Thursday, 3/13/14, Public Square



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  1. I think what republicans do in their attempts to control women, and their efforts to keep equality from anyone they’ve decided is different is belittling. Anything less than equal respect and rights is nothing more than small thinking by small minds.

    • When there is an entire group of people who will not denounce their colleague when he called the president a subhuman mongrel – is there any drop of decency in these folks?

      Let’s think back as to what was the most harshest comment from Republicans about Nugent’s outrageous and ridiculous statement.

      ‘those are not the words I would have used’ – in other words, I think the very same thing but I would not have said it out loud.

      Republicans are nothing more than a bunch of juvenile boys in the locker room all snickering and giggling because they just found about the world of boobies.

      Republican males also seem to have this insatiable desire to have pissing contest over everything.

    I have made it no secret regarding my feelings for the new Pope. I wish the man well and I hope he gets to make the much-needed changes in his church.

    But…….I am greatly disturbed by what I saw and heard from two Archbishops on television this morning.

    These two old men (both with very round stomachs which means they have not missed any meals) were sitting there and I swear I could see them foaming at the mouth at the mere mention of Pope Francis’ name.

    It was a weird vibe I got from those two – it was almost like they were two teenage girls talking about boys ….

    Talk about man love…………But I find the same thing disturbing when I see and listen to Pat Robertson or Franklin Graham and these folks all flock to them like they are rock stars…….

    I am still waiting to see if Pope Francis cleans out the backyard of the Catholic Church.

    Isn’t it a shame that child molesters and their enablers are not held to the same shame-filled status as divorced and remarried Catholics?

    • I must confess – when I saw the graphic today showing the red shoes, my mind immediately went to the Pope.

      IIRC – Prairie Pond shared with us that the Pope had red slippers custom made.

      Of course, this morning I heard the news that Pope Francis has refused the regular Papal shoes – like he has refused the lavish Papal Apartment, etc.


    Seems Phyllis Schafly does not like her nephew using his own name for his own beer.

    Of course, I found it more than interesting that her nephew has been in the beer making business for quite some time but now that a private equity firm is interested in pumping a lot of money into the beer business – apparently NOW Phyllis is so concerned about her name being misused?

    I have to wonder… Phyllis just looking for her cut of the beer pie?

    But, as the article points out, Phyllis just married the family name – her nephew is the actual MALE descendant of the family name. And doesn’t tradition dictate that only males inherit the power and control of the family fortune?

    Aw, you see Phyllis, if you would have been FOR equal right for women – then the women in your family would have just as much right to the family name.

    I hope Phyllis loses her lawsuit big time…

  4. This man feels about like we do, and he wrote a “Dear John” letter to Kansas which was published in The Hutchinson News. It pretty much says it all.

    Disappointed by GOP office-holders

    • wicked

      An amazing letter. If only other people like him would open their eyes and see what’s happening. Letting a small faction of this country take over is a very bad idea. The 3 branches of government, including the two parts of the legislature were created for a reason: To work together of the common good of the people in this country who have entrusted their well-being to the legislators. The letter writer has seen the light…and the sign. (Sing along with me…I saw the sign, and it opened up my eyes, I saw the sign…) Let’s hope he can reach out to the others and open up their eyes, too.