet – and threatened with being fired if they dare to speak up for their rights.

    Employees are caught in the trap of looking around and seeing no prospects of any potential job openings – and certainly not at the rate they are making currently if they have been with the company for any length of time.

    So – what are employees supposed to do? I know a lot of folks who are working at jobs they absolutely hate, and work for bosses they absolutely cannot stand and there is only one reason these folks put up with this outrageous behavior…

    because they have kids to feed, a house to pay the mortgage and the dignity of working.

    If these corporations wonder why their employees have no loyalty to them – they need a big ass truth-telling mirror for themselves.

    I don’t think even God himself telling these greedy corporation CEOs that they are wrong would do any good.

    These CEOs are so arrogant and ignorant – even God himself would be get spit on and then stomped into the ground by these greedy S.O.Bs

    This is what the love of money will bring…….it has never failed in history….has it?

  10. The Hobby Lobby supporters are folks who like to scream and rant about how they are against the government being the one to get between you and your doctor.

    If Hobby Lobby wins this case – then isn’t Hobby Lobby CEOs being more over-reaching than the government – because these owners believe that they have the right to dictate what you can and cannot have included in your health care coverage through their company.

    Tell me – what’s the damn difference between government – employer – health insurance pencil-dickhead telling you what we can and cannot have included in our health care?

  11. I wonder what position Hobby Lobby owners take on their health care dollars paying for erectile dysfunction pills?

    Without the ED medications – would there even be sex taking place in a lot of situations?

  12. One last thought – (seriously, I am so sick of thinking about these silly and frivolous lawsuits brought by CONservatives).

    Why is it that it seems to be these Evangelical Christians and Catholics that always seem to feel the need to play the victim card of religious persecution?

    I don’t remember the Jewish, Buddhists or even the Muslims in this country always whining and making a federal case out of how they feel so persecuted.

    Besides – I do think these Christian churches far outnumber the Jewish synagogues, Buddhists Temple and the Muslim Mosques – don’t they?

    For being so persecuted – these Christians have a damn mega church on every corner.

    • OH, I forgot to add the Catholic churches in that group.

      God knows….those Catholics not only own a lot of churches but they have bought up the majority of hospitals and doctors clinics.

      Persecuted my Aunt Fanny…..


    You may have heard this before but I had not. Read it on Crooks and Liars.

    Q: What’s the difference between a Kansas tornado and a Kansas divorce?

    A: Either way, somebody’s going to lose a trailer.

  14. Just thought of something….

    Bible Thumpers should know that the Bible says God made man in his image.

    If this is true, then how can a corporation be a person?

    On second thought, maybe that is the end goal?

    Are these Bible Thumpers saying that God is nothing more than a corporation in the Sky that is going to destroy us if we don’t bow down and kiss his butt.

  15. p>Al-Qaida new plot to undermine the United states..

    One thing about being home now and mom living with us. I answer the phone in the day time. Much to the dismay of telemarketers!

    • Sounds a little harsh? You should hear me on the phone with them! as soon as I figure out what they want their ears burn.

      • I usually give them enough time to rattle off their marketing spew……and then I hit them with one of 3 things:

        1) please repeat what you just said because I am hard of hearing.
        2) let me talk to my husband and I’ll call you back.
        3) I blow a whistle into the phone – that usually gets them to NEVER call me again.

        I go straight to #3 if the person is particularly annoying, obnoxious and rude.

        An automatic #3 is required when I answer the phone and it is a robot call – and I have to wait for some live person to get on the line.

        Hey – they called me and should be ready to talk to me when I pick up the damn phone.

        How R-U-D-E

      • I particularly LOVE the first two! 🙂

        When it comes to telemarketers, that call where you say hello, and after a long pause the PERSON WHO CALLED YOU finally catches up and says hello because they just finally picked up the damn line irritates me the very most! I’ve trained myself to check the caller ID. Then I get irritated if they leave a message. If I do answer, usually because the ringing phone interrupted whatever I was busy doing and I was rushing to get there by the 3rd or 4th ring so didn’t stop to look, I try really, really hard just to hang up instead of allowing myself to be upset. Sometimes I’m successful.

      • Sure hope he has the good sense to pass on naturally before I am faced with that decision. LOL

        I do too! 🙂

        I think I’ve told you I said no to the first two or three marriage proposals. Hubby is five years younger, and I have FOUR children. I just thought he should find a lovely young woman he could make a lovely family with. Damn I’m glad he was persistent!

        Anyway, during this series of marriage proposals he came up with a long list of reasons it made sense for an older woman to marry a younger man, and one of his reasons was that I was less likely to be a widow. So in one of the discussions we were laughing and joking and I made him promise I would get to die first. Well, let me tell you! Today, ever once in a while when I’m being a particular pain in the butt, he’ll mention that he promised to let me die first. It certainly has a very different sound to it today than it did 35 years ago. 🙂

      • Hubby rarely answers the phone but IF he does and If it’s a telemarketer he listen patiently and then says, “You know, you really should start looking for a different job, you’re not very good at this one.”

      • Hubby sounds like a jewel…….

        Telemarketers is one thing – but when a poll surveyor gets on the line and by the first few questions, I can tell I am talking with a Republican pollster, that is when I really enjoy taking that person for a little ride down the rabbit hole.

        Just like that RNC 2014 GOP platform questionnaire I received. By the time I read the 3rd question as to how evil Obama is, my back gets up and I am ready to go hunting for some elephant hides.

        Know what I mean?

        BTW – My #3 is very effective if you NEVER want that telemarketer to call back.

        I usually save that #3 for repeat callers……

  16. Hey, RD, I think that’s good news your mother is home with you. I guess I didn’t know that. I know it’s hard, but it is sure better than having her in a hospital or nursing home.

    • Agreed 100% – and my husband has made his living off the nursing home business.

      My husband made me promise to never place him in a nursing home.

      Sure hope he has the good sense to pass on naturally before I am faced with that decision. LOL

      Even the best of nursing homes is NOT home.

      35 years ago when my husband first started in the nursing home business, it was the usual Grandma and Grandpa living in the home due to not being able to take care of themselves.

      NOW the nursing home business has chronically-ill patients, terminally ill patients, tube feeders, patients on respirator 24/7…..we have some very sick people in nursing homes in this day and age.

      And then – we have not even talked about the ones with Alzheimers disease or mental illness issues. That is an entirely different story..

  17. It looks like in our City you can buy Ben & Jerry’s in the freezer section of some grocery stores, and the closest actual store is Overland Park. But, I like to know where I should make an effort to stop while traveling, if I can’t visit while at home!

    Not All Big Companies Pay Minimum Wage And Treat Animals And People Like Dirt

  18. Jim Wright (Stonekettle Stration) says:

    And in a surprise twist certain to put a long overdue end to a sordid tale:
    Task Force Chris Christie, funded by Chris Christie (with public money) and made up of Chris Christie’s personal lawyers and Chris Christie’s personal friends and impartially overseen by Chris Christie, cleared Chris Christie of wrongdoing in the Chris Christie scandal and recommended Chris Christie fire rogue Chris Christie staffers who Chris Christie was totally not responsible for.
    The task force then declared that henceforth Fridays will be called Christieday – at least in New Christsey.

    • I watched Chris Christie today in his press conference.

      What a big bag of wind. For a minute there, I thought Christie was auditioning to replace Rush Limbaugh as the Exalted Leader of the Big Bags of Wind


    I watched Chris Matthews tonight talk about Sheldon Adelson – the casino billionaire who backed Newt Gingrich in 2012 and financed the nasty fight that kept Newt in the race so long and then when Newt dropped out, this old dude backed Romney – to the total tune of $92 million personal donations to the losing Republicans.

    But, I have to ask one question – if Republicans are so Family Values and morally superior folks – then why are they all gathering to sit at the feet of this billionaire casino gambling king so they can have the chance to be the one the old dude gives his magic touch of gold to run in 2016?

    Wow – nothing says family values like the King of Sin City – huh?

      Wow – it appears Newt Gingrich is upset because he is not invited to the Las Vegas party this weekend?

      As for Newt’s recommendation to fix the problem of campaign finance reform – do we really need to add MORE money to the already rotten-to-the-core political system?

      Rather than that – let’s put a maximum spending cap on each candidate and get rid of these PACs?

      That sounds like a better idea..

      • I know, I know…..corporations are people and they have the right to free speech ….

        blah, blah and more blah….

        The day a corporation can get its own voter registration card and provide a birth certificate to prove they are who they say are – THEN that is the day a corporation will be a person – in my eyes.

        BTW – that birth certificate has to be a long-form CERTIFIED copy stating the name of the mother and father and place of birth.

        Nothing else will suffice as proof…