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  1. I do care about who is elected! Sometimes when I feel discouraged at what’s happening all around me I think about giving up. It’s a fleeting thought! I do care! I won’t give up — the right-wing extremist ideology hurts too many people and must be fought!

    • I sure understand that feeling, several saying come to mind. Shouting into the wind” and/or “Pissing in the wind”. almost everyday I either end up in a argument or lost someone when I counter so of the crap I hear or read. Several people at church are now not talking to me. Most I think are thinking it is because of the brain injury. I can not tell you how many times now I have been told that the Nazis were socialist so the Cons could not possibly be taking lessons from the Nazis!

  2. This one is for you, Indy. He’s not sorry about what he said, he’s just sorry he said it out loud. Must have nicked the bottom line pretty good.

    Funny, but I just have an aversion to chicken sandwiches of all kinds anymore…

    • I agree with the man that we all are entitled to our own opinions.

      BUT that is the problem. These Bible Thumpers will not allow anyone else’s opinions unless they are the Evangelical Fundy Kooky Kutter pablum being spewed.

      When these folks stop their incessant whining about being persecuted – when we have a damn mega church (all tax free) on every damn corner in our city – THEN, I might listen to how much these poor little Fundies are so persecuted.

      Until that day – sit down and STFU

      BTW – When is this Chick-fil-a guy going to tell Mike Huckabee to sit down and STFU?

      It was Huckabee that got all those long lines of sheeple and made what Dan Cathy said even more vocal – and spread like wildfire.

      Hmmmm…..CONservatives that will not stand up to big mouths like Huckabee and Ted Nugent…..says a lot about their characters – huh?

  3. Fnord, one of the many things I admire about you is your eternal optimism and your unwillingness to ever give up or give in to hopelessness. I wish I could be more like that instead of always seeing the glass half empty and draining. I hate it when anyone calls your optimism Pollyanna. It’s not. It’s real courage to fight on in the face of overwhelming odds.

    • Well said Prairie Pond and I agree 100%.

      I wish I could be more optimistic – but damn these CONS make it difficult – don’t they?

      When I feel like just throwing in the towel – I look at my kids and grandkids and then my blood starts to boil again.

      MY family will be hurt by these CONS that don’t give a damn about anyone but their own greedy pockets.

      The only way to fight these CONS is by standing up to them and showing them the exit door at the voting booth.

      Come on WOMEN of America – wake up and tell these CONS they are not in control.

  4. As Tracy would say, “pitiful. Just pitiful.”

    Atta way to support the troops! (Big eye roll)

    • I am all for supporting our troops – which is different than saying I support the Military Industrial Complex beast.

      With that said – I do have a problem with military personnel like my ex-friend – the Catholic, Conservative Republican, Foxxie Hen House devotee and Mike Huckabee groupie.

      This woman had a son and a son-in-law in the military during the entire Iraq years under George W. Bush. Neither one of these men ever stepped foot out of America’s shores to go fight my friend’s Bush war.

      Instead – George W. Bush used our National Guard personnel to fight his damn Iraq War.

      My question is WHY? These two able-bodied men were sitting here in the safety of our borders – bragging about how much their pension checks were going to be because they both plan to leave the military when they hit the 20-year mark.

      I asked my ex-friend once how did her two able-bodied men get out of the actual fighting in the Iraq War and she looked at me and said – God has blessed them.

      Oh, is that it now? God chose her two precious boys to spare from any hint of danger because she supported George W. Bush and his Boys to fight the Holy War?

      Is that really what my ex-friend expected me to believe?

      I suspect – both of these able-bodied men were not only sucking off the government teat but must have been sucking on something else….and doing a mighty fine job……

      The day Obama won the presidency – my ex-friend started her Foxxies in the Hen House rampage about how the socialist was going to ruin America.

      Hey – in my opinion – there were two able bodied men in her family that were both being kept safe within our borders while she proudly waved that American flag to use other peoples’ loved ones (in the National Guard, no less) to do the actual fighting.

