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  1. Leave it to a bunch of CONServatve Republicans to lavish high praise on the Russian dictator Putin.

    This makes perfect sense to me because these CONS are the same folks who still worship Ronald Reagan knowing that he was the American president that sold weapons to our enemy the Iranians ..

    But, you see, to these CONS – that was a good thing to do because just look at how much money Ronnie made on that deal….

    Money above all else…..another Puritan CON’s mantra.

  2. Yesterday, I raised the question as to what would happen if Republicans took the Senate and kept the House in the upcoming 2014 midterm elections.

    If that happens – I hope Democrats treat these Republicans the exact same way these Republicans have treated Obama and the Democrats.

    Throw as many hissy fits and set up a smear media machine that regurgitates GOP hate 24/7.

    The only way to get rid of a bully is to punch them in their nose each and every time they turn around.

    I am not usually a violent person….but these Evangelinut Tea Party War Mongering Republicans are the exception.

    I would love to knock each one of them out – personally.

  3. Heh, Indy. If you throw ’em, I’ll sit on ’em!

  4. I read that Sarah Palin, a perfect example of a republican female, said women who think there’s a war on women have their panties in a wad. When even republican women can’t speak without insulting women I see no mystery in why the majority of women are smart enough to understand The Republican Party Platform and vote against it. I also heard the republicans have decided, once again, to not say stupid things and that will totally fix their challenge of getting female votes.

    I don’t know a woman who doesn’t easily recognize patronizing when she hears it. I don’t know either Sarah Palin or Michele Bachmann…

    • Sarah Palin does not yet acknowledge the glaring fact that it was HER name on the ballot that turned off so many women in 2008.

      I remember the day John McCain and the GOP Boys thought that had the election in the bag because they picked a woman to be the V.P. nominee.

      This was shortly after Hillary Clinton was knocked out of the top spot for the Democratic nominee.

      Republican males – in all their smugness – seriously thought every woman in America would run to vote for Sarah Palin simply based on the fact that she was a woman.

      The GOP Boys under estimated women back in 2008 and they STILL under estimate women today.

      Women that I know are not that stupid….

      But – hey – why take my word for it? Rick Santorum even told his fellow GOPPERS that the smart people will never join the GOP.

    • LOL I respond to the posting about Palin that end up on my Facebook page with these simple words…” She is bat shit crazy!”.

  5. My son has a response to any Bible Thumper who pounces on him…

    My son will allow the thumper to go on and on and about how God speaks to him and blah, blah, and blah….(we all the spiel – don’t we?)

    Then my son will hold his hand to his ear and say – did you hear that?

    When the thumper says NO – my son will say – God just told me to not listen to you because you don’t know what you’re talking about…

    That will usually shut the thumper’s mouth….

  6. My real fear for 2014 midterm elections is this – the women’s vote will be the deciding factor – IMHO.

    Women are generally the caregivers – the ones who are on the front lines of trying to stretch that pound of hamburger to feed as many as possible.

    But …women are generally those who do not think in terms of showing up for a pissing contest.

    So….women may not come out in droves to vote – ie show off their pissers in that contest.

    Let’s face it…..Republicans do have a well-oiled machine of their voters coming out to show off their pissers……

    Which is why R.D. is so right when he uses his favorite phrase – don’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining…

    It’s time for Democrats to learn how to use their pissers……

    • It’s like the mindset of these criminals – I just don’t understand their thinking..

      That’s the problem – my mind does not work like a criminal’s mind.

      I truly believe some folks are wired differently. Then there are those folks like the Evangelinut Tea Party folks who have convinced themselves that they are the superior ones and everyone else be damned…

      These folks usually will pull their God Loves Me Best card…….to make it official like….

  7. All of us understand we have no problem with people being filthy rich, no jealousy of their wealth, they can accumulate money all day long without it bothering us. Our problem is the special treatment our tax structure gives the wealthy — they don’t pay taxes and we’re left pulling the load for all the services, infrastructure and conveniences that help them gain their wealth. We feel like they ought to be paying their fair share. What, everyone asks, is a fair share. Well, why should you and I pay more for police, fire fighters, water and sewer maintenance, highways, airports, ports… than another person? Why should those with less support those with more? That is not fair. So take away their special privileges, take away the tax breaks only the wealthiest enjoy. Let’s even out the responsibilities for our society and expect no freeloaders. While the wealthy call the poor freeloaders, there is a great deal of evidence they are most guilty of what they accuse the poor of being. More of our tax dollars go to support the wealthy than go to the less fortunate.

