Wednesay, 3/26/14, Public Square

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  1. That’s a great graphic, and so appropriate for the times.

    On another note…

    This was NOT the freakin’ news I wanted to hear when I woke up today. First the kobach win to deny voting rights, then this blow to women’s health. Some of you have been out here and know how far women will have to drive if the Hays Planned Parenthood closes.–finance.html

    Jesus WEPT!

    • Oh, but Prairie Pond, the good news is that these Faux Evangelinut Christians can now all pat themselves on the back and beat their chest in proud victory that they have stopped abortions.

      Never mind the fact that abortions have been performed for thousands of years – they were simply hidden away in back alleys – or called by a different name in hospitals – D&C procedure.

      It is all in how these Faux Evangelinuts view things – if it is hidden away from plain sight, then it does not bother these folks,

      For instance – the Catholic Church leaders knowingly made the choice to cover up the crime of child molestation for years.

      For instance – George W. Bush had two wars ‘off budget’ – and it does not bother anyone in the Faux Evangelinut crowd.

      For instance – a leader Evangelinut Preacher Man gets caught with his gay escort lover allegedly doing drugs – nobody really cared since his church paid him off and he and his little woman with their kids drove off into the sunset. And to think – he is actually trying to make a comeback – with his little woman by his side, of course. And these Faux Evangelinuts will welcome him back with open arms.

      Bottom line – Faux Evangelinuts are fine and dandy with bad things happening – like hunger, homelessness, long-term unemployment, rape, sex slavery, illegal immigrants being treated like animals – but the key for these Faux Evangelinuts is one thing, and one thing only.

      These Faux Evangelinuts do not want to see these things up front and personal. If that happens, then these folks would have to acknowledge there is a real problem and these folks do NOT care…..

      • Since the Hays PP clinic performs no abortions, all they did was stop contraception. Which will lead to more unwanted pregnancies which will lead to… more abortions.

        Wingnut logic. Imagine how far a young couple in Goodland has to drive to get the same services at the same prices provided by PP. They’d be closer to Denver than any place in Kansas that would be equal.

        I seriously, seriously hate my state and can’t wait to get the hell outa here.

        Anyone want to buy a farm?

      • One big worry these Faux Evangelinuts have is that Christians do not have enough warm bodies to fight a decent Holy War against the Muslims.

        This is the real reason these Evangelinuts want to ban birth control and get more babies born – they need the fresh meat for their much-desired Holy War.

        What? You did not think these Evangelinuts would actually fight their own much-desired Holy War – did you?

      • wicked

        Prairiepond, I’m ready to pack up and get the hell out of Dodge aka Kansas or any other red state. Maybe even this country, if people don’t straighten up and act right. (According to me, of course. 🙂 ) I’m trying my best to become positive and more like fnord, but it gets harder by the day. This shite is getting to be more than I can take.

      • fnord is having a great deal of trouble staying positive. I need lessons on civility, lessons on remembering perspective, lessons on so much. Honestly, when do I get to be old enough to know better??

  2. The graphic above speaks volumes.

    But, I fear those folks who need to hear this message the most would also completely miss the message because these folks are the ones who sit in their church pews every Sunday morning and look around at all the other ‘sinners’ in the crowd when the preacher starts his fire and brimstone rhetoric.

    • True dat, Indy. And if they are not looking around at all the other sinners, they are looking around at who is wearing what clothes with what labels, who is driving what car, and who seems to be making the most money.

      ‘Cause we know church is all about the Benjies.

      • All those dead presidents are worshipped at churches. Just ask Joel Osteen why he had that stolen $600,000 in donations ‘insured’….

        I thought the Bible talked about how true believers should live by faith? How is having your donations insured an act of faith?

        There I go again, asking too many damn questions…..

      • Speaking of living by faith – doesn’t the Bible teach about how God takes care of the sparrow, so a true believer should be assured that he/she will be taken care of ?

        Hmmm…….looking around at all these mega church preachers and their supporters – I wonder how many would be content to live like a sparrow?

        Living from one day to the next not knowing where your next meal was coming from – or even if that wire you sit on the next time will be the one that burns your ass….

  3. I just checked my email and I got another forwarded email from that same friend that I politely asked her to remove my name from her To recipients listing of numerous names and email addresses (we’ve all seen this type of email being forwarded – haven’t we?)

