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  1. Let’s think about this dilemma – shall we?

    In order for a woman to be a virgin, that means no man has ever had sex with her – correct?

    So, if the woman is so evil for having sex before marriage – then what does that make the man that had sex with the same unmarried woman?

    I never see in the Bible where this issue is addressed – maybe because men wrote the Bible and never saw the need to put the blame on the man?


  2. Man + Woman = Marriage – God’s way?

    But in the Catholic Church, it could be:

    Man + Woman = Marriage + Annulment = Man + Mistress = Marriage

    Repeat as often as man can find a new mistress?

  3. Just because it’s worth posting again. The musical version of “you pick and choose.”

  4. This woman just gets crazier and crazier. To paraphrase the Bard, “will no one rid us of this meddlesome woman?” WTF that Kansas Democrats can’t take her, Jan Pauls, and Lance Kinzer out?


    • I remember the day my ex-friend – the devout Catholic Tea Party Mad Hater – asked me what I thought about something that just happened to her.

      This woman’s daughter had a miscarriage and my ex-friend called into her parish’s office to ask for prayer during the difficult time.

      My ex-friend was told by the woman that answered the phone that ‘Father would have to think about this’.

      What is there to think about? A member of their church was in pain and reaching out for some comfort and this is what the church had to offer?

      My ex-friend asked me what I thought of this …..and I’m sure you can all imagine what I told this ex-friend – can’t you?

      I’ve often wondered what Jesus would have done if he had been the one that answered the phone that day – would Jesus have turned his back on a believer that was reaching out for some comfort in a difficult time?

      But just the fact it was a miscarriage – there was some question as to whether being added to the prayer list was appropriate?

      I call B.S. on this………….just one of many piles of B.S. I find in organized religion – manufactured and controlled by men.

    • BTW – this same ex-friend is the devout Catholic that actually used the phrase – ‘it’s a little problem’ – when we were discussing the child molestation scandal in the Catholic Church.

      A little problem? Grown men who are priests were molesting young boys and their church leaders knowingly made the choice to cover up their crimes is a ‘little problem’?

      I will NEVER understand how my ex-friend could have ever said that with a damn straight face……

  5. Mary Pilcher-Cook and Michelle “bat shit crazy” Bachman need to be locked in the same loony bin cell until they are well enough not to hurt other people or themselves. I think they define the term “menace to society.”

    • They should be given the same health care coverage they wish on everybody else – NOTHING.

      Just throw them into some jail cell – because the looney bin is too good for them.

    • Mary Pilcher-Cook, et al, prove equality exists among men and women. There are men who want to control women, men who want rules / laws to favor them over women — very small and stupid, barely smart enough to realize they can’t compete on a level playing field with people of average intelligence. And there are women equally small and stupid.

      • And don’t forget Kay O’Connor who sat as a member of the Kansas Senate and said women should have never been “given” the right to vote.

        WTF? Jesus wept.

  6. http://www.foxnews.com/us/2014/03/25/businesses-mount-religious-objection-to-health-law-birth-control-coverage-at/

    Today is the day for arguments for the Hobby Lobby case…

    If for-profit companies can dictate covered health care to their employees – then why are the Tea Party Mad Haters and Evangelinut Republicans screaming about how government-run health care is so evil; because it will dictate health care to everyone?

    Isn’t it the same principle?

    Oh, what am I thinking?

    Of course for-profit companies can dictate whatever the Hell they want to their employees. Everybody knows that Jesus actually favors for-profit capitalists that want to screw everybody for that last dime in profit and treat their employees like a piece of dirt beneath their feet.

    • I know Scalia is above the law in his own mind, but I do wonder how he will balance his past rulings if he rules for Hobby Lobby in this case. I suspect simply ignore and go on. After all, he seems confident he can do whatever he pleases and shouldn’t ever be questioned or held to account.

    • The fact that employers long held us hostage by being the most viable way to obtain health insurance has always been a thorn in my side. ACA removed that restriction and I applaud that! The very thought of employers controlling the health care options and reproductive choices of its employees is a bigger thorn in my side!

