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  1. Look no further than Kansas, a state dominated by republicans, with stupid bill after stupid bill to take away or seriously limit civil rights and voting rights. Look to other republican-dominated states for more examples.

    I just can’t laugh.

    • Taking away a person’s right to vote is never a laughing matter.

      But – then again – when one cannot win on their own accomplishments and ideas – then cheating has to be their best bet to win elections.

      What better way to cheat than to deny people their right to vote?

    • If the drive was to take away the rights of heterosexuals based solely on the fact that they are sexually attracted to someone of the opposite sex. There would such a uproar. If they were a drive to take away the voting rights of those who’s ancestors came from some White European country then the there would be a armed response. But in their attempt to do the same things based on simply it is not them. Is forgetting the foundations of what this country was founded on.

    • America – Where we have a major political party that takes their sex education advice from a bunch of celibate men wearing robes and funny hats – and this group has been successfully sued for covering up the crime of child molestation for decades.

      Has America really dumbed down this far?

  2. The Republican Party likes to spew the fact that it was their president Abraham Lincoln that freed the slaves.

    But – these folks also fail to acknowledge that when the democrat president Lyndon Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act – a lot of those Southern White Fundy Christian Democrats switched over to the Republican Party and it was these folks that think strictly in terms of black and white.

    To make maters worse – Reagan allowed Jerry Falwell and his Moral Boys into the inner sanctum of the GOP in the 1980’s – and now Republicans are so holified, glorified and sanctified that their hatred of blacks has now grown into hatred of women, hatred of poor, hatred of anyone that looks different or is of independent thinking.


    I never knew John Boehner was Catholic. But, so is Paul Ryan and both of these men will spew their nonsense that the Republicans truly care about the poor, hungry, homeless but when the rubber hits the road – these two men care more about the lobbyists’ money flowing into their own pockets.

    Corporations are people too …….poor little things are so broke. They only made billions/trillions in profit last year.


    As long as the Republican Party still defend Ted Nugent’s outrageous behavior and comments – I have nothing to say to these folks.

    I still have not heard one prominent Republican state that he/she will NOT allow Ted Nugent to be on stage with them.

    • Can you imagine the outrage if Obama had called Romney a subhuman mongrel?

      All Holy Hell would be raining down……

      But, since it is Ted and he is ‘one of us’ – Republicans will sit back and defend this guy?

      • I am convinced these Republicans would sit and defend Satan himself if they thought it would earn them a damn political scoring point.

        None are so blind as those who refuse to see…….or to refuse to learn…..or refuse to go outside of the Foxxies Hen House for facts

  5. As I was driving yesterday, I was radio station surfing and some preacher man was heavy into his fundraising.

    As I listened to find out which particular CON man was reading off all these names and the amount of their ‘gift’ – I had to shake my head when this man actually said – and God bless (name) for $200 with a note asking for prayer so her entire family could find jobs.

    WTF…….nobody had jobs in that house but they could send $200 to some preacher man?

    After hearing that one, I had to stay and find out which preacher man this was……Jimmy Swaggart ministries……

    Enough said?

  6. In a new report the Institute for Policy Studies, a progressive think-tank that advocates for pay fairness, paints those bonuses in a rather startling way: Wall Street’s cash pile is now nearly double what the country’s 1.085 million full-time minimum wage workers made all of last year.

    • Remember the Republicans outrage when Obama floated the idea that these Wall Street fat cats should not get their bonus if their firm is taking the millions in taxpayer-funded bailouts?

      I remember the argument – government cannot interfere with a contract between the employee and the company.

      Hmmm…..but these same Republicans have no problem with breaking a contract between companies/government agencies that want to stop paying pension checks and slash the wages of their employees?

      Republicans – you just cannot make this shit up….

  7. Robert Reich has another idea —

    “Another necessary tax reform: A “transaction tax” of .03 percent on all financial transactions (that’s 30 cents per $1,000). Here’s why: (1) It would generate more than $350 billion over the coming decade, which would help finance what we need. (2) It’s fair. We pay sales taxes on many goods and services, but Wall Streeters don’t pay sales taxes when they buy and sell securities. (3) It would reduce speculation, high-frequency trading, market volatility, and financial gamesmanship.
    Wall Street argues such a tax would harm average small investors. Baloney. Most would hardly feel it. The Street also says it would hurt the competitiveness of our financial sector. More baloney. The U.K. and Hong Kong, two centers of global giants of finance, already have it and aren’t harmed. Similar taxes already exist in more than 30 other countries, and 7 more European countries are moving forward it.
    What do you think?”



    What do we all think about this missing Malaysia plane?

    Here’s my cynical thought – isn’t it a shame we could not have filled up this plane with a bunch of overpaid, bloviated windbag Republicans before this plan took off – if indeed this plane just vanished off the face of the Earth?

    • A mystery that is beginning to sound like it could have included foul-play. Although who knows what to think with all the conflicting stories. We’ve heard more from China and Malaysia, etc. than from U.S. Does the U.S. know more than we’re hearing? It has shown us the vast differences in security measures and technological advancements around the world. U.S. is still a leader in this vast world.

      If foul-play how did they instantly control all passengers? How did NO ONE get a text or tweet or… out? That’s a bunch of people to control instantly.

      • Exactly – and if it was a criminal act – or even terrorist act – then why have we not heard of any demands or some group boasting about their so-called victory?

        I heard on an NPR show the other day that this particular plane was in maintenance right before this flight – but it was not completed maintenance and was scheduled to go back into maintenance after this flight.