    I asked her very politely to please remove my name from her list because I did not want my email addy to be shown for every yahoo in that listing to be able to forward more crap to my already full email box.

    Is that too much to freakin’ ask for?

    I have NEVER done this to her – why do these people think they have the right to do it to me – especially when I pointed out to her the reason why….

    This particular woman is another Religious Right Republican and she is a nice person -but DAMN, I have been nice about my request to her to take my name and email addy off her big listing……but what do I do now that she has forwarded me yet again another unwanted email?

    Just be nasty????

    Oh, I CAN do nasty……..if that is really the road she wants to go down…


    This is the trait that frustrates me the most about these Evangelinuts – they demand respect but will not give me the same respect back.

    • Indy, listening to what you said about her, she may not be smart enough to know how to remove just one name from a “forward” list she has set up. I’d politely remind her again, and let her know you will block her address if she keeps sending these wingnut emails. Maybe you don’t want to go that far, but that may be what it takes.

      • You may be right about her not knowing how to remove just one name. But isn’t it a shame this type always knows how to add a person’s name without any trouble?

        This woman is a friend – not a close friend – but a nice person. We never really talk about politics but I remember one day when the news was about high speed rail system coming to Kansas.

        This woman went off the deep end and kept saying that high speed rail would just make Kansas look like a big city with all the trash and dirty people hanging around the rail system.

        My God – if there was ever a good reason for high speed rail it would be Kansas. We’ve got such wide open spaces and a high speed rail system would be of great benefit – I would think.

        But, I guess this woman would rather see folks out in the vast farmlands and small towns in Kansas load up their car and fill it with high-priced gas to travel into Wichita or Topeka or Kansas City than to be able to ride a high-speed rail system in a fraction of the time and a fraction of the cost.

        Besides – I wanted to ask this woman if she has ever been to the parts of the City of Wichita that were filled with trash and dirty people?

        Every city has those sections – and Wichita is no exception.

        Seriously, bringing some people into the 21st century is like pulling teeth from a crocodile.

      • wicked

        Silly woman in regards to high speed rail. My dream vacation is to travel by rail to cities in the historical East. Philadelphia, Boston, and DC, with a stop to visit NYC again.

        A very good friend of mine hates to fly. A few years ago, she flew from St. Louis (she’s in S. Illinois) to Kansas City, where we met and flew together to Dallas. We did the same in reverse on the way back. Her oldest son now lives in Seattle with his wife and two daughters. As often as possible, my friend “rides the rails” to Seattle and back. She says it’s a wonderful trip! I even looked into going to San Antonio this summer by rail, but since there’s no direct route from here to there—a real need for a South Route here in the middle of the country—I was even willing to drive to OKC and go on to SA from there.

        The point is, my friend is not trash, nor is she dirty. She’s a widow who doesn’t like to drive on long trips and doesn’t like to fly. High Speed Rail is made especially for people like her. I’m sure she could tell your “friend” a thing or two. And, boy, would she tell her!

      • wicked – glad to hear there are more people than myself who think high-speed rail would be a good thing for our country.

        BTW – how many other countries have some form of high-speed transportation and we are still fighting over how to keep everyone tied to the gas-guzzler cars and trucks…

        I know we have dumbed down a lot – but seriously, we have those who are proud to be ignorant..

    This kinda goes with our graphic today. All these loudly-professing Christians are the ones who truly believe their God has given them absolute power to do whatever they want, whenever they want to do it and however they want to do it to our planet.

    As long as they make the profit…..that is the only thing that matters.

  5. Remember what I said yesterday about impeachment if the repukes take both houses of congress in the midterms?

    Looks like I’m not the only one with that worry.

    • But…but….these Republicans do not want to waste taxpayer money. (it was very hard for me to keep a straight face while I typed this).

      They surely would not want to try for impeachment of the black man which they have publicly and proudly stated that they want to see fail – at all costs.

      Surely, these true patriots would not want to put the country through another wild goose chase impeachment – like they did Clinton.

      Would they?

      Sad to say – I think you’re right. These Republicans will be hell bent on racking up untold federal debt just to prove that they can – and will – impeach the black man for daring to beat out their first old white guy (and his sidekick Barbie) and then beat out their second old white guy (and his side kick Ken) to win the White House.