      Some of those in the National Guard came home in body bags. A lot of them came home with massive injuries and still trying to regain their lives.

      And what are my ex-friend’s two able-bodied men doing? They are still in active service and still safe within our American borders.

      And they are still counting on those fat pension checks…………

      This may sound callous and cold hearted – but for those two able-bodied men, they do not deserve those fat pension checks.

      I don’t like to see anyone having to go fight in a war – but if your family is back home bragging about how great their feckless leader – the LIttle Cowboy – is for taking on those terrorists in Iraq – then I expect this family to offer their two able-bodied young men to step up to the plate and do some actual fighting..

      • BTW – that ex-friend is also a devoted Tea Party person that hates the evil government..

        Hmm….seems to me she needs to look around her own damn family and see how many are sucking off the government teat.

        Her husband, herself, her son-in-law and his wife, her son and his wife.

        Hmmm…..appears there is a lot of sucking going on…..

        I just wanted to scream at her and say – not one of my family members get any damn check from the government – and your entire family is getting checks.

        So …sit down and STFU

        P.S. – I told my friend that if she does not like Obama, then her two able bodied men in the military could always resign and try to get jobs in the private sector.

        Her response was – why should they?

        Hmmm….again….if you’re going to sit and complain about how evil the government is – then perhaps you should stop sucking off the government teat?

      • Does anyone else cringe at the word ‘blessed’? As usual I won’t be able to find the words I want, but I don’t like the word blessed. It sounds like someone being singled out by an outside source who chose that person over another. The great blesser decides to judge who gets to be blessed.

        At the same time I don’t have another word for those times when things seem to be ‘comin’ up roses.’ Lucky doesn’t actually do it for me, because I know success often comes from really hard work, I know one person’s happiness may not feel happy to another. And what I’m trying to describe goes way beyond winning at the slots, which lucky describes for me.

        Shouldn’t there be a word that would fit being where you didn’t expect to be, are grateful to be, the spot where you recognize that even if it took work, determination, failures and challenges it brought you exactly where you are and want to be? What is the word for that? Neither blessed nor lucky fits in my thinking.

      • I like to think the word ‘fortunate’ fits a lot of times.

        When my 5-yr-old son was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes (a life-changing diagnosis) – several people told me it was ‘God’s will’.

        That made me so angry…..

        First of all – if it was God’s will to put a lifetime chronic disease on to my 5-yr-old son, then why the Hell does he like to pick on little boys?

        Second of all – is that really what people need to hear is that God purposely chose your child to put this dreaded disease in his life for the rest of his life?

        When I was diagnosed with cancer and just about died several times – again, I had those well-meaning friends and family members that told me it was ‘God’s will’ and that ‘He never gives us more than we can handle’.

        Oh really? Who the hell could handle losing 70 lbs in 2 months, being grayish in color with two drainage bags hanging from your side while facing the grim prospect of going through chemotherapy for the next 6-8 months?

        Then – on top of all that – the Catholic-owned hospital billing people are calling my ass to demand immediate payment of my portion of the damn 29-day-long stay at their lovely 4-star resort and spa (definitely NOT).

        The first phone call was the day after I was discharged home – and then when I got upset with the woman, she told me to divorce my husband, quit my part time job and go on welfare.

        Yeah – that was ‘God’s will’ also – or was that for the hospital to get their damn blood money faster?

        So, please understand why I cringe when I hear the words ‘God’s will’ or certain people are ‘blessed’.

        The word fortunate is more to my liking. We all know there is bad stuff that could happen to any one of us at any time.

        Let’s just be thankful and grateful when we are not the ones that get hit with the bad stuff. But, let’s also be compassionate and empathetic to those who are not as fortunate when they do get hit with the bad stuff.

        That is the problem I have with these CONservative Republicans – especially the Evangelicals.