      I’ve read several pieces on the Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby Inc. case and this one explained a few points very well. It does a good job of explaining the history, the complications, it says, “If Scalia had had the last word on this subject, the court might not even be considering Hobby Lobby. For this case and many of its potentially wide-ranging ramifications we have Congress and Bill Clinton to thank.” It’s not a long piece and well worth the time spent reading.

      Are You There God? It’s Me, Hobby Lobby
      Everything you need to know about the high-stakes religious-freedom case that could redefine corporate personhood.

      • This is a portion of a comment to the above link that I find interesting —

        Hobby Lobby already has a choice, either provide insurance coverage to their employees, or don’t and pay the tax penalty, in which case employees are free to obtain coverage on their own via the exchange or directly through a private insurance company or broker.

        …It is an error to view the contraception rule as a regulation of employers, in particular. It is a regulation of insurance companies. The requirement at issue is that health insurance plans must include coverage of certain contraceptive services…

      • I don’t know if Hobby Lobby enjoys any special tax breaks and/or subsidies from that evil government they profess to hate so much.

        But – if they do – then shouldn’t the taxpayers have the right to take Hobby Lobby to the Supreme Court and tell them it is against our freedom from religion to help evangelicals?

        Oh, how I would LOVE to be in business and refuse service to Bible Thumpers.

      • I’ve got another question – does Hobby Lobby refuse to provide health insurance that pays for vasectomies?

        If taking birth control is a sin – then isn’t a vasectomy just as wrong?

        Last but not least – every abortion would not even be needed if some sperm had not fertilized some egg – now would it?

        Where is the blame for the man in all these ridiculous arguments against birth control?

      • I don’t know about snip surgery but I bet they pay for dick pills. Can’t fill the quiver with arrows without Viagra, Cialis, etc.

  7. http://www.nbcnews.com/news/education/indiana-first-state-opt-out-common-core-education-standards-n61571

    Here is an issue that I do not remember our blog family discussing – Common Core education standards.

    My granddaughter is in 2nd grade and her report card this year is a two-sided legal-sized sheet of paper with about 100 different things being assessed.

    Okay – I can understand why we would need to assess how well our teachers are educating our students.

    But – my problem is – when the teacher herself does not know how to explain what she is doing – or how she even completes this assessment form – then are we getting the full advantage of this Common Core approach?

    I noticed on the last assessment for the 2nd quarter (half-way mark for the school year) the teacher’s comment was that the re-evaluation assessments had not been developed yet so there were no re-assessments done on those things that were previously assessed in the 1st quarter.

    Why weren’t the re-evaluation assessments developed and ready – because anybody with one working brain cell knows that the 2nd quarter follows the 1st quarter in a few months….

    As a result of this – I have to ask one big glaring question – does it really do any good to assess our students when our teachers obviously do not know what they are doing and the reason why they are doing it?

    • My 2nd question is this – who the hell has time to sit and complete all these 100+ questions on this assessment form?

      There are only 19 kids in her classroom – thank God. Can you imagine if there were 30 to 35 kids in this room?

      I remember my elementary school years (I know, it was back in the Dinosaur Age and Fred Flinstone was motoring his car with his feet – LOL)

      But – we routinely had 30 to 35 kids in each room. We had one teacher and she taught all subjects AND she knew each and every one of our strengths and weaknesses.

      What has changed?

      Too much paperwork for the teachers and school management? If so, then are these Common Core standards just another bunch of time-consuming and useless paperwork?

    • Honestly, I don’t know enough about Common Core Standards to discuss it intelligently or even to form an opinion.

      • I was like you until my DIL and son showed me the granddaughter’s report card.

        You should see this stuff – it is unbelievable. So many things and two-sided legal-sized form.

        It was crammed full. I did like the idea that every teacher had a place for their comments. But the main teacher made the comment that the kid needed to work on her listening skills – but yet this same teacher gave the kid the top score of 4 on the assessment of listening and comprehension.