      I can just hear it now in GOP Fantasy Land – we’ve got to snip this voting for a black man in the bud right now. If we don’t, what’s next – people voting for a woman???

      • If these fools do try to go for impeachment, then I say let the World Court come after George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and Condoleeza Rice.

        This should have been done a long time ago – IMHO

      • This is just a crazy dream I have – but one day, before I die, I would love to see George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and Condoleeza Rice all shackled together and put on a guarded plane bound for the World Court to answer the charges of war crimes.

        Hell – if they truly believe their war in Iraq was a justified war – then let them prove it.

        Surely, their God will protect them – won’t he?

      • wicked

        Times have changed. The Republican Party doesn’t have its finger of the pulse of this country, only on those who believe their b.s.. The younger generation will not stand for their racism. Anyone with half a brain knows why an impeachment would even be started. And with each generation, we find enlightenment.

        What kind of stupid does it take to try to impeach a President with a J.D. magna cum laude, who was a constitutional law professor? If they were even able to complete and drive Obama out office, which probably wouldn’t happen until near his 2nd term if not after it (is that possible?), half this country would close their eyes to that R beside any name on a ballot.

        People are getting pissed, as their money and livelihoods disappear, their homes vanish and their health grows poorer. I’d say that thinking people would know better, yet I do know a few intelligent people who have been blinded by lies and innuendo. Believe me, if I see one more comment that includes n*gger or anything else racist about President Obama on a comment via FB or any other “social network” or news item, I’m going to pound them. Am I the only one who rarely sees “color” unless it’s pointed out to me?

    Does this go with out graphic today?

    Let’s see – the new Pope replaces this bling-bishop but yet will give him a new job at the opportune time.

    So, this bling-bishop lost his diocese job due to the appearance of excessive luxury in building an over-the-top personal residence?

    So……when will the For Sale Sign go up in front of this multi-million dollar personal residence?

    If the new Pope truly wants to be seen as changing the Catholic Church into being a group that truly wants to help the poor ….then let’s just see what happens to this over-the-top personal residence – shall we?

    If it continues to be used by the replacement bishop – then what the hell difference did Pope Francis accomplish?

  7. P.S. – will these Catholics just act like the new multi-million dollar residence is not still sitting there in plain sight?

    • I’m sure the people at Habitat for Humanity would love to come in there and take out all those blinged-out building supplies and decorating items to help their group provide real homes for real people.

  8. wicked

    I had a call earlier from I’m not sure I’ll be in town this weekend to attend, but she said it would okay to share the information about a MeetUp this coming Saturday.

    Here’s the description of the event:

    Wichita, it’s time to demand Medicaid expansion in Kansas. Drop by our rally, learn and speak out for Kansans who are in the “gap” — they earn more than KanCare’s maximum yet less than the Obamacare poverty level line. The gap wouldn’t exist if Governor Brownback would take the federal money allocated by the Affordable Care Act. Let’s get smart and demand the health care investment Kansas needs!

    It will be held in Old Town, in front of the Warren Theater and begins at Noon. If you want more information, give me a shout via email or here.

    As someone who can’t afford ACA in Kansas, this is something I can really get behind. Let people know about it!!

    • Thanks for the info.

      My ex-supervisor (an Obama hater) was outraged that Obamacare was not available for the ‘poor people’.

      After her ranting against the black man, I did some research and learned about how this situation came into being.

      Imagine my ex-supervisor’s surprise when I told her that it was Sam Brownback that needs to be blamed – NOT President Obama.

      She had to admit that it was Brownback’s fault when I presented her printed articles as to exactly how this came about.

      But, then again, this Obama hater also was outraged another day because Obamacare was making St. Jude Research Hospital do away with their free health care and that families would have to pay.

      Again – I went right to the computer and printed off the articles stating direct quotes from the people at St. Jude stating that this was entirely FALSE.

      Again, she had to admit that Obamacare was not at fault.

      I wonder if my ex-supervisor misses me?????

  9. We get precious little good news out of the Kansas legislature. I consider this good news!

    House refuses to repeal renewable energy standards

    Read more here:

  10. This old post is getting ‘hits’ today. I was curious so I went to read it, then I read the comments and had many a great laugh! I had been feeling a tiny bit blue and that post and those comments were exactly what I needed to read!

    Obviously, I don’t have a clue.

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