        They seem to have lost the meaning of the words in their own Bible ‘brother’s keeper’……

        As long as we are fortunate enough to be healthy and safe – let’s not forget how to reach out to those who are not currently healthy and safe. It’s not because some mystical supreme being in the sky decides who is worthy and who is not worthy of being blessed .

        Rather, I prefer to think of my God (a positive energy/life force) as being able to rise above the pettiness of the God who chooses to condemn a 5-yr-old boy to a lifetime disease that wreaks such harm with each passing year.

        That type of God – IMHO – is mean, hate-filled and not someone I want to be around for an eternity. Nor, do I want to be around this God’s Bible Thumpers who seem to take delight in claiming they are so blessed.

        In reality – they are just fortunate enough to not be touched by tragedy.

      • Fortunate also covers those who work hard and gain success.

        When we are fortunate enough to have parents that truly care, schools filled with good teachers that truly care, clean air and water, healthy food to eat and the ability to see a doctor/dentist when needed – then the odds of becoming successful in life are much higher – aren’t they?

  5. Save the Rich (Official Video) by Garfunkel and Oates
    Brother, can you spare a payment on my corporate jet?

  6. I just heard on MSNBC – Fred Phelps died last night.


      Truth be told – maybe this article makes the most important point?

      Fred Phelps and his hate-filled family church members actually did more to bring attention to how these so-called ‘religious folks’ were the ones doing the harassment and how ‘intolerant’ fundamental evangelicals can be….

      • But – it should also be stated that a lot of Kansas CONservatives feel the exact same way Fred Phelps and his Klan do – but Fred was the only one that had the guts to say it out loud.

        You know, it’s kinda like when Ted Nugent called our president a subhuman mongrel – and not one prominent Republican denounced Nugent as being wrong.

        They only would say – those are not the words I would have used.

        Yeah, right, big eye roll.

        Just like Phelps and his Klan – CONservatives feel the same way, they just do not want to go out in public and suffer the consequences for their beliefs.

        But – we all know what these CONS stand for – don’t we?

        Those are the folks that need to be told they do not own this country, never have owned this country and will NEVER own this country.

        Fred Phelps can not hurt anyone any more – these CONS can hurt people. These CONS are the ones we need to focus on and kick them out of their powerful political seats…

      • You are absolutely correct — the republicans are in bed with the now dead bad man and his clan. The ones in the Kansas House proved it just a couple of weeks ago when they all voted FOR a bill to discriminate against gay people! Our local newspaper had articles and too many Kansas residents commented by adding their hate. They put it on display proudly. How do you get that low?

    • I’ve never heard of anyone getting out of this world alive. Not the best, kindest, most loving people and not the ones who spend their time hating.

      Here is where a donation could be made to Kansas Equality

      • I wish there would be NO publicity for this clan of hateful bad people. I probably won’t get my wish, but I think NO publicity would be what his band of bigots fear most.

    • Controversial Westboro Baptist Church founder Rev. Fred Phelps died Wednesday night, his granddaughter confirms to ABC News:


    Take a good look at this picture of Fred (for the last time). Can’t you picture one of many Evangelical preachers and/or televangelists sitting there with the same hate-filled look ?

    Pat Robertson has said just as many crazy, off the wall comments – hasn’t he?

    Fnord posted an article this morning about some Republican candidate in Illinois spewing the same vile comments.

    Franklin Graham – Ted Cruz’ father – the preacher man – John Hagee – just to name a few so-called Christians.

    But their followers all sit in their own little alternative universe and actually eat this crap-laced cotton candy every single day…….

    And let’s not forget how much tax free money is being collected by these so-called Christians every time they spew their hate-filled crappola.

    I believe that is really the motivation behind all these so-called Christian preachers and televangelists – spewing their hate filled venom does make the sheeple send in more money (money their kids could use to be fed)

    Fred Phelps and Klan made a lot of money off their hate-filled speech – didn’t they?

    I have to wonder – did Fred Phelps get the benefit of any government health care for his hospice care and health care needs throughout his life?

