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  1. “They pick and choose, they pick and choose” Everybody sing it….

  2. Those are not just lyrics to a great song from a great musical.

  3. My Grandpa was not a church-going man. The man owned one suit and he wore it for funerals and weddings.

    When that man died, there were people overflowed in the funeral home and some of them nobody in the family even knew them.

    Then the stories started coming from these folks of how Grandpa helped them in their time of need. For some it was a bag of groceries, a tank of gas, loan of $5 or $10 to get them through to their next pay day, a ride to work or even to borrow Grandpa’s car to go to a job interview.

    This is what Christianity should look like – people following the Golden Rule and being their brother’s keeper. Giving of themselves and not expecting anything back.

    When Grandpa died, my family was attending that damn Evangelical Fundy Baptist mega church. My mother was all into this charismatic preacher and she was so scared that my Grandpa (her dad) was in Hell because this preacher had her convinced that anyone who was not exactly like the Fundy Baptists would surely be thrown into the Bowels of Hell for eternity.

    Funny thing happened – when Grandpa’s wallet was looked through a few weeks after his death – there was this wallet-sized picture of that famous painting where Jesus is knocking on the door and there was a copy of the Lord’s Prayer.

    My mother said she felt better knowing that her dad at least had those two things in his wallet – but she still sat and worried because the ‘preacher man’ said that a true believer would be in church and did she know if her dad ever got ‘saved’.


    Who the HELL was this fundy-ass preacher man to question the eternal status of my Grandpa?

    Let’s think about this – shall we?

    The man was not a church-going man but yet he carried a picture of Jesus and the Lord’s prayer with him – do you think maybe my Grandpa was a spiritual man that had faith in God?

    Faith and spirituality has NOTHING to do with these damn mega churches – IMHO.

    My mother – to my dismay – fell for what the preacher man said and dug her heels in even deeper and was constantly harassing everyone if they were saved. She was a Bible Thumper.

    Grandpa died in 1971 – fast forward to 1976 when I got married. I’ve shared before how this same Fundy Baptist mega preacher man treated me and my husband.

    This same damn preacher meddled into my family and started a feud between two churches – and all because this preacher man thought some people were not good enough and they were not ‘saved’.

    Hogwash… Grandpa showed how true Christians should live.

    All that damn preacher man did was to fleece money out of the sheeple and then be asked to leave town because there were rumors of him liking little girls too much…….you betcha, wink-wink

    • My niece told me just a few years ago that the real reason this preacher man left town was because the police were involved in his penchant for little girls.

      I guess some families were asking too many questions and the preacher man was the subject of investigation…

      Hmmmm……. haven’t we heard this too-familiar story before coming from fundamental, cult-like churches?

      • BTW – my niece also shares my feelings about this preacher man. She is a lot like her aunt – LOL. She asks a lot of questions and is no dummy.

        My mother finally did get away from that church after her charismatic preacher man left town in a hurry.

        But, when I bring up this preacher man’s name in conversation – even today after all these years – she will still sit and defend him.


  4. Asher Bob White

    And so it is. This is what I love so much about this blog community. We seem to agree, also, as George Lakoff stated repeatedly in his narrative named “The Little Blue Book”, that Republicans are immoral.

    • Doesn’t the Bible tell us to watch out for those who loudly boast of their own good deeds?

      The widow’s mite – a good story of how one woman gave of herself entirely and not expecting anything in return..

      When was the last time that has been demonstrated by any of these mega church preachers and their cousin Bubba – the telelvangelist?

    • Or like the local Catholic diocese giving 1 million dollars towards building a chapel.

      The Catholics own many, many long term care/assisted living centers around Wichita.

      This diocese just finished building a brand new church – on the opposite side of the parking lot the church shares with their long term care/assisted living complex.

      So – why spend 1 million on a new chapel? Why can’t the people just go to their new church building?

      I don’t understand this type of thinking. I can understand building a chapel in a complex that had no chapel or a church nearby – that makes sense.

      But why the duplication of services?

      I guess it makes me even more frustrated to know these Catholic have a million dollars to spend on this chapel – but yet will send their harassing hounds making phone calls demanding payment on working folks who owe as little as $5 on an outstanding hospital/doctor clinic bill.

      Yes – I’ve seen where these folks will threaten to send an amount of $5 to collection. Working folks are getting harassed by these same Catholics who see no problem spending $1 million on something they really do not need.