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  1. Be sure you notice who gets the highest federal deduction offset and lowest tax rate after the offset,

    Robert Reich shares —

    I recently debated an apologist for the nation’s raging inequality who said we shouldn’t raise taxes on the richest 1 percent, even though they’re now getting more than 20% of total income, because they now pay over 35% of total federal income taxes. Baloney. This misleading factoid ignores two large regressive taxes that hit lower and moderate-income Americans far harder than the those at the top:

    (1) The Social Security payroll tax. It provides more than a third of all federal revenues and its surpluses for years have paid for all sorts of things in addition to Social Security. But it only applies to incomes up to a cap now set at $113,600.

    (2) State and local taxes. They constitute 40 percent of total government revenues, but the poorest fifth of Americans pay an average combined state and local tax rate of 11%, while the richest 1 percent pay an average rate of 5.3%. (Graph below reflects best available data.)

  2. Lady Liberals asks:

    What has the GOP done that you will NOT forget?

    Look around at the stories on the web. The pundits are beating a quiet drum insisting that Dems do not have what it takes to defeat the GOP in a mid-term election. They tell us we have short-term memory. They say we live in a world of 30-second sound bites and that we have little knowledge of the truth of the absolute obstruction (and destruction) committed by the GOP in Congress. They say we are sick and tired of the politics as usual but that we have little incentive to go to the polls. They will quote statistics of the low voter turnout in past midterms. They give Dems little to no chance to take the House and report that we are in danger of losing the Senate. Are we so disillusioned with President Obama that we no longer care if he has a Congress that will work WITH him? Are we willing to give even MORE power to states to disrupt our lives?

    So is it all gloom and doom? Shall we just pack it in now and succumb to the reality that the GOP will soon have complete control over our lives by the end of this year? ABSOLUTELY NOT! We DO NOT HAVE a short attention span! I REFUSE to believe that we have forgotten the crap that has trickled down upon us because of the GOP!

    I believe that we are smarter than the pundits give us credit for. Right here, right now, tell me what you will NEVER forget. Let’s start a list of the GOP “accomplishments” that we can repost right up until election day to drive folks to the polls.

    I could list hundreds of things but let me get you started:

    *In Arizona – SB1070, the we hate the brown people law

    *Redefining the conversation on rape i.e. Todd “legitimate rape” Akin

    *The government shutdown orchestrated by the GOP that cost this country $24 billion dollars

    Your turn. What has the GOP done that you will NOT forget?

    My answer:

    I will not forget that every single Republican U. S. Senator voted against the Paycheck Fairness Act.

    I will not forget that the U. S. House has wasted way too many hours and dollars by voting to repeal Obamacare FIFTY times while never even once haing an idea to improve our health insurance industry or help the millions of Americans without insurance.

    I will never forget the shenanigans of Darrel Issa and his ‘investigations.’ Such a waste!

    I will never forget that before Todd Akin stepped in it by defining “legitimate rape” those exact words were in the Republican Party Platform and in legislation introduced by U. S. House Republican Paul Ryan.

    I will never forget the number of times Republican U. S. Senators gummed up the works by filibusters.

    The A.L.E.C. written “Stand Your Ground” laws pushed by republican legislators won’t be forgotten.

    Of course no woman will be able to forget the massive numbers of bills introduced by republican attempts to control women’s reproduction.

    Last but NOT least, I will never forget all the lies, exaggerations and distortions republicans tell about the ACA.

    • I will NEVER forget how these Republicans expect me to be so stupid as to believe every word that comes out of their mouths – or their overpaid, bloviated talk show shock jocks on Foxxies Hen House and Hate Talk Radio.

      I am not that stupid and the women I know are not that stupid.

      I RESENT the fact these Republicans keep on treating women in such a condescending and patronizing way.

      It’s time to tell these RePUKES to sit down and STFU

    • wicked

      I will not forget that our Republican governor has managed to keep me uninsured. I always said Dubya’s health care plan was Don’t Get Sick. I guess Sam feels the same.

    This is another religious cult leader I have absolutely no sympathy – or empathy – for and I truly hope he gets exactly what he deserves…

  4. G-stir

    I’m so “open-minded” that I would rather have a Republican marry my daughter than move in next door! (Tongue slightly in cheek).

    • I have been a registered Republican for the past several years – and there is nothing any damn Kansan CONservative Republican can do about that…

      IIRC – Actually – the way this new proposed legislation reads – Democrats can change their affiliation to independent and then change it to Republican.

      But I just want to know why these Republicans want to stop Democrats from registering as Republicans?

      Rush Limbaugh and his fellow RePUKE Robots thought this was such a clever idea when Rush told his sheeple to change their affiliation to Democrat in 2008 primary in an attempt to knock Obama out of the running.

      • They want to stop as many people as possible from voting and definitely stop people who aren’t republican from having any say in who is on the ballot. Republicans want to make ALL the rules and keep out people who are unworthy, different, or won’t go along with their pack mentality.

      • I am more than happy to distance myself from their pack.

        But when given the chance to kick Todd Tiarht to the curb in that primary – Hell, that was just too good to pass up….

      • As long as the choices in the primaries are on the republican ballot I intend to vote on those choices. IF I see choices at the primary level on the Democratic ticket I will consider changing my registration. And, I’ll still vote against republicans in general elections no matter what.

      • I used to be an independent voter – voting for some Republicans but mostly Democrats (it depends on the Republican)

        But, in the most recent past elections, you’re right – the only choices have been on the Republican primary level.

        I think we can all safely assume the only reason Todd Tiarht got beat out was because he thought he was going to slide into the Senate seat with very little opposition.

        That is – until Jerry Moran stepped into the race.

        I simply take the view that I helped the Republican Party at least attempt to keep their moderate Republicans and throw these sanctimonius, pious, holified and glorified Evangelibots out of office.

        Besides – I remember when Todd Tiarht made the promise that he would term limit himself……

        Hmmmm……going on to Senate from House is term limiting yourself?

      • Nothing makes me more angry than these arrogant politicians that actually count on the voters to be so stupid to vote time and time for them when all the politician really wants is his own pockets filled with his own money – and then he can retire sucking off the government’s teat and still go on to where the real money – a lobbyist job.

    • I’ve found many republicans are knuckle-dragging idiots — at least the ones I hear speak.

  5. Today in America, 42 million women and 28 million children who depend on them live in poverty or on its brink. When families live paycheck to paycheck, it takes a human and economic toll on all of us. Tonight was the HBO showing of Paycheck to Paycheck which can also be watched at the link below for this week.


    Remember this guy from late night infomercials?

    He finally got a prison sentence for fraud. NOW where are those Wall Street Bankers that took taxpayer-funded bail out money and then just went out and bought other banks – or kept the money for their own selfish agenda?

    I do not even know this guy – but why is this news?

    Just rename this dude Newt Gingrich – add quite a few inches on to the round belly – and you’ve got the perfect Republican male politician.

    Well – I am wrong about one thing – Newt did this mistress-thing twice……so, I guess this country singer has another mistress to go on his love conquering belt before he is truly qualified to be a Republican male politician.

  8. They win when we don’t vote!