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war on women


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  1. Just put a burka on the woman in the picture and be done with it.

    These CONservative Republicans keep yelling how the evil Muslims are the ones that treat women badly. But after watching and listening to the Republicans, one has to ask themselves one big question.

    Actually – the American Evangelinuts do not like the burka – these Neanderthals prefer a pretty hair bow on their women.

    I am about to turn 61 yrs old and I still have not forgotten how stupid that professor in my Fundy Baptist College classroom sounded when he actually told our ‘Courtship and Marriage’ class that women should always wear a pretty hair bow to keep their husband happy.

    I looked around at my fellow college age young adults to see any sign of someone else thinking this professor to be a fool.

    But, imagine my surprise when the next day, every single female in that class – with the exception of myself – had a damn pretty hair bow.

    And this was in the mid 1970’s………


    • Don’t you feel horribly bad for those evangelinuts because they are suffering “religious discrimination” in their rights to ostracize people they perceive as sinners? Seriously, if they are a baker they may be subjected to the hardship of baking a cake for lesbians. They may never even be aware of this atrocity! Can you even imagine not being given the legal rights to persecute others??

      Obviously, women can’t be trusted and must be controlled — which is the right of evangelinuts given to them by their holy books. And, those legal hurdles they must endure in their efforts to do what is right according to the parts of their holy books they want to follow must be removed!

      Poor persecuted evangelinuts. All they have the right to do is live their own lives in the ways they choose. Really! It’s pretty obvious they know best about living the lives of everyone else! You’ve just gotta hate a government that refuses to give evangelinuts their rights to discriminate as they see fit!

      • What these evangelinuts do not want to acknowledge is – if they have the right to their religious freedom – then every other person has the right to THEIR particular religious freedom.

        Evangelinuts are so obsessed with playing the victim card – because that is all they have in their arsenal.

        But, one has to wonder, if Christians are so persecuted in our country – then why are there so many mega churches – and all tax free, I might add – on every damn corner?

        Hell – one cannot swing a dead cat without hitting a few of the mega churches.

      • BTW – that phrase – swing a dead cat – is one that my grandpa used a lot.

        I never really knew what it meant – but when I get frustrated, I find myself repeating a lot of the old sayings my grandpa used.

        In the last few years, I’ve found myself frustrated a lot with these evangelinuts and their partners in mischief the Tea Party Mad Haters.

      • Standing ovation!

        Poor persecuted majority those christians. Not all of them, of course, but too DAMN many!

        Kind of shocking to see it all laid out like it is in today’s graphic. It’s like we know those things are going on, but when you see it listed like that, well, shocking and enraging is how I would describe it.

        God DAMMIT! As indy hinted, I thought we fought all these battles in the 70’s and kind of, sort of, won. But like the Walking Dead, these zombie shit heads keep rising up. A knife to the head and a stake through the heart to these ideas probably won’t keep them dead.

        I wish younger women would acknowledge the fight we put up and that the battle for women’s self determination is one they will have to fight just as we did. And their daughters, and their daughters, and their daughters.

        Until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest… to paraphrase…

      • Prairie Pond – those younger women have never experienced what we experienced growing up.

        I’ve shared this before – I was a drummer. In my junior high years, the band leader loved the idea that a girl was a damn good drummer. He put me front and center – after beating out the first chair filled with a boy.

        But – my senior high years were much different. That band leader told me BEFORE I even got into the first class room with him that a girl would NEVER play drums in the last chair – let alone first chair – in HIS band.

        So – I quit playing the drums.

        Can you imagine that happening today?

        During my school years – girls were the cheerleaders and boys were the ball players.

        Can you imagine that happening today?

        These younger women do not know what it was like when we all grew up.

        Hell, I still remember when I changed my name on my JC Penney credit card after I got married.

        I had this credit card in my maiden name – based on my own work income – long before I got married. My credit rating was excellent – never missed one single payment and even paid off the total several times.

        When I requested to have the name changed on my card to my married name – JC Penney insisted that I use the name Mrs. _________________.

        I had the same damn job with even more income but yet I guess when I got married, I became too stupid to handle my own finances…

        Is that the deal???

        I got married in 1976.

      • Indy, I had that same conversation this weekend with a woman who is ten years younger than you. She wanted to be a drummer and was told “here, play the french horn,” because it was a girl’s instrument and girls did NOT become drummers. It’s a never ending fight. Every decade, every generation, every woman is and will be, for the foreseeable future, forced to fight just to stay even much less to advance the cause.