        Okay……at the time of the first scheduled maintenance, there was something out of Boeing that said transponders were having a problem…

        Maybe this story line of the transponders being turned off intentionally is just not what happened. Maybe the transponders did have that problem that was cited and the repair of the transponders was not finished before the flight and is what was on the list to complete after the plane got sent back into maintenance to finish the entire list of things.

        But….we all saw what Foxxies in the Hen House did with the news about the stolen passports used by two Iranians.

        Hell – they would have us all believe it was the Muslims picking on the poor persecuted Christians again……..and that is the #1 reason for America to drop a few more thousand bombs over some damn desert.

        Personally – I think the plane was having mechanical problems and they were trying to get back, which is why they turned off course. Maybe something happened inside the plane and all the people passed out? Another ‘expert’ said the pilot and copilot have 30 seconds or up to 1 minute to get their air mask on if the cabin pressure suddenly drops.

        I also suspect this plane is somewhere on the bottom of the ocean. Only problem is – which direction and which part of the ocean?

        It was also pointed out that Malaysia and that part of the world is not as technically advanced as America is – and apparently the regulations are not as tight as they are here in the USA.

      • The report I heard about the stolen passports was very enlightening to me.

        I did not realize that Malaysia was one of a handful of countries that it is very easy to fly with a stolen passport.

        I also did not know that Great Britain has the largest list of stolen passports – but yet very few countries actually access the data.

        I also did not know that USA and Great Britain are the two countries that are the hardest to get into – due to tighter regulations….

        Wow – somebody better tell the Republicans that regulations are a good thing!!!!

      • fnord – listening to the news makes me know that I must lead a very sheltered and boring life…

        Thank the Good Lord for that…..

      • How many times have we heard of pilots and co-pilots falling asleep and flying off course or landing at the wrong airport? I guess pilot error would not explain the lack of communication, but still, ya gotta wonder.

        Of course, it could be foul play, but it would help the investigation if people were not looking for terrorists under every tea cup.

      • What if……this entire plane going down was due to mechanical problems with the plane?

        Will Boeing step up to the plate or will they weasel out of every legal loophole their paid-for-political puppets has made – and will make – for them.

        Yesterday I saw a blog of CONservatives.

        One comment was quite thought provoking. It went like this:

        Capitalists make products and if there is a problem, they will fix the problem and then sell the improved product to the public.

        Socialists will make everybody buy defective products by passing a law.

        Hmmmm….defective products are fixed by capitalists?

        Since when? There are defective products sold all the time. And if people are killed or hurt by these products – the capitalists have an army of lawyers to fight 10 years before anyone gets into a court of law to prove or disprove the product was defective and caused death and/or damage.

        But…then again……I suspect this comment was made by a Republican who thinks they are a true capitalist when they do not even know the meaning of the word

        Today’s Republican capitalists are those folks who expect the government to give them the capital and special tax/breaks and/or subsidies just to ‘think about’ selling their product to the public.

        How many times have the Kansas taxpayers been made to give Boeing yet another special tax break and/or subsidies when they threatened to leave our state?

        TOO many damn times……

  9. Don’t mess with Texas women!

    Wendy Davis may be at the top of the ticket, but her campaign people need to take some lessons from Van de Putte’s experienced operatives. That way, BOTH women can win and Texas can be blue again. (Big sigh of relief!)

  10. Asher Bob White

    This is the best blog I can find. I cherish both its posts and its regular commentators. I have sold my home in Kansas and moved to Florida. My email address has changed but not my values. I’ll keep reading all of you.

    • Congrats on the move and hope the move was a smooth one.

      Check in often – we need all the encouragement we can get. We are liberals in a state drowning in Red State Ridiculousness

    • Ah, you’re just prejudice because we’re your friends! But do visit often, we like you too and appreciate your input!

    • ABW–Please don’t forget us. We would miss you if you left the blog. Too many people are leaving Kansas, so stay with us virtually while you enjoy your great life in FL.

      Rock on, Dude!


    instead of wasting taxpayer money on repetitious, useless and needless investigations where Darrell Issa can once again show his natural-born talent to be an ass – why isn’t something being done about this issue of natural security?

    Possible exam cheating scandal going on? Sub-par performance of our so-called best and brightest in charge of pushing the buttons to release missiles?

    And – pray tell – why do the cooks rating’ at the base help the sub-par missile controllers’ rating ?

    Why are they even on the same level?

    Oh, oh….now we know the pilots of that Malaysian missing plane were both Muslims…

    You know what that means in Foxxies Hen House Fantasy Land..

    • Before the end of the day, I’m sure somehow President Obama will be at fault because he was the mastermind behind this entire missing plane event..

      I find these Republicans to be so ridiculous when on one hand they demonize Obama for being nothing more than a community organizer that never did anything. And then on the other hand they try to say Obama is such a masterful evil tyrant that has this power to make people do whatever he wants.

      Hell – Obama even planned his own birth to a white American mother in order to be eligible to be president of the U.S.A.

      But….wait….the Bible talks about how God knows people before they were even in the womb……

      SO…..this means that God is the one that planned for Obama to be born to a white American woman in the State of Hawaii ??

      Bottom line – it is God’s fault?

      NOW that is funny….

  13. Okay, so here is how some of our state tax money is being spent currently. While children go hungry, while people die from lack of health care, while people worry about taking care of their families and keeping a roof over their heads… Let’s say it in unison: Jesus wept.

    Kansas attorney general pays outside attorneys $1.03 million to defend anti-abortion laws

    Read more here: