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  1. Of course there was no outrage from Republicans for GWB and his Boys – war profits were rolling in for these Republicans and money, after all, is their only goal in life.

    Republicans still worship St. Ronnie Reagan. Do some research into the embassy attack on Beirut and see how many Americans died – and then Reagan turned tail and ran away.

    Republicans…for all their bluffer and posturing as being so damn macho – they sure do act like chicken shits…

  2. Elizabeth Warren keeps trying, but it’s hard with no others supporting her. Gotta give her props for keeping the issue alive.

    • I like Elizabeth Warren. I would love to see her as president – but I don’t think she has the political know-how to get down and dirty.

      Which is why I think Hillary Clinton should run in 2016 and then have Elizabeth Warren in her Cabinet.

      NOW that would be a woman’s dream come true – IMHO

      BTW – Hillary Clinton is the type of woman we need as the first female president. Hillary has already been in the game with the Big Boys for quite a few years and Hillary knows all about their pasts……..that is useful information.

      Plus, I think Hillary would enjoy kicking their sorry butts around the Capitol – just because she can.

      • Every day I hear the knuckle-dragging neanderthals talk about Hillary’s thighs, or make other statements that make them look really little, stupid and scared. Wonder what part of Elizabeth Warren’s anatomy they’ll talk about?

      • Scott Brown and his fellow RePUKES already went after Elizabeth Warren for her Native American heritage.

        Remember all those Neanderthals doing the tomahawk whoop while doing the chop chop hand gesture.

        Every one of those men looked absolutely stupid.

        Or – in true Tea Party sign language – Stoopid

      • I expect one of the republicans who are always coaching on what to say so they sound more supportive of women, to tell them to call females, “dear.” They aren’t even capable of seeing how easily women recognize their patronizing, because they don’t actually think of women as equals and it’s impossible for them to hide it. And, of course, there is no actual changing the Party Platform or actually respecting women as equals. Have you ever heard a male politician call a male opponent “dear,” or comment on his thighs?

    Have you heard about the latest embarrassment by our Secret Service?

    Is it too much to ask for grown people to act like they have a damn brain?

    We are paying these people to protect our president AND these agents are representatives of our country.

    My reaction to these stories about our Secret Service is probably due to the fact I am a grandma and a mom. I’ve been through raising my kids and now I am watching my grandkids grow up.

    That is the key phrase here – GROW UP…….


    And, now we have Republicans who are hot on the trail for another Obama scandal vowing to get to the bottom of it.

    What bottom? Just tell all employees that while they are on duty – and when they are overseas at all times – just to GROW UP and stop acting like a bunch of college frat boys…

    This also goes for all the employees on the Capitol grounds – elected officials and their staffs.

  4. Good things sometimes happen! This was a 9 – 0 decision of the United States Supreme Court. Domestic violence is a nasty place to include a gun and it’s good to have tough laws.

    (from the link): The Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that a federal law intended to keep guns away from domestic violence offenders can apply even if their crime was nothing more than “offensive touching.”

    The decision was a victory for gun control advocates and groups that work to protect battered spouses and children, and a defeat for gun rights organizations that argued the federal law goes too far.

    • But that’s where Scalia drew the line. In a separate concurring opinion, he ridiculed the court’s inclusion of “offensive touching” as a crime triggering the gun ban. Under the definitions of domestic violence used by public interest groups, he said, that could sweep up “acts of omission,” “repeated accusations of infidelity” and “name-calling

      I copied and pasted this section from the link – leave it to Scalia to come up with this…

      Does Scalia not know what ‘touching’ means?

      repeated accusations of infidelity
      name calling
      acts of omission

      Where is the touching in all these he cited?

      But, isn’t it interesting that a Loud-n-Proud Conservative Republican male goes right to these issues – infidelity and name calling?

      The main theme I get from Conservative Republican males when they talk about women is how these men are the victims of each and every woman they come into contact with – ie rape is the woman’s fault because of the way she ‘led the man on’ or the way ‘she dressed’.


      So, basically what these CONS are saying is that men are so insecure and incapable of rational thinking that they fall helplessly into the role of being victimized?

      Oh, please, just pass the barf bag now…

      • Scalia is definitely a knuckle-dragging neanderthal. He’s a good Catholic too. Most all of the ‘rules’ to control women originate from one of the holy books used by various religions, and whether it is the Koran or the Bible, they’re pretty much the same. This makes it A-OK for some people to abuse women and for others, including some women, to accept abusers.

      • Scriptural law from the holy books

      • Oh, but fnord, the Evangelical Christians are only doing what God commands them to do.

        It’s for your own good when they beat you over the head with their Bible.

