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  1. Don’t forget – if you stand in long lines to buy an overpriced deep-fried chicken sandwich to prove you love Jesus and hate homosexuals – you’re a good CONservative Christian Republican.

    • I was reading something recently about the head honcho of Chick-fil-A being sorry about the dust-up over equality. I don’t remember what I read saying he was sorry for what he said, only sorry for the dust-up. If I cared enough about his too-little too-late apology I might google it, but his homophobia was more than I ever wanted to know about him.

      • To be fair to the Chick-Fil-A guy – it was Mike Huckabee that decided to put his fat 2 cents worth in and rile up the sheeple with all those lines to buy deep-fried chicken sandwiches.

        But…..I do blame the Chick-Fil-A guy for not telling Mike Huckabee where to shove it……..

        I agree with the too-little-too-late apology – but isn’t that what those Evangelinuts always do?

        When they get caught in the middle of their wrong doing – that is when they apparently have their come-to-Jesus moment and issue a half-ass apology.

      • Also – I suspect Mike Huckabee did his little stunt because he is contemplating running for president in 2016 – or just for more publicity and/or money coming into his own pockets.

    This is the latest theory as to what happened to the missing Malaysia plane?

    Notice in this article – Malaysia was considered a democratic country until recently when power has been concentrated in the few……sounds a lot like what is happening to America – huh?

    Citizens United + Billionaire Brothers = less democracy?

    • The Koch brothers seem to be leading the brigade to deregulate everything. That way they can commit atrocities on our environment, shady financial deals, and whatever else they deem necessary in the screwing of America to gain more and more and more for themselves. What are those guys ages? No one lives forever. I know Charles has a son — the one who ran over and killed a kid in a crosswalk, named Chance IIRC, but I’ve just never paid much attention to who might carry on the evil legacy once these bad men are gone.

      • The Koch Brothers are not that old – but, then again, you may remember my theory as to why some people live so damn long…

        God and Satan are in a staring match and the first one that blinks has to take the S.O.B.

  3. This is a short piece that goes to attitudes and enthusiasm and how that affects elections. The author says Reince (who the hell names their son Reince??) Priebus is playing the superior game and democrats should take note. I think the author makes some good points.

    Reince Priebus is Playing Smart Politics. Maybe Democrats Should Try It Too.

    • This is what the link above talks about —

      • Hate is a powerful emotion – and can be manipulated so easily.

        When the GOP hate machine is in full gear – ie Foxxies Hen House and Talk Radio – which population is the one that listens the most? Old, retired white males who usually had a long-time job at the same company, with a good pension, he has Medicare and he is mad because a young black man beat out their old white guy for the presidency.

        That would be bad enough – but this same young black man did this twice – he beat their second white guy – that is something this Rabid GOP base just cannot stand…..

        The Democrats have always been the party of herd of cats – very hard to form into one-minded purpose.

        But it is time for the Women of America (and the men who love them) to make their voices heard.

        Women are generally the caregivers – the ones that want a future for their kids and are willing to sacrifice themselves in order for their kids to have a better chance.

        When was the last chance you got the feeling from old white Republican men (and the women that are subservient to them) that they were willing to sacrifice themselves for the future of America?

        Democrats and Independents do need to take notice – and get out to vote in 2014.

      • Every time a Tea Party Mad Hater and/or Rabid Religious Right Hater demonizes Obamacare, I just want to scream.

        I don’t see any of these folks willing to give up their Medicare. In fact, I don’t think any private insurance company will sell them a primary policy if they are eligible for Medicare – do they?

        So, let’s change that – shall we?

        Anybody that sits around and hates government health care should not be eligible to get Medicare. Let these folks go buy their own private health insurance and I don’t want to hear one damn word from these S.O.B.’s about how high their premium is….

        I would love to be able to get Medicare – the price and coverage cannot be beat.

      • Let me remind you – I have worked in the pharmacy business that services long term care, home health and hospice (all usually Medicare patients).

        I have seen where these folks are getting a lot of medications, hospitalizations and procedures being done and at very minimal cost to themselves.

        There is a reason why so many people are living longer these days – thanks to Medicare being there to pay for their health care.

      • I’m still covered by the group policy through hubby’s job, and don’t have Medicare even tho I’m old enough to quality. That’s all changing soon, as hubby is retiring. Now I’m getting all our ducks in a row, shopping for a Medicare supplement for me, coverage through the marketplace for him (he’s younger and not yet old enough for Medicare). The people at Social Security are professionals who are kind and helpful, they know what they’re doing even when I don’t have a clue so it’s all coming together! 🙂

      • I’m not current on all that Medicare stuff – but I do plan on taking early Social Security benefits when I turn 62 next year. Too bad it’s not this year….