        I scored really high in mechanical stuff and engineering stuff on an aptitude test in high school. My guidance counselor dismissed my performance as the result of growing up on a farm and suggested I pick teaching as a career. WTF? Of course, I internalized that comment and did not pursue science or math or engineering or anything else that might actually earn me a freakin’ living today. Oh hell no. I became a writer…..

        It still happens today, Indy. It still happens. That’s why we have to consider every girl our own daughter and make sure it never happens to her. And, like all kids, she won’t appreciate it until she’s old. Dare I say, like us? heheh.

      • Oh, and BTW, Indy, when I got divorced in 1984, even though I always made more money than hubby and was the primary bill payer, I had to get my BANKER to personally get the credit card company to issue me a new card in my name only. Because, of course, single women were not credit worthy.

        Ditto my never married pal who was a teacher with two degrees and a masters. She had to have the banker personally beg the credit card company to issue a card in her name. Because we all know single women can’t be responsible for earning a living, paying the bills and maintaining their credit.

        Jesus WEPT!

      • Prairie Pond – whenever I hear of some man being condescending to a woman, I manage to get in my favorite line from the movie ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’.

        Remember when the mother talking to the father about letting Tula take college classes? The father said something to the effect that Tula does not need to go to college – she is a girl.

        The mother then went into high gear listing off the multitude of tasks she handles every week and then she adds – it’s a good thing I have YOU to tie my shoes…

        If every woman was honest – she would have to admit she has felt the same way at some point in her life.

        I believe the problem within the Evangelinuts group is that the males in charge are AFRAID of the women finding out their little secret that they have been knowingly using their version of the Bible to keep women downtrodden and living in fear of breaking so-called God’s law -..

        We need to manufacture some steel backbones and ship them to every woman in America with a message – USE this prosthetic to train your own God-given backbone to stand up and let your voice be heard…

      • We could take lessons from these gals! They kick ass!

    • Maybe we all need to carry a big stick…..and take a few lessons……

      I’m up for it ….who is with me?

  2. Prepare to be SHOCKED [eye roll]

    This concept is too complex for the common tea-bagger. And, those who use abortion to rile up their ‘base’ certainly don’t want to reduce the number of abortions, thus taking away this tool of controlling those tea baggers votes.

    • Republicans want to do away with birth control AND do away with the safety net programs AND do away with minimum wage AND do away with womens’ rights.

      Tell me again…….how is this seen as being pro-family and pro-life?

      • Heh, Indy, it’s not pro-life or pro-family. It’s pro-knuckledragging men who can’t have a good and equal relationship with a woman without making her powerless. It’s the modern day equivalent of hitting her with a club and dragging her back to the cave by her hair. They have no redeeming qualities a sane woman would WANT to be with, so they have to have her by overpowering her and stripping her of all self-determination rights.

        Thank goodness the men on this blog are not like these bass-turds. And it sounds like the husbands and significant others of the women on this blog are good men. It’s good to remember that and, living where I live, I need a reminder sometimes. I think many of the women living where I live also need that reminder.

    Preschoolers being suspended for zero tolerance policies?

    I know I am from the Dinosaur Age – but what the hell is happening in our schools across this country?

    Here’s an interesting side note – a friend of mine works in the commercial loan department in a bank. There is a couple out of Texas that owns a chain of ‘non-profit’ halfway houses. This couple is applying for multi-millions of dollars to increase their business.

    Bottom line – this couple is doing everything tax free due to their non-profit status and I am willing to bet a dollar to a donut that this couple is connected to the government somehow in order to get their ‘fresh meat’ to fill up their halfway houses.

    What do you think?

    Perhaps this is why preschoolers are now being suspended so much? They’re paving the road from school to prison……for certain people, that is.

    I bet no child of a white yuppie CONservative or a fat cat banker’s kid is on the road……

  4. Once again I have to commend Tom Witt and Equality Kansas for their unwavering stance that we should all rise above the hatred of the phelps clan and show that both sides do NOT do it. To do a little grave dancing would only serve to frighten all the homophobes, not just the wbc crowd, who hold the mistaken belief that if we were ever in power, we’d treat them like they have always treated us. We would not and we will not.

    When I was roaming the capital in Topeka during the anti-equality marriage amendment fight, we used to remind each other when we needed a laugh (and many times we NEEDED a laugh) that ol’ phred phelps was the best fundraiser the lgbt community ever had. Everytime he and his progeny opened their hateful mouths, we’d gain supporters.

