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  1. I received one of those RNC 2014 GOP Platform Survey questionnaire to fill out and send back – with a donation – of course.

    You should read those questions – let’s just say, if you hate Obama, you will thoroughly enjoy reading this piece of crap.

    That is ALL these folks have – just pure hate for Obama.

    For that reason alone – smart people should know to run in the opposite direction when any Republican comes toward them.

    No matter what Republicans have done or said – IMHO, when these same folks actively try to pass legislation to deny their fellow Americans their right to vote shows me everything I need to know about the Republican Party.

    For being such democracy and Bill of Rights lovers – as Republicans profess to be – they sure do want to deny the rights they enjoy to others who are guaranteed those same rights.

  2. I never cease to be amazed at the lies that are told and believed. In fact, the believing part is hardest for me to understand. Although it’s abhorrent I see the liars are attempting to protect their own interests. I don’t spend time around selfish, greedy bastards who seem to have no problem hurting others while they pad their own pockets, and thankfully the truth is easy enough to find so I’m not fooled by them either. How do we spread truth to those who believe the lies?

    For most of us here at Triple Ps, the ‘EXPAND IT’ option would be get the greedy for-profit insurance companies out of health care. Do you think America might catch up to other developed nations who actually provide health care to their citizens?

    Robert Reich asks —

    With less than two weeks remaining before the March 31 deadline for coverage this year, widespread misinformation continues to surround the Affordable Care Act. For example, on major polls: (1) A majority of business owners with fewer than 50 workers still think they’re required to offer insurance or pay a penalty. In fact, the law applies only to businesses with 50 or more employees who work more than 30 hours a week. (2) Many companies with fewer than 25 workers still don’t realize that if they offer plans they can qualify for subsidies in the form of tax credits. (3) 41% percent of Americans who are still uninsured say they plan to remain that way, believing it will be cheaper to pay a penalty than buy insurance. Many of these people are unaware of the subsidies available to them.

    Some of this confusion has been deliberately sown by outside groups that, in the wake of “Citizens United” are free to spend large amounts to undermine the law. The Koch brother’s political front “Americans for Prosperity” has been spreading whoppers. Florida Republican Gov. Rick Scott told Fox News that the Affordable Care Act was “the biggest job killer ever,” citing a Florida company with 20 employees that expected to go out of business because it couldn’t afford coverage.

    In your view, what’s the best way to counter these lies?

    • I do have vivid memories of the introduction of Part D Medicare. I helped my Mother navigate it, and I always worried about the older people who didn’t have help. It was a mess! Now, today, eight years later, there would be hell to play if anyone tried to take back that prescription drug benefit even tho it was highly unpopular when introduced.

      Here’s a link to remind you of the introduction of Medicare Part D —

      Part D was less popular than Obamacare when it launched

      • BTW – that Medicare Part D prescription plan was also unfunded…….

        Where was the outrage by all the RePUKES at that time?

        This country needs to decide if we are so pro life and want everyone to get the latest medical technology to help us all live longer – THEN that comes at a very high price.

        Who the Hell on the ‘right’ side of the political aisle is willing to pay for these higher costs?

        Let’s face facts – the majority of Tea Party Mad Haters are those who benefit from Medicare – and yet these are the same folks who want to deny access to buy health care insurance to fellow Americans?

        How on God’s green earth does that make any sense??

  3. As for the header today, sometimes I get worried about the youth that don’t know the battles behind what they take for granted. Young women who don’t realize that a mere 40 years ago married females couldn’t have a credit card in their name, reliable contraceptives are new in the scheme of things… So many advances I want them to understand must still be protected instead of being taken for granted.

    Other times I feel confident that even without knowing or appreciating the fight behind these rights, they aren’t going to go backwards. No one is going to put today’s young female back in a position of not controlling her reproductive life, her financial life, or make her a second-class citizen.

    • I was recently told by a Conservative Evangelical Republican that the single most atrocity that happened to our country was when the birth control pill was introduced.

      Seriously? That is the most atrocious event that happened to America?

      I guess those two wars for profits that the Little Cowboy President was just a day in the park?

      There is something absurd to know that these Evangelicals are so hung up about birth control.

      I suspect it is not just about whether babies are born or not . I think it goes deeper than that.

      These birth control haters are afraid of women who are in control of their own body and their own lives because they are not subjected to the possibility of unwanted pregnancies.

      That is the problem – these birth control haters do not want women who can think for themselves.

      Or maybe it is Just as simple as this?

      With birth control, women can now conduct their lives just like men have conducted their lives since the dawn of time.

      Men have always been able to go around tomcatting and spreading their seed – with no real threat or consequences to befall them – haven’t they?

      As we’ve heard from Republican males – women who have sex and get pregnant get what hey deserve – because they chose to have sex.

      Hell – these same males even believe that rape is the woman’s fault. And why? Because they view women as ‘choosing to have sex’ without any morals.

      Wait a minute….. men have done that same thing for years……and all I hear from the men is a bunch of high-fiving each other…..

      You betcha …. wink-wink

      • One more point about youth and republicans — the oft-repeated lie from republicans about being the fiscally responsible party isn’t believed by today’s youth. Yes, there was a time when their old saying about youth growing up and becoming republicans (how is it they say that?) was more true than not. But not now that the only low taxes republicans care about are for the wealthiest. Republicans in office spend as much, just spend it on BIG BUSINESS and WARS. Our youth have grown up with people of all races, with people of all faiths, with people of all social demographics. They aren’t any longer isolated, and they don’t fall for the BE AFRAID, VERY AFRAID of ‘differences.’

      • Here’s their oft-repeated quote:

        “If you’re not a liberal at 20 you have no heart, if you’re not a conservative at 40 you have no brain.” — Winston Churchill

        I truly have no idea whether Mr. Churchill actually said that. I saw it attributed to him on ‘the internets,’ 🙂 and even if he did, he didn’t know today’s republicans. Aren’t today’s republicans the same group trying their best to raise a brainless society? Boy, I’ll tell you, just stay away from these hypocrites. They’re desperate, will say anything and change what they say just to see if that works.

  4. Four years after Obamacare was passed, the right-wing media is still repeating the same tired myths, and they’re still not true.

  5. Are most of those who believe this shit either being home schooled or conducting the home school classes? And, are they the only ones left in the pews of churches experiencing reduced numbers attending?

    U. of Chicago Study Confirms Americans Believe in Really Dumb Shit

  6. Will Scalia listen to himself in the ‪‎HobbyLobby‬ case?

    In 1990, Scalia wrote the majority opinion in Employment Division v. Smith, concluding that the First Amendment “does not require” the government to grant “religious exemptions” from generally applicable laws or civic obligations. “To permit this,” he wrote in Smith, quoting from an old court decision, “would be to make the professed doctrines of religious belief superior to the law of the land, and in effect to permit every citizen to become a law unto himself.”

    Justice Scalia’s Past Comes Back To Haunt Him On Birth Control

    Wow – now this has to have every Evangelinut just foaming at the mouth with glee at the thought of 529 Muslims being killed.

    BTW – If the Egypt President Mubarak had not been such a dictator asshole – then Morsi would have never gotten into office.

    Let’s review – Morsi was elected into office democratically. Mubarak – wasn’t he more or less installed by the good ol’ USA??

    It’s way past time the USA kept our nose out of other peoples’ business.

  8. Standing ovation!!

    The Pragmatic Progressive Page on Facebook

    I just really don’t understand the people who are so filled with vitriol for our President. What are you so pissed about?? I mean, I wanted single payer health care, a carbon emissions bill, gun control, legalized gay marriage, and maybe legalized pot…If you get to carry around all this outrage over me getting that shit, shouldn’t I have gotten it?? How about you just admit that this is not about what Obama IS. It’s about what you need him to be…because hating him is what fuels the repub/tea party and what gets you up in the morning.

    I mean, seriously, all we hear from you is how radical, extreme, and terrible our President is, and how he’s ruining and completely changed the country. Come on now…Tell me exactly what we’ve lost. We haven’t lost our freedoms. I’m pretty sure that the only things President Obama has killed are Bin Laden and the Republican party’s last shred of dignity.

    Mindy Fischer, Writer

  9. The American Dream is alive and well in Denmark.