        My husband and I are about the same age, so he plans to keep on working – but with my early SS benefits, that would be about the same net money as if I kept on working.

        So, why work? I’ll just stay home and watch the grandkids.

      • There is one difference between me and these retirement television ads I’ve seen lately…..

        1) I do not want to buy a vineyard when I retire.
        2) I do not want to travel the world when I retire.
        3) I was never wealthy before and I learned to be content with what we had – which is a trait I find sorely lacking in today’s society.
        4) I just want enough money to pay our basic bills and have enough time to enjoy my kids and grandkids.

        I am not into whether I have a fancy house or the newest car. I was never that way before – so why would I worry about it after I retire?

        Once you survive cancer, your outlook on life is changed. I no longer worry about those things that I cannot change.

        Oh, I still get mad about things and I will rant and scream – but I do not sit and fester with worrying about it any longer.

        Worrying is a waste of time…..and wears you down…..and gets you nowhere.

        But I do have a big mouth and I can share what I’ve learned along my journey to anyone who will listen..

      • There is nothing sadder – IMHO – than to see a person with a million dollars in their bank account but their kids moved away and never come to visit them.

        Cold hard cash is very little comfort when you’re only wish is to see your kids or grandkids.

        My MIL has been so mean, hate-filled, spiteful, vindictive and evil that we have not seen her for 30 years and the last written correspondence from her was one letter about 12 years ago.

        This woman never treated her grandkids (my husband is her only child) like they existed. This woman has never treated me or my husband with any respect, dignity or even common courtesy. We were ‘beneath her’ because we did not go to church any longer. Of course, I was the biotch to blame for that.

        But this is the choice that my MIL made – we did not make the choice for her. She is alone in the world because she chose to be alone.

        She has money – and she keep the damn money.

        I made the choice to not be hurt by her any longer – and my kids and grandkids are better of without this sanctimonius, pious and hypocrite. This woman chose her beloved ‘church’ over her family – and they can deal with her fat ass.

        BTW – this woman does not even know she has great grandkids – how sad is that?

        WWJD …….do you think Jesus would approve of a woman who has not bothered to care about her kids, grandkids and does not even know she has great grandkids?

        My guess would be that Jesus would not approve of this woman…no matter how much damn money she has accumulated here on Earth.

  4. One more thing about the Republicans’ enthusiasm to get out and vote….it is these mega churches pushing all the right buttons.

    Fear of losing one’s eternal soul is also a very powerful emotion.

    Just imagine if your preacher or priest is up there every week and talking about how terrible the president is and how our entire country is going to Hell in a hand basket.

    Of course you’re going to follow what ever the preacher or priest is telling you. To question him would be equal to questioning God himself – and that is just not allowed.

    • Also imagine – if more people would have questioned the Catholic Church leaders – maybe some of those young boys would have not been molested by priests – while the Catholic Church leaders knowingly looked the other way..


    I see the billionaire Republican won the Illinois primary yesterday.

    Now what was that we were talking about how the control of our country is in the hands of the few….

    Hmmm…doesn’t anyone else question why a billionaire would spend $6 million of his own money in the primary race alone for the chance to get a job as governor?

    If this billionaire is truly a venture capitalist – then what is his true motivation? Is it really to help the working class in Illinois or is it to help himself and his fellow venture capitalists to the free-for-all gouging of the Illinois state government trough?

    • This Republican billionaire has stated he plans to run Illinois just like Scott Walker and Mitch Daniels in their respective states.

      Oh, God Help Illinois…..



    Speaking of fear as a motivating factor…….. gun manufacturers and those who profit off guns……LOVE it when the black man is in the White House and Foxxies in the Hen House and Talk Radio Shock Jocks keep beating the drum that Obama is out to get their guns…

    Sales are going sky high and with no end in sight.

    • I can’t help but laugh at how stupid and gullible the gun nuts are. They are so sold on the fear they’ve lost their ability to think. I try hard to never laugh at people, but they’ve earned ridicule by being such tools.

      • I just wonder how many of these tools are in those Deep Southern States that are known government handouts (welfare) and how many kids are going without food because the adults (I use that term loosely) in the house are too busy buying yet another bunch of guns and/or ammo?

        Talk about welfare queens…

  7. WIRED magazine gives us a theory on what may have happened to Flight 370, without drama, hysterics, conspiracy theories. It’s refreshing and calm, plus believable! I’m beginning to tire of those who see terrorists behind everything that happens. It must be a very sad place to exist, that place of being afraid. Besides, that place of being afraid is highly populated by republicans so I see it as a place to be avoided. Until true facts are known, I prefer this calm theory.