    Robert Reich continues with his suggestions for changes to our tax codes —

    Another tax proposal that should be a no-brainer: Eliminate the “carried interest” loophole for private-equity and hedge-fund managers, allowing them to treat their incomes (averaging $150 million last year) as capital gains, even if they don’t risk a dime of their own money. Closing this would raise $12 billion a year, enough to provide jobless benefits to every long-term unemployed in America. No one has put forth a defense of this outrageous giveaway. That it remains in the tax code is continuing evidence of Wall Street’s corruption of both of America’s major political parties. Are you with me on this?

    • Another good one, Fnord. They always try to scare people by saying the “job creators” will pull their investments if not given special treatment. I say baloney. They will invest as long as they make money. Maybe they won’t make as much money, but they will still make plenty, and what are they going to do? Sit on their money in a CD? I know that’s oversimplifying it, but offshore investments can be risky. If the risk/reward analysis still pans out, they will still invest.

      • These leeches ain’t ever gonna leave American’s manipulated tax system – not when these have been the richest leeches since Ronald Reagan gave them carte blanche access to all our tax dollars.

        Seriously – would any other country be so stupid as to let billionaire brothers manipulate everything in sight?

        Hell – these leeches’ whores in the political arena even made the Supreme Court give them the keys to manipulate our system even more…

        Leeches are not stupid creatures….the only way they will stop sucking is when there is no more blood.

  8. This is just some of the damage republicans have done while Obama has been president … when they’re NOT in the White House. Imagine the length of the list if we included the Reagan and Bush presidencies.

    * Corporations have the right to donate unlimited amounts of money to our elections. (All Republican justices voted for Citizens United, while all Democrats voted against it.)

    * Only Republicans voted against campaign finance transparency so election donations are kept hidden.

    * Republicans blocked 7 jobs bills and the Veterans Jobs.

    * Republicans blocked the ‘Keep Jobs at Home Act’ which would have kept more jobs from going overseas.

    * They blocked extended unemployment benefits and voted to reduce food stamps.

    * The Veterans Support Act which would have provided education and job skills training was blocked by republicans.

    * Students would have student loan interest remain at 3.4% for 2 yrs, as opposed to having it go straight to 7% had it not been for republicans.

    * The U.S. credit rating dropped due to republican antics.

    * At the state level, where republicans are in control, laws that have proven unconstitutional have been enacted to control women, take away legal rights to vote, keep gays and minorities from equal protections and rights. If you live in a state with a republican-dominated legislature and / or governor those laws will be struck down and your tax dollars will be spent to undo what should never have been.

    Good News! Republicans weren’t able to block these measures which benefit Americans! Although they’re still spending our tax dollars trying! If we just had the money they’ve wasted in failed attempts to repeal Obamacare our economy would be much healthier!

    * People with pre-existing conditions can buy health insurance coverage.

    * There are no annual or lifetime limits on what insurance companies must pay.

    * Children and young adults are able to stay on their parents plans until age 26.

    * Health maintenance is a priority and many tests and procedures to keep Americans healthy are now covered at no additional cost. Pay your premiums and health insurance coverage is required to cover mammograms, colonoscopies, birth control, diabetes testing and treatment… without co-pays and before meeting deductibles.

    * Junk health insurance plans that take your money but don’t pay anything if you get sick or hurt aren’t legal.

    * Wall Street Reform passed.

    * The war in Iraq ended, Afghanistan is winding down, an adult, President Obama, is in charge of foreign policy and the war mongers aren’t.

    * The U. S. auto industry was turned around.

    * Don’t Ask Don’t Tell was repealed.

    * Our military doesn’t engage in torture like was encouraged under Bush / Cheney.

    * Student loans come directly from the government since the middle men, banks, are no longer subsidized to create loans. Treasury will save $67 billion over ten years, $36 billion of which will go to expanding Pell Grants to lower-income students.

    * Fuel efficiency standards have been increased and renewable energy is funded.

    * Credit card reforms were passed.

    * Kevin Drum posted this chart showing the growth in total government spending — that means federal, state and local — adjusted by population (“per capita”).

    But some said Drum’s chart was a trick, as it looked at total government spending rather than just federal spending. So on Wednesday, he posted a second chart. This one only included federal spending and it didn’t adjust for population growth. The only thing is adjusts for is inflation. Here it is:

    Read more about spending here —

    Search for “Obama Accomplishments” and choose your own source for a much longer, more comprehensive list. Your search will provide many choices!

    • Obama is an example of the old saying about those who practice what they preach.

      As we witnessed with Reagan – he had the gift of the silver tongue – but all he did was spew the talk.

