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  1. People speaking for Jesus …..always makes me suspicious.

    I remember a certain Betty Bible office manager that made my life hell when I told her (in the middle of the meeting) that she could not make the statement to the entire group of employees that ‘this office is a Christian office, if you do not like it – there’s the door’ (as she motioned towards the door)

    After that meeting, this office manager called me into her office and screamed at me so loud the walls shook.

    After the tirade – she actually said to me – ‘why do you hate Jesus?’.

    My reply: I do not hate Jesus, I just don’t like you thinking you can speak for Jesus.

    Then the fur really started to fly……How DARE I question her devotion to Jesus and God and blah, blah and blah….

    As I kept trying to tell this crazy ass ……… this is a medical office that accepts government dollars – and nobody has the right to dictate their religion as the ONLY religion recognized in the workplace.

    The doctor could have lost his practice………which is something that never did get through this office manager’s thick head.

    SHE was doing what Jesus told her to do…..spread the good news.

    NO – she was being a crazy ass and dictating to others what religion is accepted and nobody else need apply.

    This is the biggest flaw I see in these Fundy Evangelical Christians – they actually believe that God has given them the authority to run over everyone else and force their version of Christianity down others’ throat.

    Show me in the Bible just one example of when Jesus browbeat a person into submission of believing he was the Messiah – the Son of God..

    Jesus’ actions spoke louder than his words.

    These Fundies’ actions speak louder than their empty words – which is why these folks are not looked upon with high approval rating.

    • Plus the whole ‘inspired’ by God becomes ‘said’ by God with almost as many different interpretations and translations as there are faiths. And, why do people need a promise of an afterlife in order to behave in a moral way? Is this just another example of using ‘fear’ to keep people unable to be decent human beings on their own in line?

  2. With my past history in the churches before I quit going, when I started back I found out my wife was not crazy about continuing in the church she had been attending for years. It seems she had either finally listen to what I had been saying or more then likely she actually noticed that what I was saying was the truth. How they would use Jesus and God to justify what they thought was right. Reminder: I quit going when I was actually assaulted about the head with a Bible all because I had not brought a King James to a summer retreat. when I started back, I have made a point of talking the Pastor and telling of that incident and asking if my Bible was acceptable in his church? Also that I might some Sundays be bring my Granddaughters and two of them are mixed race. Will there be a problem with that?

    I generally get a shocked look and then told there is not problem with my granddaughters and as long as it is not the Satanic Bible they do not care which verse I bring..

  3. Well I have my mother back home now, she was released from the after care/ Nursing home yesterday evening. I am not sure if her being release was the right thing? She is still having problems walking and standing up.
    She can not even get up well with help and once standing her feet want to come out from under her. My Wife is having to help her in the bathroom and that means the wiping! Mom does not tell anyone she has already went so her bottom half is red and actually blustered. Yak So Joyce has to put on a cream, ( I have not idea how I got the woman in my life but I do not think I have ever done something that good to deserve her!). Mom is just generally setting and staring at the TV ( And it is not even Football!, Ok maybe that is just me?) I left the room and when I came back I found her just laying to the side and half off the couch…. No asleep or anything just half off the couch!

    • This hurts my heart. I know both you and the wonderful woman you married — no kinder, more loving people exist! Your plate is full — your own health, grandkids, your Mom, life’s everyday challenges… I guess that old saying, “if you want something done ask a busy person” must be absolutely true. I’m sure your heart is breaking. If I had any advice I’d offer it, but all I have is a hug. Another old saying that has proven true tells you to spend time with those you love because one of these days you will either say, “I wish I had or I’m glad I did.”