    Shit. NOW who will raise money for us? (sarcasm/off) I’m sure there are many other homophobes waiting in the wings for their 15 minutes of fame.

    Somehow, the term “wack-a-mole” comes to mind….

    I continue to support and be proud of Tom Witt as our fearless leader. Dude is a force of nature!

    • Ya know, it will be interesting to see what happens with the Church of Hate now that the ol’ bass-turd is gone. I wonder if his kids, no matter how front and center, will slowly fade away and might be secretly relieved that they are out from under the patriarch’s thumb. Or, will they miss the fame, notoriety, and especially the money they got from their hateful and frivolous litigation?

      Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we never heard of them again?

      • Do you seriously think his daughter- Shirley – will give up all that fame and celebrity status?

        Like I said before – the Phelps Klan simply said out loud what a lot of Kansans believe.

        As for who will take Fred’s place? In the political world of Hate the Homosexuals – my bet is on Joe Wright and/or Terry Fox.

        After all – spewing hate does fill up the church’s offering boxes – doesn’t it?

      • Indy, I agree. The wbc just says what nearly 80 percent of Kansans believe. Joe and Terry can probably only dream of the fame and fortune they will get as they inherit the mantel of haters in chief! But they’ll have to fight bad man’s daughter for the title.

        A pox on them all!

    • It goes against my grain to talk about what I might do for or give to. But I just have to tell you about this thing that happened to me yesterday.

      First, when I learned about the bad man’s death I wrote a check to Kansas Equality and hurried to get it on the mail box before the mail carrier came. Then, Ginger and I went to our nearby park where we both have responsibilities. I don’t do nearly as good a job of picking up after mankind as I once did because Ginger can’t see any longer and I’m watching her, going where she goes vs looking for trash. She still does an exemplary job of putting the squirrels back in the trees where they belong! Nothin’ wrong with her nose. So, Ginger is doing her job, I’m following quickly and there on the ground is a $20 bill. There isn’t anyone else in the park. I felt a little guilty about putting it in my pocket, but leaving it wouldn’t mean it would get back to its owner. You know what that means, don’t you? I get to write another check! 🙂

      • As Molly Ivins would say, Fnord, “Good on you. Good on ya.”

        On behalf of queers everywhere 🙂 we thank you for being such a faithful straight ally. Ol’ bad man is still raising money for us….

        PS–Summer and Lucky the Wonder Dog, along with their faithful human, send well wishes to you and Ginger. Give her a hug and a pat from us.

  5. On a completely different subject…

    Wake the hell up, people! Tomorrow is World Water Day. Living close to nature as I do, the pain of the drought is increasing exponentially day by day.

    I fear the rest of the world will all too soon know our pain and be drawn into the epic water wars of the future.

    At least out here, the old saying is true. Whiskey is for drinking and water is for fighting. After draining Cedar Bluff, Hays is on the march again looking for more water and no community in Kansas is safe when they get greedy about their share of water in Western Kansas.

    • I knew President Obama is a wise man..

      If men got pregnant, there would be drive-thru abortion clinics.

      f course, then the fetus would be called a bunch of cells and once gotten rid of – a Big Gulp and Big Burrito to go would be in order..

  6. Another one proves to be unconstitutional. How many millions of dollars have republicans spent on unconstitutional laws? Or is it in the billions?

    • And how many lives have been damaged or altered beyond repair? How many kids were damaged? How many relationships went without support? How many families were never created?

      All in the name of wingnuttery.

      Jesus wept!

      • My ex-friend – the devoted Catholic, Tea Party, Mike Huckabee cheerleader told me that the Catholic Church scandal of knowingly making the choice to cover up the crime of child molestations was ‘a little problem’…

        Seriously….that is what this buffoon said to me when I brought up the issue..

        When people deliberately look the other way – or to dismiss it as a ‘little problem’ – then I don’t think these WingNuts give a damn – do you?

        Sad fact is – families don’t mean a damn to these Wing Nuts – unless you are heterosexual white couple with 2.5 white children, blue eyes and blonde hair.

    • With all the wasted millions spent by Republicans trying to defend their wingnuttery foolery – where these damn Tea Party Deficit Hawks?

      I don’t hear one damn screech from any one of these buffoons – do you?

      Can you imagine if these millions were Obama spending it on feeding the hungry or finding homes for the homeless?

      Hell, fire and brimstone would be falling down around our heads……

      But to defend these Bible Thumpers in their insatiable need to discriminate those folks they find unworthy – no amount of money is too much to waste on their wingnuttery…