        So, I am confused……

        Which is why I suspect this teacher does not really know how to use this assessment tool – or she is trying to learn quickly and sometimes gets confused.

        Which is understandable – that is a lot of tracking to do for each child in a classroom.

    • Yep! Turnout will absolutely be the key. I’ve heard it said (and I believe it!) that republicans don’t win when democrats vote.

    • Nate Silver will once again be correct unless the residents of the states with Senate seats get out and vote against the GOP candidate. Quite unlikely in a majority of the states. As to women getting out to vote, they (and men of lawful age, etc.) most certainly should. Whether the women will vote as a bloc against the GOP candidates remains to be seen.

      While hopeful, I remain realistic (that’s how I view it in my mind). Thus, my money (if I was a bettor) would be on Nate Silver given current data.

      • But, Nate Silver has only given Republicans a 60 percent chance – which is certainly not by a landslide.

        So….if the turnout is like 2012 …Republicans will be lucky to keep the ones they got in there now.

      • More likely turn out will be like 2010, hence the concerns. Prairiepond nails it infra.

      • You’re probably right 6176 – but then again, we’ve all watched as these same Republicans have been very busy doing their best to block and/or deny fellow Americans their right to vote.

        That was not so apparent in 2010 – and Republican males have been very busy shooting off their mouths since 2010 about how they feel towards women’s rights.

        And – if all this ‘religious freedom’ crap we’re hearing form Evangelinuts gets too crazy – people will get turned off.

        I look for moderate Republicans to be looking for a way to pull back on their choke collar of their more radical fringies…….which will, in turn, make the radical fringies even more vocal.

        Good – let the radical fringies scream all they want….. it is the best publicity the Democratic Party could ever get..

    • I wonder if Obama’s vaunted “get out the vote” machine will be deployed or if they have been disbanded. I remember him saying he’d use them in the midterms, but a quarter of the way through the year, with a little more than six months to go before the elections, there sure is no buzz to get Democrats out.

      It’s also a good thing to remember that Democrats have to act like Democrats if they want to GOTV. They have to present a real alternative to just “not republican” or “republican lite.”

      I’m not seeing any of those things happening. If the DNC is going to ramp it up, they better get off their asses and do it NOW! Otherwise?

      Impeachment here we come… The only thing that saved Bill Clinton was a Democrat controlled Senate. And I hate to think of the ages of some of the liberal SCUTUS judges. Goddess help us if they die/retire while the repukes control both houses.

  8. If you aren’t a subscriber to The Wichita Eagle, can you read these links? If not, and if you’re interested I’d be happy to copy and paste.

    Senate advances bill to prevent votes on gambling in Sedgwick County until 2032

    Read more here: http://www.kansas.com/2014/03/25/3367332/senate-advances-bill-to-prevent.html#storylink=cpy

    Governor signs Kansas party-switching limits bill

    Read more here: http://www.kansas.com/2014/03/25/3367670/governor-signs-kansas-party-switching.html#storylink=cpy

  9. Is it just me or does that commercial for eHarmony dating service a bit creepy?

    I’m talking about the one with the old man who owns the dating service and his granddaughter.

    Seems this granddaughter is telling the old man a few things -and then some – about why her teacher should have used her granddaddy’s dating service because it’s the one with all the hot babes.

    Excuse me, but this little girl looks to be maybe 8 yrs old. What the hell is she even talking to her teacher about a dating service anyway.

    Call me old fashioned – but that’s just creepy – iMHO

    BTW – I read somewhere this old man also owns that website for Christians.
    This is another commercial that bothers me. If God is so all knowing and has our lives already destined – then why does a true believer need to pay the old man a monthly fee to be cruising the Christian dating site just to get a date?

    Isn’t God able to make your dream lover magically appear?

  10. His website also does not do same-sex couple matching. If you are gay, you have to use a different site than eharmony or christian mingle. Also true of farmersonly.com. And yes, I did check out the farm one. Sigh. I do get tired of being the only petunia in the onion patch.