Wednesday, 3/12/14, Public Square

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  1. A better question is – why do so many people sit back and applaud when the Koch Brothers declared war on the working class?

    I can understand being stupid.

    But I will never understand how people can brag about being so stupid.

    • I don’t understand the stupidity either of voting against your own best economic interests. And yet, as Thomas Frank so brilliantly documented, Kansans and conservative working class people do it consistently. WTF?

    • Indy it is plain to me you do not have the same people on Facebook I do! when ever I got on there I spend most of my time disproving and discounting posts. Just this morning I encountered another one of those “Obama is a foreign born, socialist who stole the elections!”.

      • RD – I had a FB account several years ago and then had to get off due to a crazed family sister of my DIL. She is one of those Rabid Religious Righties who has her Masters Degree in Bullying.

        I recently got back on FB using my middle name and maiden name – this crazed clown does not know that name.

        But, I worked with several of those folks you deal with on FB. No matter what I said to them to debunk their latest B.S. crappola of Obama hatred – these folks would always end the conversation with – just wait and see.

        Here’s something – rather than waiting to see – why not do some actual research outside of the Foxxies Hen House and get an education.

  2. Speaking of being stupid……

    President Obama is demonized for wanting every American to have access to health care insurance.

    First Lady Michelle Obama is demonized for encouraging healthy foods for school lunches.

    Oh, now it makes sense (big eye roll)

    Take a good look at this picture of Joel’s mega church.

    It looks just like a corporate headquarters – huh?

    BTW – if God is all knowing and has pre-destined everything, then wouldn’t God know who stole this money – and God must have been okay with it because he planned for it to happen?

    But…notice in the article….the missing money is ‘insured’ and Joel is working with the insurance company to recoup the money.

    Hmmmmm…..maybe one should look inside the hen house for the fox?

    • Speaking of stupid…….
      I wonder how many folks got online to give even more money, or called in their donation or are flooding the mail with even more of that beautiful tax-free money?

      Hmmmm…..perhaps this is just another way to fundraise? Make it appear there was a big loss of money and the sheeple will dig even deeper to give more of their money to the fancy preacher man….

      Call me cynical…..but we are talking about mega churches and I’ve known a few in my time and I would not put anything past any of these CONS…

    • wicked

      Maybe Joel needed a little pocket change. 😉

    • Fox’s is the former head quarter of I think Pizza hut or something like that.

      • The caption under the photo in the article says it is a former sports arena.

        How appropriate – Joel is just another concession seller in the crowds. Only difference is – he is not selling hot dogs and peanuts – he is selling Jesus.

  4. He’s on a roll, offering a new idea for tax reform daily. He makes so much sense!

    Robert Reich —

    Another tax idea. What about eliminating the corporate income tax and making up the shortfall with a hike in capital gains taxes? Here’s the logic: (1) The corporate income tax helps big companies (that can hide their income abroad) and hurts small companies (that can’t, and therefore suffer a competitive disadvantage). (2) The people who pay it aren’t always a company’s shareholders — in fact, depending on the company and the market, the bulk of it is often shifted to employees and/or consumers. (3) Shareholders should be the ones to pay it, and the best way to get them to do so is to increase capital gains taxes. What do you think?

    • I have to kind of issue a caution warning on this one. Hiking the capital gains tax will affect little people as well. Say, a farmgirl who inherited a family farm and now wants to sell it? I’d be ok with hiking the capital gains tax, but only at the higher levels. Ordinary people who invest their life savings and then cash in at retirement are already under lots of financial stress. Let’s not make it harder on people who invest in assets, not deferred tax accounts.

      • How about just going after those Americans who manipulate the US tax system and reap taxpayer-funded subsidies and then stash their money in overseas bank accounts?

        Hey – Romney even bragged about his overseas bank accounts and the sheeple just clapped even louder…….

  5. A Tea Bagger vomits words —

    • When you find a Tea Party Mad Hater that vomits actual facts – let me know.

      I’m sure going to miss not hearing from you for a long, long time…

    • wicked

      Wait a seconc. There’s some things in there that are a bit, um, hazy for me.