    A Startlingly Simple Theory About the Missing Malaysia Airlines Jet

    • Massachusetts seems to be an intelligent place to live – they even got Mitt Romney to make Romneycare (model for Obamacare) the law of the land – and now telling John Bohener they will not cut food stamps…

      We all remember what Rick Santorum told us – don’t we?

      Rick stated the Republicans will never get the smart people to join them

    Only in America….

    I wonder how long will it take the NRA and pro-gun Republicans to make this guy the next ‘Joe the Plumber’?

  9. Asher Bob White

    Today’s point is …..”government by the people”! Sure! Demonstrators are jailed or shot for petitioning, immoral cons win all the gerrymandered red states and Democrats win the national pluralities after four more years

    • I wonder – in today’s political climate – would the Founding Fathers be seen as patriots or the dirty hippies trying to go against the status quo

      Conservativism is basically keeping the status quo – which these CONS have done for years.

      Don’t let the Tea Party rhetoric fool you – these folks want the status quo kept – such as allowing the health care insurance companies to rig the game like they had for years…….

      And the military industrial complex beast will be constantly fed – regardless of how much massive federal spending blows up the budget. For example – George W. Bush putting two wars ‘off budget’ -….

      Obama put the war costs ‘on budget’ from the first days of his presidency – and CONS have demonized Obama for blowing up the debt.

      Let’s be truthful – the debt was run up by GWB and his Boys – but since they chose to hide the debt as ‘off budget’ – it was never reported.

      You know that old Puritan saying, don’t you?

      Out of sight – out of mind..

      That also works for dealing with the unemployed, under-employed, hungry, homeless and uninsured Americans – out of sight, out of mind.

  10. Ashber Bob White – how is the weather in Florida this fine day?

    Do you live anywhere near Tampa? That is where my MIL lives.



    Two buffoons avoid jail time. I can understand that their stunt may not be a big priority for the penal system – but, seriously, these two men got off relatively easy for desecrating a national park – IMHO

    What part of ‘respect nature’ do these buffoons not get?

    I never did buy their excuse that they were so worried about the safety of the kids around that rock……

    these immature grown males were high-fiving one another like they had just become the world champions of STUPID.

    How would they feel if someone came in and knocked over their religious statues and/or crosses in their churches?

    Those rocks are seen as sacred to people – and should be treated with respect and dignity – IMHO

    • And talk about bragging about being stupid – these buffoons put their achievement on video for all the world to see….

      How freaking stupid is that?

  12. It was eleven years ago today that George W. Bush declared his war of choice.

    Lie by Lie: A Timeline of How We Got Into Iraq

    Here’s a timeline of media coverage. It will break your heart.

    (from the link): This timeline is an attempt to recall some of the worst moments in journalism, from the fall of 2002 and into the early weeks of the Iraq War. It is not an exhaustive catalog, but a useful reference point for understanding the media’s performance. The timeline also points to missed opportunities, when courageous journalists—working inside the mainstream and the alternative media—uncovered stories that should have made the front pages of daily newspapers, or provided fodder for TV talk shows. By reading mainstream media critically and tuning into the alternative press, citizens can see that the notion that “everyone” was wrong about Iraq was—and is—just another deception.

    • If we hadn’t let that fool and his brother in Florida steal that election…

      Thank God we didn’t elect McCain or Romney. How many wars would they have started? If the president is a republican you can count on war.

      Jesus wept.

  13. Here’s some more insanity coming out of the Illinois primary —

    (from the link): “I am a conservative Republican and I believe in God first,” Atanus, 55, had told the Daily Herald editorial board in January.

    “God is angry,” she added. “We are provoking him with abortions and same-sex marriage and civil unions. Same-sex activity is going to increase AIDS. If it’s in our military it will weaken our military. We need to respect God.”

    The Herald reported that Atanus “said she believes God controls the weather and has put tornadoes and diseases such as autism and dementia on earth as punishment for gay rights and legalized abortions.”

    US Congress Candidate Who Says Tornadoes, Autism God’s Punishment For Gay Rights Wins Primary

    • As I said before – I’ve been watching the Illinois primary races. I was born and raised in Illinois.

      But, I think too many mega churches have taken roots in Illinois and are now Giants that need to be taken down by as many Davids as possible.

      • BTW – the Deep Southern States have the most Evangelicals sucking of the government teat -and seems to be the target of a lot of these tornadoes and hurricanes.

        So….according to this buffoon’s theory….God HATES the Evangelicals for the way they are living?

        That makes more sense to me – those Evangelicals live like the Devil but then go to church to get their pointy little head patted by their preacher boy and gets their free Get Out of Hell card punched for that week.

        I would LOVE to punch out some of those free Get Out of Hell cards.