      When the ketchup hits the bun (yes, I am making an inference to Reagan’s obsession with ketchup – LOL) – Republicans will never practice what they preach when it comes to the budget or the size of their government.

      I must correct myself though – Republicans do practice what they preach when it comes to one thing – wars.

      I’ve not seen a war yet these fools will not throw our tax dollars at – which always seem to find its way to certain ‘right’ folks’ pockets…

  9. Seeing the picture above with George W. Bush and his cowboy hat – made me remember one of the my sister’s favorite sayings –
    Big hat ….no cattle

    • My sister also said that when George W. Bush invaded Iraq and sent our National Guard soldiers to fight his war……

      Bush’s twin daughters should have been tied to the front of the first missile that Daddy sent over to hit Iraq.

      Maybe that should be the new requirement for any American leader(s) before they can declare war?

      Make them tie one of their own loved ones to the first missile – and then let us know how they like it…

  10. This is a good read. It’s not long and it addresses problems fairly.

    (from the link): On Friday, while pretty much everyone in the national press corps was hypnotized by CPAC’s Grand Kabuki, Republicans quietly announced the biggest domestic political news of the week, and nobody wearing a tricorn hat was any the wiser, or there would’ve been hell to pay.

    House Republican leaders are planning to bring up three changes to Obamacare next week — but unlike dozens of prior bills, these are more minor measures that are not expected to be controversial. All three bills essentially fix drafting errors, perceived oversights or unintended consequences in the president’s Affordable Care Act. They have bipartisan support and are scheduled to be considered under a suspension of the rules, which limits debate and requires support from two-thirds of House members — a signal that leaders of both parties do not expect any heated debate.

    Ted Cruz’s Obamacare nightmare: House Republicans are preparing to improve the law

    • This might be the fire to the powder keg that will blow up the current Grand Old Party – as we know it today.

      Ted Cruz and his Tea Party Mad Haters (yes, I mean HATERS) will be able to use this maneuver against the Establishment Republicans and all Holy Hell will break loose if and when the Tea Party Mad Haters realize what the GOP Establishment has done to them.

      Ted Cruz is only as powerful as his minions’ hatred of Obama and the Establishment Republicans.

      Let the GOP implosion begin..

      • We’ll hear all kinds of doomsday stories tomorrow. An election in Florida to replace a republican, who died before completing his term, was won by a republican. It was touted as THE election which would tell whether being for or against Obamacare would win this November. Being against won today. And that tells you being against Obamacare will win eight months from now? In a race to replace a republican a republican won — shocking I tell you!

      • There was also a third candidate on the ballot – it was a three-way race.

        Who is to say what effect that had on this particular race.

  11. Here’s one more worth sharing. You might also skim through the comments.

    How to enjoy Ted Cruz and Rand Paul destroying each other

  12. I know I said ONE more. Honest, who could not read this one?

    Wingnuts are gullible! How GOP’s bubble of ignorance keeps leading to humiliation

    • I know what you mean when you say…. ONE MORE..

      Honestly, when discussing Republicans – once you think they have hit the lowest level of their sewer level – they surprise you and find a new level of slime and sewage – don’t they?

  13. http://www.dailykos.com/story/2014/03/11/1283774/-Koch-brothers-fake-Obamacare-victim-Julie-Boonstra-made-to-look-even-more-foolish-and-exploited#


    Have you heard about this one?

    Seems the Koch Brothers funded Americans for Prosperity group is doing what they do best – again.

    A cancer-stricken patient needing health care blames Obamacare for her losing her insurance and then having to buy a new plan which is unaffordable…

    Only thing is…..the facts do not seem to go along with her story….and the story the Koch Brothers Americans for Prosperity want to spew.

    But…..the plot thickens. This woman is not an average American woman. She is the ex-wife of a Republican Party leader – and he is a judge, no less.

    If this woman is in such dire need for health care insurance – where is her ex-husband’s moral duty to help the mother of his children when she is facing cancer?

    Where is this woman’s church – why don’t they all help?

    Hmmm…….the plot thickens…….

    • Hell – I would love to have an insurance premium of only $571 a month.

      And I don’t even have cancer……..so why should this woman get any better deal than me?

      When I did have cancer – my insurance premium was more than $1400 a month – and I was damn glad to have it.

      Wow – Republicans are like those people that you just cannot help.

      They refuse to listen – they refuse to learn – they refuse to even be grateful and they will usually turn on you like a snake in the grass.

      But snakes do hiss and piss a lot………and are generally a very nasty creature.