      War on medical marijuana? (Is Obama in favor of this? Did he call out the troops to make state legislators start this war?)
      Halliburtion? (sic)
      War without congressional approval?
      America loses AAA rating? (wasn’t that the Republicans in Congress who pulled that stunt?)and there’s more to this one, as in Us (sic) credit rating downgraded, closing off veteran monuments,)
      Will not disclose college documents? (Anybody out there have access to their college documents?)
      State run media? (Does Obama now run Fox News?)
      Opening our borders? (Would that be the Canadian border? Because from what I remember, there’s a “wall” being built on the Mexican border, and even without it, there aren’t a lot of people trying to cross it.)
      Vacation after vacation after vacation? (This one really makes me laugh.)
      Class division? (But it’s okay for Bush to talk about the Haves and Have nots. Makes sense, right? ((now where’s the googly eyes button?)))

      I guess I don’t listen or read the news well. Damn, that Obama guy is busy!

      • “Conservatives” have a timeline in their made-up “reality” that includes time began on January 20, 2009, when President Obama was first inaugurated.

      • And, the same CONS will expect the world to bow down and kiss their white boy’s ass when they manage to get back into the White House (and we all know that this will happen one day).

        These CONS are so arrogant and ignorant enough to believe that folks will just forget how they treated Obama for 8 years?

        Besides that – these fools have lowered the bar for ‘acceptable behavior’ and once that bar has been lowered – there is no going back to higher expectations.

        So, when the next GOP white guy is in the White House – I want to see protesters with signs about the subhuman mongrel in the White House.

        Hey – all these CON fools thought that was so clever for their little Teddie Nugent to say….

  6. …and Issa’s first witness will be Lois Lerner of the IRS…

    • What frustrates me is that everybody is so astonished when Darrell Issa pulls these stunts…..

      But….tell me… many of these stunts does this moron buffoon get to make before people call him what he truly is?

      Just a dumbass tool……..a well-paid dumbass, I might add

  7. Here’s how Fox “News” begins the stupidity their viewers pass along as absolute facts. It’s hard to accept the truth when the lies were exactly what you wanted to hear.

    (from the link): Conservatives like simple answers, and simple scenarios, the two most popular of which being “God did it” and “Blame it on the Devil.” Life is so much simpler when everything comes down to one guy’s decisions, and you don’t have to account for anything else. That’s especially true of those with heady cases of Obama Derangement Syndrome. In these cases, the simple and popular thing to do is replace “Devil” with “Obama,” and call it a day.

    Hanity and McGowan believe though, that the airplane was definitively “blown out of the sky” by the two Iranian men. McGowan goes on to make a fascinating “logical” leap from a plane crash outside of Vietnam to Homeland Security and Obama. “I believe that this administration doesn’t really have a foreign policy plan and they’re really, uh, a failure in Homeland Security. I’m gravely concerned,” he said.

    Speaking of the scenario of the two men being Iranian suicide bombers who blew up the airplane, Hannity said, “By the way, would this then stop all the payments that we’re now giving all the money we had locked up for Iran? Would the world then reunite the world if there’s potential that an Iranian could be involved in this? Wouldn’t it be right to put the sanctions back in place, Richard?”

    His second guest, the (well-named) Richard responded as the voice of (attempted) reason.”Well, I think that point one, Shawn, is that we’re not really sure. We can’t blame this on the president at all.

    Hannity responded, “Did I blame this on the president? Did anyone here blame this on the president?” Richard responded, “Angela just tried to blame it on Obama’s foreign policy!”

    Hannity replied, “No, no she did not.” Quickly changing the subject away from McGowan, Hannity continued the conversation that didn’t just happen, going on to say Obama was naive about Iran, and his arrangement with the Iranians was “a bad deal.”

    So, there you have it. A plane crashes in Vietnam, and it’s Obama’s fault because he lifted sanctions on Iran.

    There’s your dose of Fox “logic” for the day.

    Conservatives Blame Obama For Missing Malaysian Airplane…No, Really (Audio)



      There was a woman on one the shows talking about how Iranians have to use stolen passports to get out of Iran and migrate to other countries. One of the preferred routes is through Malaysia – because there are so many stolen passports and the regulations of checking flights is not like it is here in the US or Great Britain, for example.

      This article states that one of those Iranians using a stolen passport was trying to reunite with his mother in Germany and his mother is cooperating with authorities.

      Fox News and their Robots do not need facts – they only need to keep the drum beat of ‘Muslims are coming to get you’ – and their Robot Sheeple will all get together and go buy more guns and more ammo…..

      and all will be well with the world.

      After all, if the gun manufacturers are making record profits – then God must be smiling down on all his chosen ones…

      If that is what their God is really like – I choose to go to Hell. Can you imagine sitting next to any of these Foxxies for an eternity?