        Yeah, sure – big eye roll..

      • I’ve got a good place where these Evangelinuts can stick their own Bibles…

        While they’re kissing their own butts (or their special friend’s butt) – they can get their Scripture reading done for the day.

  5. From Robert Reich —

    President Obama meets Pope Francis today in what some have billed as the “inequality summit.” Obama has declared the fight against inequality “the defining challenge of our time.” Francis has called for the Catholic Church to counteract an economic system that “tends to devour everything which stands in the way of increased profits.” On so-called “trickle-down” economics, Francis has said “there was the promise that once the glass had become full it would overflow and the poor would benefit. But what happens is that when it’s full to the brim, the glass magically grows, and thus nothing ever comes out for the poor.”

    The American right, predictably, has accused Francis of being “anti-capitalist” and Obama of being a “class warrior.” Rush Limbaugh describes the Pope’s economics as “pure Marxism.”

    The fact is, income and wealth are concentrating around the world at an astounding pace. Not only do the 400 richest Americans have more wealth than the bottom 150 million, but a study by Oxfam reported that the richest 85 people on the globe have as much wealth as the poorest 3.5 billion. And according to Forbes, these super-rich are more likely to live in America than anywhere else. Of the world’s 1,426 billionaires, 442 – roughly a third – reside in the US.

    How does this game end?

    • Isn’t it interesting that Rush can call the Pope a Marxist and not one Conservative Catholic Republican says a word back to Rush?

      Can you imagine the outrage from these CONS if Obama had called the Pope a Marxist?

      All Holy Hell would break loose…

      • BTW – I am not surprised that a lot of billionaires live in America.

        And why not live in America? This is the country where the CON-controlled Supreme Court just gave these billionaires the legal right to rape and pillage America’s taxpayers.

        The sad fact – these billionaires have their own media mouthpiece and the robots that blindly eat up every line of B.S. as if it was cotton candy.

  6. For giggles and grins. 🙂

    U.S. States Most And Least Likely To Survive The Zombie Apocalypse

  7. Perhaps I should come here first instead of my Facebook page. By the time I wade through all the lies and crap that is posted by blind posters because I am a declared Republican and those that I know are religious nuts. My page fills up with more out and out lies that would take a total lack of intelligence to believe. It get me so anger and shouting at the screen that I need to set and just stare at the walls and breath!

    • BTW Obama is a Moslem is going strong and a communist and a socialist and Cheater on his marriage and steal the penny off of dead peoples eyes!

    • I know what you mean.

      Just this past few minutes, I was turning on the television to watch MSNBC and the television was set to Channel 12 – and I happened to catch the last few minutes of The 700 Club with Pat Robertson.

      Damn…….this man can ruin my entire good mood with just a few utterances from his mouth.

      He was answering questions from listeners – as read by his ever-faithful blonde-haired woman who has been with Pat for many, many years.

      Anyway – this Pat Robertson is a real piece of work – isn’t he?

      Talk about having to wade through all the lies and crap…..

      One question was about how the Bible tells us we should pray for our leaders…and Pat Robertson (and Blondie) both busted out laughing…….


      Then ol’ Pat said that it is very hard to sit back and listen to all the lies being told and watching as our country’s very foundations are being torn down….

      For a minute there – I thought the old far was talking about George W. Bush….

      • Update – I just sent an email to Pat Robertson at CBN asking him if he was talking about George W. Bush this morning.

        I also made my feelings known that I found his and his blonde’s behavior this morning offensive and rude.

        And perhaps this is why Evangelical Christians have such a bad reputation for being rude and condescending people.

        I also added – when did Jesus ever laugh in a person’s face that asked him a question?

        I’ll report back to class if I get an answer to my email.

        See……I was in a good mood until those few minutes with good ol’ Pat. Grrrr….

        BTW – CBN is a nonprofit group – doesn’t it just warm your heart to know that good ol’ Pat is raking in millions of tax-free money?

        Only in America…..which is why so many billionaires choose to live in America…

  8. KWCH 12 Eyewitness News is one of my Facebook friends, and I find they ‘break’ most local news.

    About 15 minutes ago they posted this:

    911 dispatchers are receiving reports of a bear eating a deer in the median on 254 between Greenwich and Webb. We have crews heading that way. If you have seen anything, let us know!

    I went to their Facebook page to read the comments and I can hardly type I’m laughing so hard. One person asked if the bear was cooked median or median-well…

    Should I worry? Hubby works nearby that location…

    • Now there’s an update —

      Update: Sedgwick County deputies checked into these reports and found it was not a bear, but a large black dog.

      • I drive that route every day to get my grand daughter from school. I noticed a dead deer off in the median yesterday.