    He was certainly eligible for Medicare benefits…..and with hospice, he would certainly qualify for even more benefits.

    I also wonder if Fred ever gave any thought to Matthew Shepard while he was lying on his death bed?

    Matthew Shepard was the young man who was tortured and murdered for simply being gay. Matthew Shepard’s death was also the kick start to Fred Phelps and his Klan’s holy terror rampage.

    Life is not fair – is it?

    • Even if Fred did get benefits from Medicare for his hospice care – I do not begrudge him that because he was an American citizen.

      But…since these CONS believe they have the right to deny funding for programs they don’t like – why can’t the rest of us deny money for those programs that benefit CONS when they are on their death bed?

      Doesn’t their Bible say somewhere – an eye for an eye?

  8. That old bigot died on this day!

    Did you know that today is —


    I did read online the “reality is likely due to God being a lesbian.”

    • I see someone else shares my theory……only, my version is a black lesbian – just to make these racist White Conservative Republicans more mad

      • To be fair to old Fred – his hate did not appear to based purely on race – he hated everyone that did not adhere to his strict preaching…..

    I disagree with this article where it states Paul Ryan has been a quiet supporter of immigration reform and the Catholic ideas that underpins his budget..


    So, the Nuns on the Bus are wrong when they say Paul Ryan’s budget is against Jesus’ teachings?

    I guess I was correct when I said the Catholic Church leaders are behind Paul Ryan but the Nuns on the Bus are still trying to make us believe the Catholic Church truly cares about the poor, hungry, homeless and those folks who are left holding the empty bag once Paul Ryan and his buddies take away the social safety nets just so the wealthy 1% leeches get even more of our taxpayer money?

    Wow – talk about paying people not to work. All they do is make sure our taxpayer money is sent to their overseas tax-free bank account havens..

    • If the Nuns on the Bus ever finally get their belly full of the Catholic Male Leadership’s lack of morality and leave the damn Church – let me know.

      I will be their first convert ……I can fully support these Nuns and their goals.

      Their male counterparts in that Catholic Church – I would not touch them with a 10-foot pole.

    What are your thoughts about these new sanctions against Russia?

    I’ve got one big question – wouldn’t our response to Putin mean much more if the USA had chosen to pursue alternative energy sources back in the late 1970’s when Jimmy Carter installed those solar panels on the White House roof?

    Just imagine…… this time, would could be self sufficient for our energy sources.

    Instead – St. Ronnie Raygun ordered those solar panels off the White House roof when he bowed down and kissed Jerry Falwell and his Morality Boys’ butts just to get elected.

    Oh, yeah, Raygun also made a deal to sell weapons to our enemy Iran – but that was not a traitor’s move – that was doing good business – he made a lot of money…and everybody knows that making money is the ONLY thing Republicans will never bitch about.

    I do find it rather amusing that Russia turned and banned John Boehner (and other American politicians) from entering Russia.

    Can we borrow that idea from Putin and ban John Boehner from staying in America?

    NOW that would solve at least one of our problems…….

    • Maybe Putin will make a deal and take George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld. After all, if Putin is planning to invade a country without a good reason – those three are the ones with the experience….IMHO

  11. Good kind thoughts would be appreciated today. My grandson is at Mass General being ‘worked up.’ 🙂 He had, among other tests, an endoscopic procedure done. This specialist may agree with the one here, but we needed to know. We’ll deal with this! Everyone has some challenges — just like Indy talked about earlier today. I’m anxious and worried even tho I know there is not one single thing I can do. Knowing is good, and over the next few days we’ll know a bit more than we did.

    • fnord – you have my thoughts, prayers and admiration for how you are handling this.

      If there is ever anything I can do – please know that you can ask me and I’ll be right there.

  12. BREAKING: A federal judge just denied Tennessee’s request to halt recognition of same-sex couples’ marriages.

  13. Iggy died May 2, 2010. Less than a year before his death he posted this —

    GOD Explains Things to Fred Phelps on Judgement Day