        I wonder if that is the same spot?

        That must have been some large black dog to mistake it for a bear.

        As for the median or median-well comment…….gotta give credit for finding the humor in a tense situation…LOL

  9. Hobby Lobby is claiming that certain types of contraception cause abortion–but it’s scientifically proven that they do not. At one time I would have thought at least highly educated people would educate themselves and separate fiction from facts. That was before evangelinuts.



    Just another reason for the Pope and President Obama to band together and kick some butts…

    How will young people ever get past their student loan debt – when there are so few living-wage jobs to be found?

    Only in America – where billionaires use their money to buy politicians and stack the deck against any working class American and/or student trying to get into the working class category.

    This is way past immoral… all know that, don’t you?



    Does it matter if Hobby Lobby is owned by a trust? How does a trust become a person under our Constitutional rights?

    Does a trust have religious beliefs? Does a trust pray? Does a trust attend church regularly?

    Hmmm…….a for profit business owned by a trust – run by the same family for years….

    Hmmmmmm…….just a way to get around some nasty taxing issues?

    So….it’s okay for devout Christians to find a legal loophole to get out of paying taxes – but it now has strict religious beliefs that will make it impossible for them to offer contraception through their health care benefits to their employees?

    Hmmmmm…….. As I seem to recall – wasn’t Mary and Joseph traveling to their city of their birth in order to comply with the government’s order to be counted and pay their taxes when Jesus was born in that manger?

    Hmmmm……..pick and choose Evangelinuts….

    • Perhaps Hobby Lobby should go the way of Chick-Fil-A ?

      Those that feel they have to buy an overpriced deep fried chicken sandwich to prove how much they love Jesus are free to do so…

      Those that feel they have to buy foreign-made craft items to prove how much they love Jesus are free to do so…

      And those of us who think both corporations should keep their particular religious crap to themselves are free to never step in their door to do business with either of them…

      • I just thought of something…

        What if a same-sex couple go to Hobby Lobby to buy items for their wedding and/or reception?

        Does Hobby Lobby have the right to deny them service based on their religious objection to homosexuality?

        See…..this is what happens when Evangelinuts want to make all their profits off the general public but then these same Evangelinuts want to go even further and dictate their religious beliefs on to the general public.

        Sorry….Evangies…..cannot have your cake and eat it too…

      • If Hobby Lobby wins their case – then what is to prevent a Jewish-owned company from refusing to provide health insurance to their employees that do not live by the strictest Jewish laws?

        There are varying degrees of Jewish – just like varying degrees of Christians.

        So – if Hobby Lobby wins their case – then that opens up an entire Pandora’s box – wouldn’t it?

        Would a Christian-owned company be allowed to fire an employee if they are found to be not a virgin on their wedding night – will the woman be dealt with like in the Bible? To be taken to her father’s door and all the men beat her?

        Or what about those employees engaged in adultery – shouldn’t that be dealt with in the same way the Bible tells us? The woman needs to be taken out and stoned to death…

        Is that what is next?

        Will employees be expected to attend ONLY the church their employers choose? That would be hard to imagine if I worked for a company owned by Jewish people – I don’t know anything about the Jewish faith and the only Jewish words I know are a few Yiddish words.

        Will employers have the right to put you under surveillance to watch your every move – in case you might be tempted to sin?

        Where does the role of employer end?

        Evangelinuts do not think in the terms of the Big Picture. All kinds of different possible scenarios come to my mind……

        But to an Evangelinut – there is only black and white. They are Right and Everybody that disagrees with them are wrong.

        Evangelinuts do not even realize how much damage they could potentially cause by pushing these types of lawsuits…….

        Evangelinuts think they are being such great testimonials for their Jesus – but in reality, they are being just poor old dead Fred Phelps. Fred Phelps really helped the cause of the LGBT community by being such a public embarrassment to this Evangelinuts.

        Hobby Lobby owners may win this battle – but they will ultimately lose the war in the public view.

        As I told Pat Robertson in my email this morning – Evangelical Christians already have a bad reputation as being rude and condescending. Is this really what Jesus meant when he told his disciples to go out and spread the good news?

        I don’t think so….

      • wicked

        Indy, nearly every time my daughter and I go into Hobby Lobby, we see at least one gay person. If they deny gays and lesbians the right to shop in their store, they’ll be losing a boatload of business. Works for me. 😉

    Why am I not shocked anymore at what these CONservative Republicans pull anymore?

    Imagine – using taxpayer money to hire a firm to find that you were not involved in closing down those traffic lanes that wreaked havoc for several days.

    Where are the Tea Party Mad Haters for wasteful spending of taxpayer money?